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For the photo above, I want to thank: Nathan Dumlao

Hi – I’m so glad it’s you and not someone I need to dress up for. I’m obviously more in need of a good strong cup today than normal. It’s going to be one of those mornings that I should not be trusted with a computer, messy food, clean clothes, a check book or an audience; but here I am, hoping I leave a smaller wake through my world than normal.

It’s been another frustrating and tense week at work and I was winding down for the weekend last night when a friend called. She teaches clinics for women, helping them learn fundamentals of safely using a pistol. I know – I know; this can be a volatile topic and many of you may have strong opinions about gun use and some of you may live where owning a gun is not even an option – so even the thought of going to such a class may be fully alien to you. But here in the USA (where guns are legal to own) and California (where this right is being eroded as fast as the politicians can carve it away) I’m a certified instructor who often helps anyone who wants to try them out safely do so.

pistol instruction

I’m one of many around here and last night my friend had a clinic scheduled for some ladies and her scheduled instructor ended up taking his elderly mom to the hospital unexpectedly so my friend needed an instructor at the last moment. Of course I agreed. I don’t look as cool as that guy in the photo, but am pretty good at helping people have a safe and thorough experience shooting a gun. We had a great time.

rugar mark 2

We don’t use anything as powerful as that pistol shown above, but we use one of the most comfortable guns to shoot in the known universe; the Rugar Mark 2, 3 or 4. They only shoot the mild-mannered .22 (read “twenty-two”) cartridge and have almost no kick. They can be a real pain to clean, but we don’t torture our students with that step. Mine are Mark 2s like this one.

22 cartridge

You might not be much of a gun person, or perhaps you are. Hunting is a proud piece of American history and tradition. My grandfather gave me my first gun and my dad taught me to hunt – even though I turned out to not enjoy “hunting” much (here’s that story) I love the marksmanship side of shooting and love teaching how to do it safely. Our students always report that they had fun learning and shooting with us.

They all succeeded in putting their bullets very close to what they were aiming at and I was much more wound up with enthusiasm that I would have been by watering the backyard as planned. this morning, I settled in my chair to do some morning reading and promptly fell back asleep until just a few minutes before you arrived.

I’m thrilled that you’re here, but now I’m really – really – in need of coffee – ah, and I hear the pot boiling. You are just in time to have one with me and give me some playful grief about looking like I just got out of bed. Have at – I’m defenseless.

Let me go grab a fresh pour for both of us, no, you sit and relax. I’m anxious to serve a fresh cup to you and I’m the one who needs to move a bit to wake up. Besides you’re my guest this morning and I want to assure you of how welcome you are.

coffee for 3

Thank you Nathan Dumlao for the photo above.

There, what do you think? This brew is a lightly hazelnut tinted bean and I don’t make it very dark like my son and daughter do.

angry cow

The sugar is on the tray and if you like milk, I hope that unsweetened almond milk with work. We ran out out of real cow extract yesterday and I’ll be making the run to the store later today. I did add a few drops of vanilla extract already and hope you like it. I think that, somehow, vanilla magnifies the taste of coffee in a very pleasant way.

So, how’s your writing progressing? I hope you are not driven to publish everyday but publish as you feel your work is ready, but would love to hear your thoughts on this.

I try to get a couple of stories out each month and September proved to be a great month for me because I got three done and posted. I’m still figuring out the best way to promote them, but even my amateur approach made September my best in the past 10 months which is how long I’ve been seriously working on my story blog. I also did some polishing and re-posting of six older essays and they were well received.

If you are casually following my collection, but have not checked out these new items, please do check out:


I still cringe some when recalling my college job of painting ship tanks, but now that I’m still alive and well, it makes for a great tale.

As you well know, I’m still new at this blogging thing and would love to hear your opinion on my project model. Each of my stories are 2000 words or less and are written in a very conversational style. I like to think it is appealing, but what do you think? I think that dialog of almost any kind in a story is the most engaging and draws in the reader almost as if they could join the conversation.

Okay – I’m dying to hear how your week went or what you’re up against for the next. Did you add your link already to Alli’s site? Great – I’ll see it there then, right after I finish this cup of emotional uplift.

Okay, go spend some time with your keyboard and change the world. I know you have it in you. Go on! Let it out. TTYL then.

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Share 180929

  1. Thanks for the coffee! One part of this season I look forward to is spending more time writing: coffee + blanket + laptop = Heaven. I look forward to spending these gray days getting some work done. Very cool about you subbing the class! I believe being able to handle a firearm safely and properly is a life skill everyone should have, like knowing how to swim and drive a stick shift. 🙂 Have a great week!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. That sounds like fun, to teach marksmanship from time to time. My ex-husband is a Marine, and learning how to handle a variety of weapons was necessary in his eyes. I was uncomfortable at first, having lived the majority of my life in a world where guns are not allowed. After a while I started to enjoy it, and see the necessity of being able to defend myself and my little girl. I’ve worked at rural ranches where no one have been allowed to leave headquarters without a gun. Great post Gary. Have an awesome new week!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. My dad used to have me help him sight his rifles when I was younger. Since then, I was hospitalized for extremely malignant hypertension (really high blood pressure) and I bust quite a few blood vessels in both eyes. They’ve never healed properly, so I don’t think I’d be a good shot anymore. It makes me a little sad; I actually enjoyed shooting!

    As for my writing… it’s a bit on hiatus. Hopefully, I can get a routine down by November for NaNoWriMo. Do you do NaNo? Also, you should join our writer chats on Sunday mornings on Twitter! We’d love to have you!


  4. Am I gun person? hmmm I dont know in country the hoops you have to jump through to own a firearm are so prohibitive that he only people who have guns are either officers or under cover or otherwise; the army and the hardcore criminals
    Oh but I do own an air-powered pellet gun I dont if they are the ones you call a BB gun hahaha
    Thanks for the coffee and have a great October


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