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Greetings caffeine seekers and welcome back to Sonoma County, California.  Despite the daily heat pressing us and the distant fires filling the air with crud, today the leaves on my front yard willow-like tree  continue to yellow and drop, foretelling the soon arrival of the rains and cooler weather.  I prefer the cold when, if needed I can grab a jacket or scarf as needed or enjoy the brisk air, exposed and losing body heat as God intended.

Writing this week has been a near no-man’s land.  I returned to work where, despite trying to skim my email during my 2 months away to discard obvious quick-delete candidates, I still had well over 200 messages to deal with and a couple of customer situations that needed my immediate attention. I was fortunate to have a couple of folks hold down the fort for me and they did a great job, but as you well know, there are some things about our jobs that simply don’t lend themselves to delegation.

I even found out, somewhat after the fact that one of the guys helping me out was himself hospitalized just a few days after I left him my largest customer to watch over.  “Seriously – you’re in the hospital?”

“Yea, I have a couple of suspicious lumps in bad places and need biopsies on both.  I was preped and ready for the simple surgery, when the surgeon came in with my doctor to let me know that they couldn’t do either today because both lumps are both located too close to sensitive organs and we need a different plan.”

“Well, that’s annoying,” I answered.

“Yea, but the worst part is that while I was there, they discovered some weird bleeding in my legs and from that found chunks of stuff floating around my veins, or arteries.  I can never keep those two straight, and they needed me sitting very still for several days while they put me on blood thinners to dissolve them.”

“Blood clots!  You have blood clots floating around your system?  You know those can kill you – yes?”

“Yea.  So I’m sitting here working some from the hospital bed.  Their guest wifi is third world but I’ll be able to call your customer about his issue in about an hour.  Don’t worry about them.  I’ve got this.”

This was a couple of weeks back and, of course I took the work back from him and found someone else to cover while he paid more attention to his doctors.  I love this guy though.  He was a marine when he was younger and if you recall the Oklahoma City bombing that took down the Federal building and killed so many people back in April of 1995, well this guy was there helping to rescue survivors.  It needed to be done and damn the danger, he dove in and pulled his neighbors out of the rubble while pieces of building from 7 stories up were still breaking loose and dropping.  This guy is one of my heroes, but needs to be managed sometimes because he respects few of the limits we mortals take for granted.OklahomaCityBombinb

In my life I have almost nothing to compare with this guy.  I do think we should all have a couple of real heroes in our lives just to keep us inspired and hopeful that we could and would step up if someone ever needed us.

I did get some story collection blog admin done and noted that one of my stories set a new monthly record last month, making it the most popular story of the year.  I tried to cram as many story lines into my Water Adventures as I could within my 2000 word limit and it proved to be quite a hit. This was a fun story to tell, and because it focused in part on a big new pool that many of my peers from high school also remember, it attracted lots of attention from my Facebook release note.

Story IndexSince I mentioned my collection questions last week, I thought I’d share what I think really helped my readers find my essays because it might help you in your own promotions.  In short, I built a table of contents / index. where each title was a link straight to the underlying story.  The WordPress menu system (at least for my free theme) works, but feels wonky.  As soon as I stood up this Index on my home page, my Views per Visitors increased nicely.  If you know a little HTML, this is not tough to make it look decent.   I think this made it a lot easier for my readers to find stories they were interested in and made it simple to try a few more during their visit.

Well, we have a family trip to Sacramento today for some great extended family time, so I’ll cut this short.  I’ll be checking back to see who all shares this weekend and will stop for a visit if you post.  Hope to see you there.

Thanks also for stopping by.  I hope you all have a wonderful next week.  Let’s do this again next weekend.  Warmest regards all.

To select another story, please visit the full index by clicking here.

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Share 180811

  1. Wow! What a week. I guess when you’re back at work, you’re back! I feel bad for the guy who was supposed to do you job. That’s horrible. I hope you/’re enjoying cooler weather soon. I would very much like that myself. Hopefully you’re having a peaceful weekend.


  2. Wow, that story about your former marine coworker brings up a lot of emotions in me. He’s truly a hero. I’m so glad you were there to take your job back from him while he was in hospital, because I understand he wanted to be strong, but his health is more important.


  3. Congratulations on having the most popular story of the year. I hope your friend is well soon and I hope you enjoyed your trip to Sacramento.

    visiting via the WeekendCoffeeShare linkup.


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