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For the photo above, I want to thank: Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash (a great place to find free, great quality photos.

Good Sunday all.  I decided to keep the flashy fall photo because I love it.  I also need to be brief.  We are out of town this weekend for a wedding and I’m writing from a hotel room rather than my comfy spot at home.

Work, the stuff I get paid to do, has been busy, but has dropped off a tad and I was able to produce one new story this past week.  I really like it, but it hasn’t yet caught even the mild response that some of my work does.  I got some nice feedback, but again, it was via my Facebook announcement so it will be quickly lost to the news feed nature of Facebook.

scuba flagIn an earlier story, Water Adventures, I describe how my father got me started on scuba diving.  It was several years later that I got my first professional job and moved to San Jose, California.  From there, I signed up for a Jr. College class to earn my certified scuba diver card and part of that whole effort was a dive trip to a notorious beach named, Monastery Beach, just south of Carmel, California.  This beach had the most amazing waves I’d ever seen and those waves were the point of our visit.  Our instructor wanted to teach us how to enter and exit rough surf – which can be dangerous, thus the training.  Those waves, became both the high and low memory of my Learning to Scuba.  I’d love for you to take 10 minutes to check it out

Large Surf in Carmel
Large waves break at Carmel River State Beach on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017. (Vern Fisher – Monterey Herald)

Our instructor did manage to get each of us through these angry walls of water, with all our gear on and it proved to be quite a memory.  As I’m often caught doing, I did manage to find a way to turn the event into something I’ll never forget.  In this case, I have to thank my dive buddy for the day for making sure I survived to record the event, but since I did survive, now it’s a fun story with one dark element.  I hope you’ll add it to your list for a short visit sometime soon.

Any time now, we’ll be doing the whole shower and dress for the wedding thing so I’m off to review as many of your coffee share articles as I can squeeze in.  Hope all is well with you and none of the storms of the world have found your home.  Blessings all.

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