Coffee Share 181027

This is a Weekly Coffee Share.
Our get-together is hosted by: Eclectic Alli.

Alli manages a weekly list of posts from any who want to just stay in touch, chat about blogging, writing, travel, photography, children, pets, work, life hacks or just about anything else that might be of interest.

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Good day! I’m so glad you stopped by. I saved your favorite chair and have your favorite beverage ready. Several of our best friends are already here, all cozy-ied up by the fire. Let me take your coat, oh and before you sit down, grab a warm blanket from the warming cabinet. Marcia offered to do the serving for us today because Derek came down with a bug and didn’t want to come and share it with us. Aunt Beulah brought her orange iced scones – so, now that you’re here, BailysI think we have everything we need for a fine time.

Well, wow! What a week it’s been huh? If work for you was anything like work for me, perhaps we should ask Marcia to lace our drinks with a bit of Irish Cream.

Okay. I had a busy, but wonderful week. Yea, work was work, but this week I got so spend some time with 2 friends from our distant pasts. Do you recall our visit last week where I told you about going to my high school reunion? It was nice seeing folks but while there, I discovered that a friend of mine from grammar school, who I thought had died from injuries sustained in an awful motorcycle accident, but I was wrong. All these forty-some-odd years, I somehow had it wrong. Well, I had a dinner planned with a friend on Thursday night. I’d not seen this second friend for almost twenty years but he was nearby for a big convention so we met halfway to catch up.

inner tube pilotI planned to arrive early so I could finally call my not-so-dead friend without being interrupted. After all this time, he was the same guy I used to laugh with at Grant Elementary School in Petaluma, Calif. Within seconds, we were laughing again. I don’t know that I’d laughed that hard in years. I might have mentioned that he shows up in several of my essays about growing up. It was his giant inner tube in “The Giant Inner Tube Adventure“. He was with me up in “The Eucalyptus Sprouts Adventure“. He was my co-fiend in the Halloween stunt titled; “The Storm Drain Adventure.” storm drain monsterHe was by my side for boomerangs and daredevil deeds at the rock quarry, bike wreaks and early evenings laying on the hillside behind Grant School watching the stars and planets come out, and many other events that I’ve long forgotten. It was a wonderful time of catching up and laughing.

After we hung up, it was time to meet my other friend for dinner. After almost 20 years, I almost didn’t recognize him. He worked for me in Colorado Springs and was part of the team who helped the young cancer victim who I described in “Jacquie’s Story“. He reminded me of challenges we faced building that new team of support engineers and how we actually grew to be something a family instead of just a team. Another great visit!

The following day, Friday, was busy, but the afterglow of my Thursday visits kept grinning all day and now, Saturday morning, I find myself just enjoying the fact that life and friends have been so kind all these years.

That’s enough from me for now.  I’m looking forward to reviewing your coffee shares.  Who or what made your week wonderful?  What challenges are outstanding and require your hard work, insight, careful thought or tolerance?  Isn’t life an adventure sometimes?

Blessings all.

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7 thoughts on “Coffee Share 181027

  1. Oh wow. What an incredible blessing to learn that a friend you thought was gone, is in fact not. How I wish it were that way for mine.. So glad you got to catch up.. Too funny, I also went to Grant Elementary School, in Livonia, Michigan. Thanks for the coffee!

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  2. It’s always great to catch up with old friends, but what a special one this guy seems to be! I’m glad you got time to reconnect, and that you were wrong about his demise… Hope things keep moving in a positive direction for you!

    Liked by 1 person

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