Coffee Share 180825

This is a Weekly Coffee Share update.
Our get-together is hosted by: Eclectic Alli.

Here’s the link for 2 weeks ago.

Here’s the link for this week.

Note that I missed & skipped the sharing last week due to a crammed weekend.

What a busy week it was!  Two weeks back we had a major escalation for one of my customers and back-to-back family stuff over the weekend. This last week was calmer, but still busy.  True to form, that was also when inspiration arrived and 2 new stories have joined my collection – so I’m a tired but happy writer.

Good day all. It’s a very comfortable Saturday morning here in southern Sonoma County.  The water is hot and the Earl Grey is there beside the pot.  The resulting brew is a wonderful way to gently approach the morning.  Sitting down to visit with good friends is always nice – having had a good week (two actually) writing also feels good.

When I was 12, many moons back, male expectations began to surface in ways that should have been great for this young boy.  I come from a long line of hunters and I was keen to step up and join group.  But a surprise awaited me that threatened to divide me from the other adult males I so badly wanted to be part of.  I captured this in a 10 minute read titled, “First Long Gun“.

Later, when I was 19, only a few less moons back. I had succeeded beyond my dreams at trade school college and now had my Electronics Engineering diploma and had landed my dream job as a computer test technician.  It was my first “Professional” full time job, with a grown-up pay check, benefits and real-life engagement with a growing industry I badly wanted to be part of.  I had to move from my parents home, almost 3 hours away to my first apartment in Silicone Valley, Calif.  There were many “firsts” waiting for me there and I thought I was ready for it all.  I captured the fun of several surprises in a second 10-minute read titled, “First Professional Job“.

Of course, I would be so honored if you took some time to enjoy each story and let me know what you thought of them.  Like my other stories, they’re fun to read and have a couple of what some readers have called “money lines”.  These readers have commented back that these lines really hit them hard, leaving them stunned or (my favorite) “I laughed out loud whilst clapping my hands…  How many of life’s best stories could be framed exactly like that.”  This felt like success to me and made my week.

But I have a question.  Do you pursue followers for your blog?  I’ve not done this but as I wander around other’s blogs, the number of followers many have dwarfs my own.  Should this happen organically, if I do my part well of writing compelling essays, or do you also promote your site somehow?

My view and visitor counts are creeping up, but I have no idea what success looks like here.  Well, if I already had hundreds of followers and tens of thousands of views, I’d accept that as success, but I’m nowhere near those kinds of numbers.  In the past 11 months (the time which I’ve been trying to build a decent collection of sharable work) I have 38 essays that fit my model of vivid 10 minute reads (2000 words or less) that I believe are just fun to read.  Some have minor messages of lessons-learned, but never at the cost of fun.  I’ve gotten decent feedback and just passed 2000 story views by about 1680 visitors.

So I’d love to hear your thoughts.  How or do you promote your own site?  This remains a hobby for me, but I’d like it to be one that people like to enjoy and share.  It seems to me that good indicators would be things like a stronger number of views per reader, or more people sharing my work but – how to get there from here?

Last week, I missed even noting the URL for the share.  If I find it, I’ll try to catch up some and check in with you, but will at least check back and enjoy your shares for this week.

Hope this finds you all well and prosperous.  Warmest regards all.

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13 thoughts on “Coffee Share 180825

  1. I must confess that I do not seek out readers for my blog(s), although I do occasionally post the URLs on one or both of my Twitter accounts. I feel uncomfortable, having lots of readers, and the important what I am writing is to me, the smaller the number of people get to read it. On several of my blogs, i periodically set all of my posts previous to a specific date to Private. On others, I download my material, and then delete all or almost all the posts and pages and start over again.

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    1. Hi Lizl. This is a great comment and very insightful. I too am very private, but with this blog, I have control of what I reveal about myself, so – so far – it has worked out okay for me. The one disturbing feature of this effort has been when someone reads and (apparently) enjoys one of my stories and decides to ask me to “friend” them via Facebook. To me this confuses the meaning of “Friend” and “stranger’, The result is that I’m tempted to dismiss the friend request – which also feels somehow wrong, like I’s sending away someone without cause who only wants to be my friend. . .

