New Coffee Share: 211203: Dark Edges of the Petaluma Valley

Greetings all,
Many of you know I’m part of a group of bloggers who meet each weekend to share stuff. Today I thought mine was worth sharing with my friends and followers.
I live on the edge of the Petaluma valley in Sonoma County California, and am working on a piece of historical fiction set here that turned into more work than I expected, but this week I have good progress to report along with a memory from the early 1970s about a real event that took place at the opposite end of this same valley.  Both are short and I hope you’ll check them out.
Here’s the link to get started:

New Pingback Posted: #WQWWC #50 & The Most Audacious Birthday Gift

Greetings all,

A blogger friend, Marsha of “Always Write”, creates fun blog writing and sharing events and this one caught my eye. Her full article is a fun tour of how others wrangled the topic. Here’s the link to it. #WQWWC #50

I realized I had a story with a quote that made vivid use of a strikingly red dress and submitted it for inclusion. Recently, I secure permission from a good friend to use his real name in the story, so if you read the original, you can enjoy it again now with Joseph’s real name in play.  If you know him, this is even funnier because he had the whole “cool” mode of existence nailed. He was that hard-to-love best friend because all the girls were gaga for him on first sight. I was visible only after he’d left the room. But this one time – I felt like I owed the room only to stumble later on a dark side of some of the people involved.  I hope you enjoy both Marcia’s challenge and my story titled:

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New Coffee Share Posted: Investing Training Wheels

Greetings all,
Many of you know I’m part of a group of bloggers who meet each weekend to share stuff. Today I thought mine was worth sharing with my FB friends.
I wrote a bit about my two longer stories and how they get less readers, apparently based on story length, but then I share some of what I’ve learned about investing and making money without working for it. I hope you’ll check it out.
Here’s the link:

New Story Posted: Defending Canopy Station

Greetings all,
Most of you know I write stories for a hobby and today I’m posting my newest longer story. This is my first Novella-length story which means it is just over 16250 words or about 55 minutes for average readers to enjoy.
This one is a straight up, hard SciFi, David v Goliath story about two space ships meeting in battle. One is a full warship from an aggressive nation back on Earth while the other is a simple ore transport vessel designed to serve the first self-sustaining mining station out among the asteroids.
Because I like such things, the story revolves around the speed of light and a little known force of physics known as Kinetic Energy. Because is is hard Science Fiction, after the basic idea of getting all this stuff up and running in space, everything stays within the realm of hard scientific laws and should be possible.
I think it’s a fun read, a tad nerdy, but it is a battle story which means someone is going to lose this round.
The story is in a beta-read mode, but I’m anxious to share it.
I’d be most grateful if you would grab a big cup or glass of your favorite beverage, perhaps some snacks and tell the world to leave you alone for about an hour. Give it a read and let me know what you think. I’ve worked hard at getting the details right but because it is a beta read for now, you should feel invited to let me know if you find mistakes or needs for corrections.
Here’s the link:

Reprising: Of Crashes and Christmas

In 2019, I first shared this story and was pleasantly surprised with how popular it was.
I write to be read and something about this story really grabbed readers.  It’s a true retelling of how something unfolded for me back in 1973 and has been a rich memory and reminder of how I was raised, what life and sometimes death were like for a young man from Petaluma, California. It’s also a reminder of how simple it can be to be a positive influence on anyone’s life.
I re-shared it again in 2020 and once again, was pleased to see so many enjoying it and, I hope, taking something away to be a rich memory of their own.  A few months back, I decided  that as we enter the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, I would share it again because my reader/audience has changed so much. Perhaps even those of you who read it before might enjoy spending 7 minutes refreshing that memory.
It still makes for a great pre-Thanksgiving or Christmas reflection.

New Coffee Share Posted: 211016 The Magnitude of Unseen Things

It’s been a week. . .
Last evening, Friday night, my wife and I went out for dinner and frozen yogurt afterwards. The gal behind the counter asked how my week has been.
Gracious! I thought, How do I even begin to give her an honest answer?
She got a very truncated response that essentially translated to “I am so ready for the weekend.”
But there is an interesting answer to her question and I decided to trap some of it in this weekend’s coffee share essay. I think you would enjoy reading it from the safety of your screen. Just click on the link below.

New Story Posted: Dances With Gyroscopes

New Story Posted: Dances with Gyroscopes, A Nerd Approach to Anxiety
I’ve know too many people who are close to overwhelmed with stress and worry. I wish I had an answer for all of them but this problem is not that simple.
I do have a practical solution for some of them though and thought a short piece of fiction might be a fun way to share it. This story is all of 3 minutes for most readers and you might accidentally learn a law of physics along the way.
But this is definitely an image for the nerd at heart.  I hope you enjoy a quick break and give it a try.