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Easily the best part of any surgery (after its success of course) is waking up on paid disability, to a pile of books ready to be read – and thanks to the doctor’s don’t do anything involving bending, twisting or picking up anything heavier than 5 pounds mandate – having most of your recovery time to sit back with a hot drink – and read them. . . Ahhhhh…

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Greetings All!   I’m so glad you’re here.  The coffee is ready, the tea water is hot, and the snack tray is full of goodies that you must not, in common courtesy leave for me to finish off.  The weather here in the California Wine country is finally consistently hot and everyone (except for me) loves it.  Around here, a happy family = happy husband and dad.  I just reserve the right to slowly move about the place early each morning, opening windows and starting fans to suck in the cold early morning air and push out the hot stuffy air from yesterday.  I can generally drop the temperature indoors by up to 7-8 degrees before our late sleepers begin to stir, and then closing the windows removes almost all reasons to have an expensive and rarely used AC system.  So if you’re early, hang on to your sweater for a bit.

I just had to wave that teaser line above around a bit because I can barely recall ever missing more than a day or two to sickness over these decades and now that I had no real choice in the matter, the recovery plan has this wonderful benefit of being able to (have to, actually) sit and not move much – which is synonymous with reading correct?

In the past 2 weeks, I’ve enjoyed a great time recovering from my back surgery.  No issues of merit, no surprises and only good news on this front.  I’ve also chewed through 4.2 books (one was very short) and even managed to produce one more story for my collection.

The first 3 books were all by Douglas Phillips.  There were each from his Quantum series, which are, hard sci-fi, exciting and scientifically credible stories:  He has at least one more in the series coming and I’ll be among the early readers.  Mr. Phillips writes the kind of stuff I most love to read.  Good strong science, strong characters and compelling credible stories.  I’m a bit of a science buff but I was baffled when I tried to teach myself Quantum – well, anything.  You may not be interested, but if you are, I wish these novels had been around when I tried first to understand what sub-atomic particles; the stuff that: protons, neutrons and electrons, are made of.  Mr. Phillips uses no, Star Trek type weird particles whose only purpose is to save the main characters, but these stories are serious handling of the elementary particles/waves which are the building blocks of EVERYTHING.  These stories make this difficult area understandable (Mr. Phillips clearly has a passion for teaching this science) and weaves it into compelling and credible and very entertaining stories. You will come away from this series with exciting adventure-style reads and you will have learned some things that will continue to change our whole understanding of the universe.

The next two were, frankly, wild and then wilder-still rides in the realm just beyond reality.  Neither of these two reads allow things like physics to restrict what happens, but are simply fun escapes from other stories that might make you exercise the gray matter.  CS Boyack may, like he did me, cause you some initial frustration because he does not account for how certain things came to be.  Once I relaxed and understood that he was only asking me to kick back and enjoy – I did and now I recommend, you just get on these animals, hold on as needed, but let the author do the driving.  He will payoff your trust with two very fun tales.

Finally, if instead of a virtual meeting, I actually had the chance to sit with you and discuss blogging and writing, I would love to share thoughts about what makes a blog site really work for readers.

When I started my project of collecting the fun memories of growing up, the plan was not to develop a large base of subscribers who expected me to produce a story each week but some weeks when I’ve released certain stories, it’s been a fun busy week of interaction often with folks I barely or don’t at all know.  So, I think I’ve learned how adoring readers can easily become the drug of choice for writers.  So that’s my item #1.  I’d love to better understand what makes a story popular.  Some of mine have been very popular where others, that I thought were better, funnier or just mechanically better done seem to struggle for attention. I know the 10-minute limit helps.

For example: My “The Giant Inner Tube Adventure” has always been very popular while “The Eucalyptus Sprout Adventure” which I think is a story of equal fun has not been.  I think I understand why my “Kid Bomb Incident” was so popular, but I don’t understand why, the better written, “The Most Audacious Birthday Gift” received so much less attention.

I’d love to listen carefully as you, with so much more experience that I, discuss things like this.

My item #2 is the whole blog site construction challenge; free versus paid, professionally laid out or my amateur thick-crayon approach and how to leverage real versus miscellaneous SEO techniques which for my free site is highly limited anyway.  My promotion is not heavy marketing other than mentioning stories to folks I think may enjoy them and a couple of FaceBook groups where I do have a small following.

My “Dime of Time” collection is likely about 50-70% complete.  Since it’s non-fiction and I only have so many memories that I think are story worthy, I’ll be switching over to actual fiction in the not-to-distant future, which is where I have some real passion that I’d like to ready to pursue when retirement from my tech support life finally arrives.

Again, I’d love to just be a student listening to how you made such a success out of your blog site.  Bottom line; wouldn’t a real coffee break with this group be a treat?

I’m looking forward to reviewing others comments for this and next week.  Thanks for stopping by.

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