Coffee Share 180729

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This is a Weekly Coffee Share update.
Our get-together is hosted by: Eclectic Alli.

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Greetings Coffee sharers.  If we were siting down to enjoy a summer beverage together, here’s a summary of what I would want to share: 

      • Re: my surgery: I have only great news on my recovery and now have a plan to return to work next Monday to a huge pile of stuff and mixed feelings.
      • Re: My war with nature:  The feral turkeys are back with reinforcements.  They are bringing their young chicks to help reclaim the land.  They will be driven off.  From beneath the ground, at least one gopher has returned to stir up some mischief.  Where’s that feral cat when I need him?  Finally, a full victory on the one fruit bearing tree.  We finish July with a great harvest of plums that, while smaller than what we could get in the store, taste much better.  That crop is fully in and it was moderate in size but tasted wonderful.
      • Re: Car Wars; What we hope will be the final part for the repair of our Honda Accord will be here tomorrow.  I’m still very disappointed in how Honda (and perhaps other manufacturers) deliberately engineer their crash safety systems to nearly completely self-destruct on even small collisions.  Impacted sub-assemblies like impact sensors and airbags that explosively deploy in time to save a life, make sense to fully replace after a collision, but expensive safety belt lock up mechanisms and an expensive computer modules to sort out when to deploy an air bag or lock up a seat belt – unless these are physically crushed by the accident, why are these units designed to self-destruct?  Adding insult to injury, the required parts were almost fully out of stock and badly back ordered so I guess we’re supposed to rent a car for a couple of weeks so the daughter can make her daily commute.  Not being made of money, we’ve been juggling to make things work.  With this final call out of Honda for designing this expensive mess rather than moving or better engineering the failed parts, I’ll drop this topic and let my “stew” cool off naturally .
      • I did get some writing done this week.  Details are below.

Writing this week has been much more productive than last.  I finished one story about various Water Adventures I had growing up.  There were details of: the new (at the time) large public pool with glorious 3 meter high diving board and how to make a diving mask (literally) with only your hands, some rowdy fun we had with the family ski boat and various adventures related to my father’s scuba diving gear.

I think it came out to be another fun 10 minute read addition to my collection.  I invite you to check it out.

For those of you who I’ve not met; my writing project is mostly creating and collecting fun, nostalgic-laugh seeking, short 10 minute reads which are autobiographical (things I survived or learned) that can be enjoyed by almost any reader, but especially friends or family.

I also gave in to the temptation to produce an item of short fiction.  This one really came from an unexpected corner of my mind.  I have some unusual insights to the lives of Christian pastors and one area of their lives which is rarely explored, even by them, poked its head up and begged to be described.  So, while maintaining my 10-minute read-rule, I created a fictional character and tried to put my reader into his mind for a few minutes of self introspection.  This would be my first fictional essay added to my blog site and I’d love to hear your thoughts on Pastor Randy.  Really! It should take you no more than 10 minutes.

Stained Glass Sanctuary

I just checked and wow! We have lots of folks stopping by for some of Ali’s virtual hospitality.  I’m going to close my comments so I can spend some time enjoying yours.

Thanks also for stopping by.  I hope you all have a wonderful next week.  Let’s do this again next weekend.  Warmest regards all.

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3 thoughts on “Coffee Share 180729

  1. Hi

    I love the ten minute reads!!! Is there anywhere with the case of the feral turkies? What I have definitely seen is a goose gone rabid you don’t want this,

    Let me bookmark your site, so I will be back like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the terminator movie



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