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Good morning.  I’m so glad you stopped by.  Can you smell the coffee?  I can, but only barely.  Allergies you know.  My innards are not fond of dust, mold, animal dander, grass and pollen.  It’s crummy but if you must have a physical impairment, this is not that bad.  Of course there are folks who are so allergic to the world that it isolates them from normal life.

Mine are not that bad so any isolation is my own fault.  I work at not being self-isolating but confess to being tempted by it.  Stories I’m reading, watching, hearing, capturing or making up are almost all I need to happily enjoy each day.  Had I not a wonderful literate wife and three young adult kids, all beloved, I could easily become one of those guys who the neighbors feel they need to check on every few days, because I really don’t need people always being around me.  So, even this virtual coffee time is valuable to me.  I do love to hear what’s going on in your world and how writing is working for you. .

So, come on.  Let’s enjoy this time of civilized sharing and catching up.

brown redwood needlesOn backyard nature; the summer is turning to fall and while I love the cooler weather, our redwood trees (we have about 14 distributed at the four major corners of our property) are starting to drop their brown boughs of small twigs & needles.  they do this every year and every year I hate it.

They’re messy and I always worry that they somehow indicate that my trees are in distress.   We’ve lost several trees to various attacks over the years.

alligator lizardThis has been a great year for our miniature backyard hoard of lizards.  The little critters love to munch on the ants who must have epic colonies beneath ground and within the perimeter of our fence.  I’d offer that the lizards help control the ant population but I doubt their impact is significant.  If you don’t move to frighten them, the lizards are willing to sit still and watch you or demonstrate how good they are at pushups.  I know weird – but interesting.

I do not use any poison in the area where the lizards live and feed.  I’ll use it where I need to, but don’t want to risk any of the lizards getting a stomach full of poisoned ants.

On writing: I not produced any new stories this week (although I did edit and improve a few.  I admit, one of the things I like best about maintaining a story collection in a blog format is that I can always go back and tweak, add better photos or cleaner dialog.  I could spend way too much time at this, especially when I’m between new story inspirations.

On work:  Well, work has been work.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, the job my boss and I have before us has taken an unpleasant turn.  Details would certainly bore you, but I’m not happy about what I need to do to earn my keep.  Hopefully it will return to something more normal by the end of the year.

And what about all those dimes:  With the few minutes I’ve had to mess with my blog and writing this week.  I’ve had the chance to review my story model of 2000 words or less per story so readers can consume a story in about 10 minutes.  I think I’m satisfied with it.  I don’t have any quantitative data to confirm it, but think that my readers appreciate knowing in advance that they will only spend a short few minutes with each essay and this limit forces me to write tightly and not ramble, which I am really very capable of doing.

dimeWhen I was very young, for some reason I thought dimes were the coolest coin.  Each one; a tight little nugget of silver (at least in the early 1960s they were) and when the Feds introduced a new dime in 1964 which dropped the silver content from about 90% to none, I was distressed.  I also thought that grabbing and keeping as many of the silver dimes would make a valuable collection someday.  It was just too bad that these easily available chips of silver were going to being replaced with mostly copper and an outer shell of a bit more copper mixed with nickle to give it a silver appearance, so I started taking my pocket cash and exchanging it in various stores for all dimes.  When the merchants or banks did so, I would often get a couple of the older dimes that were sill made of silver.  These I put into a small bankers bag my mom gave me for safe keeping.  I still have that small collection and every 5 years or so, pull it out to enjoy the memory of collecting those dimes.  If you have both in your hand, you can easily spot a silver dime as opposed to a copper one.



Clearly, I was not the only person doing this, because the method flared out within a couple of years.  I suspect the evil bankers who got to see many more coins that I could were grabbing them from circulation before collectors like me could.

Enough of that though.  I’m not a numismatics expert.  My coin collection stops at that single small bag of silver dimes and I still have this long-running fondness of them.  This is also part of why the humble dime has become something of a logo for my story collection.  For me, these short memories are valuable to me.  They’re not fiction.  They really happened, even if I freely use sarcasm and hyperbole wherever I think it would make a reader grin. They were fun to make and capture in written form and are very fun to share.  If I’ve met my goal, each one is like a small valuable nugget of literary silver (not copper – thank you).  I hope you take the time soon to try a few of them and let me know what you think.

The collection link is below and I won’t charge you – not even a dime, for a quick fun read.

Okay, anyone need a fresh drink?  Hope this finds you all well and loving life.

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3 thoughts on “Coffee Share 180915

  1. ALways glad to read your ramblings, Gary. I too enjoy my solitude to read and write but when I emerge the home and hearth suffer from my neglect. Balance.

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  2. I think half of the kids in the US did the same thing with dimes and quarters. I’ve seen silver dimes in my change as recently as the mid 1990s, but I haven’t even seen wheat pennies in my change in well over a decade. My guess is when I still saw them they were people who discovered their collection from when they were a kid weren’t worth a lot more than face value. But then silver prices went up after 2000, so maybe now they are worth more than face value…


  3. Redwoods! That’s so awesome! I love redwoods. Thank you for the delicious coffee.

    I feel that I can relate to not needing to be surrounded by people all the time. I feel very comfortable by myself. I have no problem brining food and an RV off-grid, for a couple weeks of work at an remote ranch. It’s totally fine for me to not see another human for a couple weeks. I like having my dog though :)That said, I’m not sure how good it would be to live like that all the time. I think we need human interaction, all of us. After getting divorced I spent almost a year working in the middle of the desert. It was wonderful! I spent time with my daughter (then an infant) and had so much time to meditate, and enjoy nature. I did work hard as well, but only during the morning hours.

    I hope your weekend was enjoyable 🙂

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