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This is a Weekly Coffee Share update.
Our get-together is hosted by: Eclectic Alli

Alli manages a weekly list of posts from any who want to just stay in touch, chat about blogging, writing, travel, photography, children, pets, work or just about anything else that might be of interest.

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Good morning.  I’m so glad you stopped by.  Can you smell the tea and coffee?  It’s all ready, just waiting for friends to settle in for a weekend breather and some refreshments.  There are some fresh apples and oranges there in the bowl.  Please help yourself.  We’ll never be able to eat them all our selves.

But let’s talk about your week.  I know already that several of us have had very challenging weeks.  Many of us are teachers and classes are resuming.  New kiddos, new school leadership and new challenges to wrangle into control so our children get the best possible learning experience.  Many of you really could have used another few weeks to prepare or just rest up from some of the draining forces that chewed on you during the previous academic year.

A couple of us are techies and are somehow tasked with keeping our computer services running.  Our “consumers” tend to mostly be adults.  Some of those systems are so important that, if they fail, the company itself can fail and all our jobs can be lost.  Some of these systems are so important that I call them “Life Critical” meaning, if they fail, people can die.  It adds a whole new light or shadow to how we approach fixing the problem.

There are full time writers around this coffee share and I wish I had enough comfy couches for everyone, because, subversively, these are the folks I most want to hear from.  I love to write, but they can teach me (us?) so much.

So, come on.  Let’s enjoy this time of sharing, peaceful conversation and interesting writing tips or status’ or just good old updates.

I released 2 new stories this week and one updated story.  If you follow my story blog, you already know about both:

sauna 1The first one goes way back to when I was a very young inventor and stumbled across the concept of the ‘sauna’.  My story, “The Invention of the Sauna“, retells how this unfolded and I’m willing to bet you have some kind of similar story / memory from your youth.  This story may make you want to crawl back to that favorite warm spot you could often be found near all wrapped up in your PJ’s and blanket.

No Trespassing signThe second is a bit stranger.  My story, “Adventures in Trespassing“, is pretty much what it sounds like and chronicles some of the time I spent on the wrong side of these signs.  We could not get away with stuff like this now, but it sure was fun at the time.

Recall my “Dime or Time” rule is that all stories are 2000 words or less so each essay should take the average reader no more than 10 minutes.  dimeSo far, the model seems comfortable to many readers, but does the concept appeal to you?  I’d love to hear thoughts from others.  Want some short fun reads?  I’d love for you to use and save this link Index to see the full list of 40+ stories.  Several are about 3 years old and go back to the days when I was struggling to make WordPress do what I wanted it to do.  I’m slowly doing a clean up pass of several that need it, but otherwise most a in pretty good shape now.

On the non-writing front.  Our fires seem to be finally yielding to our amazing fire fighters, but the high smoke is still with us.

On the job, one of my customers had a situation that reminded us all that no matter what type of systems we deploy, the human error factor remains alive and well.  Can’t share actual details, but imagine a problem accidentally being introduced to a key system – over 6 months ago, but only causing show-stopping problems last week.  It took a very senior engineer to find it and was squarely human error but could have impacted lots of people at the business level (not life critical thankfully).

BailysIt was another busy week, but I’m hoping for a bit of quiet this coming week.

How about you?  Did you beat back any challenges that you’re proud of, start any new projects or finish any?  No, don’t get up.  I can refresh that cup for you. It looks like you’re drinking coffee.  For a good update, I can add a shot of Baily’s Irish Cream.  It’s Saturday and you’ve likely earned a still few minutes with a really good drink.

Okay, everyone have a fresh drink?  A toast then my friends, let’s lift our virtual cups to our esteemed readers and our own successes over a variety of real world challenges; to both them and you – Cheers!

Hope this finds you all well and loving life.

[ Link to my story collection index ]

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