      This should not be so muddy an issue. Thanks for your insight.
      Your voice is always welcome here.

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      1. With the FB friends, thing, I use lists to filter my audiences. Restricted and Acquaintance are useful. I added one that I designated “Too many friends”, and so that limits my audiences for posts that I share with “Friends of Friends”. Some of my friends (people I know personally, like in the flesh) make most of their posts public and either don’t accept friend requests (but let it be known that people can comment anyway); some do accept friend requests, but designate people they do not know well as “Restricted”, and those friends only see Public posts unless they are tagged in a post. A little more work, thinking in terms of selecting audiences for various material, but useful.

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  2. Just keep on writing. I’m by no means a pro blogger, but your sincere comments are always appreciated. It takes some time for engagement to show up in numbers, but don’t give up, just keep doing it. Write your heart out! Are you using categories, and tags, in the most optimal way? That helps strangers to find your blog. There’s many articles online to read about that. And how to do it changes every once in a while. I thought I got it down, then google changed how their search motors work, and I had to read up on a new strategy. Best of luck!

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    1. Hello Ms. Z. It sounds like you transitioned to southern Nevada safe and sound. It did take me a moment to figure out who this new Sag-Viking was, but was pleased for see it was you and that you were well.

      Thanks for the advice about categories and tags. The problem I ran into with them was my WordPress plan/theme doesn’t really support them. I have one post that dates back to Dec 2017 that had them enabled, but they are not allowed on any of my pages – which is what I use for each story/essay because they are easier to manage as articles I mean to keep handy for longer periods of time.

      I think this part of my challenge may only resolve if and when I decide to upgrade my plan to something I pay for. We’ll see.
      I didn’t realize that the usage changes from time to time. Great insight!

      Take care my friend. Thanks for your friendship and advice.

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      1. It does make sense to use pages for your essays. I can understand why you choose that. Best of luck. It’s part of the fun to fins a way to fits your work perfectly. At least that’s how I see it 🙂 Have a wonderful rest of your week.

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  3. Gary, you’re blog has so much going for it. Your comments are warm and you take interest in what you read and I’ve enjoyed your stories. They’re very funny. The big thing with blogging, is that it’s a conversation. I read yours and leave a comment, you return and do the same. Reciprocity is one of the basics of human interaction, although many don’t catch on.
    I felt like I was talking to myself for awhile there. Then, I suddenly received an award and that linked me in with a circle of fairly active bloggers and it all came out of there.
    Reading other blogs and leaving comments is critical.
    I hope that helps.
    Best wishes,
    PS Thought I should mention that I found the date format on your Coffee Shares confusion. The date format varies around the world and just having the straight numbers can be confusing…especially for the numerically illiterate like me.
    Best wishes,

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    1. Thanks for this great feedback Rowena. I’m finding that this is a unique form of conversation, and I do enjoy finding and reading samples of many blogs. It takes time which is valuable, but so often I find gems and some degree of access to the mind behind the thought – which is delightful.

      Hummm, about that dating format; understood. I settled on it because is one that automatically orders each component in an ASCII (common default computer language) order – which, guilty as charged, doesn’t help and may even annoy my readers. Well, shoot. Now I need to rethink this and see if i can come up with something better or clarify somehow.


  4. This writer blogging life is hard to justify the time and effort. But just like writing it is a lonely business and is worthwhile if there is joy and satisfaction in writing. I too wonder about my followers but happy enough to keep at it since I must be my greatest fan.


    1. Truer words Antoinette… But this is why any response from a reader, even the counter tick of an anonymous view is so valuable. In my case I want to leave these for my family to keep as documentation of my having been here at one time and what it was like. Regardless, I love sharing a laugh with others. Great feedback from someone who knows better than I do. Many thanks


  5. I don’t look for followers. I don’t look for friends on FB or Twitter. I write for me. I follow the bloggers I really enjoy and don’t follow someone just to follow them or get them to follow me. Works for me!

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  6. Enjoyed reading your First Professional Job. I don’t have many followers but happy that people read my blogs. I write / vlog because I enjoy it.
    visiting via weekendcoffeeshare,

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