New Navigation & New Blurbs

Greetings all,

I’m thrilled to announce the release of an improved part of my story blog. Since I use this blog to create, curate and share stories, I needed a good landing page for both newcomers and long time readers to go to find how things work here and what’s fresh and new.

I had a basic list before with a few insights but had a vision of something much better. Today, I’m offering it both  to my readers and those interested in seeing how one man has setup to share his literary art.

My story list is getting long and up to now I’ve not tried to incorporate blurbs to help someone choose a story rather than guess what a story might be about from the title alone. I may settle on the format of this page to start adding blurbs. My three longest stories now have blurbs ready for your examination.

I’m a bit of an information nerd so I want a lot of it with each story. This is my attempt to collect this information in a way that helps those who appreciate it while not annoying those who just want the link so they can start reading.

I hope you’ll stop by to check it all out: Click here to go to my Newest Stuff landing page

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New Coffee Share Article :: Black Friday

Greetings all,

I wanted to let you know my newest Coffee Share essay is out.

This week, was really quiet and I did mostly blog maintenance and wrote a couple of stories.

But in this coffee share I also share a glimpse of what it feels like to be on the IT side of how Black Friday works for major companies with important business that depends on successful Blank Friday sales. One big number may surprise you.

I also shared out pointers to those two new stories.  I hope you’ll check it all out.

I hope you pop over to read: my Coffee Share 221125 :: Black Friday

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An Expanded & Refreshed Holiday Story :: Of Crashes and Christmas

Greetings all,
Today, I’m continuing a ritual of sharing one of my most popular stories. It’s my one Thanksgiving and Christmas memory from my ‘I Recall’ collection. I have lots of new readers who could not have seen it and for those of you who have – can I offer you a chance to read it again?  I’ve expanded it with new details and did a much better edit than I was capable of in previous years.
This is the story of my parents horrific car accident back in 1973 and how it brought me into a special friendship that amazes me to this day.
I hope you enjoy the story at least as much as I enjoyed writing and sharing it.

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New 99-Word Fiction :: A Woodpecker Deterrent That Works

Greetings all,

I’m announcing new 99-word, 30 second story. Frequent readers will recognize this ongoing battle I’m in with nature, but a turn has be reached and accomplished.  I hope you’ll give it a quick read.

Our prompt host asked for stories using “Oh my.”

Click here to read: A Woodpecker Deterrent That Works.

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New Coffee Share Article :: Trivial Mysteries

Greetings all,

I wanted to let you know my newest Coffee Share essay is out – making it only 2 days late.

From this past week, I share an idea inspired by a reader, that being to use some of my stories as being chapter 1 of at least a two chapter story, creating a follow-up or chapter 2 for a story that my readers liked enough to want more. I’m intrigued and wonder if any of you who write have done this?

Then, just for fun, I offer my explanation for one of the mysteries of the universe that is excessively trivial in the sea of great questions we might want to pursue. I doubt anyone is losing sleep wondering about this phenomenon but I know I can’t be the only person to wonder what the heck is going on in my clothes washer and dryer?

I also shared out pointers to my latest two new stories.  I hope you’ll check it all out.

I hope you pop over to read: my Coffee Share 221120 :: Trivial Mysteries

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New Short Fiction :: The Search For a Maskil

Greetings all,

I’m announcing a new piece of Short Fiction.  These 1478 word story should be about a 5 minute read. It was inspired both by the latest #WritePhoto prompt from KL Caley and an instructor who’s classes I loved in high school because he would easily have done this to us – and as he did anyway, make a huge impact on our lives.

 Click here to read: The Search for a Maskil

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An Expanded & Refreshed Adventure :: The Better Grade Incident

Greetings all,

This is an expansion and strong edit of a previous story shared from several years ago. It goes back to the mid 1970s and my first academic experience post high school.

I went to a technology trade school, but I learned so much more than I expected

I hope you enjoy reading and reflecting on this what this young adult went through and why I came out so thankful for an odd collection of men who helped me in ways they might never have seen coming..

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