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This is a Weekly Coffee Share hosted by: Eclectic Alli.

Alli manages a weekly list of posts from any who want to just stay in touch, chat about blogging, writing, travel, photography, children, pets, work, life hacks or just about anything else that might be of interest.

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Good day everyone. Today is fall gray here in Sonoma County California. I love the fall, even though our sycamore trees try to bury our log driveway, but the overcast makes my wife want to stay in bed and hide for as long as possible.


With only 2 of our 3 kids with us now that # 3 is off to university, the house is too quiet. It’s the quiet of absence – the lack of conversation potential, because none of us, except for maybe the daughter sometimes is chatty by default, but when even 1 is gone for an extended period of time, it leaves the house out of balance somehow.

We have all been looking forward to this weekend because life has been so hectic with work and stuff that we all just want some down time. It’s early morning here and I’m the only one up and here because the 2 remaining are off to a service project for the morning. My preferred way to unwind from a crazy week in to curl up with a good (or even mediocre) book, a pot of strong tea and the promise of a couple hours to consume them both in quiet.

Other than story-massaging in my brain, I got barely a few words of non-work related writing done this week. Because I can more easily squeeze this type of work in, I did pull out 3 of my earlier stories from my clean-up and maintenance list to apply some polish and add better photos to reprise them to a newer audience, and was pleased at how well they were received.

buckeyes 698x400

The Buckeye Adventure is a favorite autumn grammar school story that most guys get right away while most girls are left wondering why anyone would find this “fun”, especially when it can come with such a high cost. Trust me gals, most guys would quickly take this risk for this much fun in a heartbeat. I certainly would again.

falling backwards

The Capacitor Adventure is a shocking story from high school where a favorite Electronics Engineering instructor, helped me “fly through the class”.

storm drain monster

Because it’s a Halloween story and because the friend I mentioned last week (thought dead, but wasn’t) was actually my co-conspirator, I also reprised The Storm Drain Adventure and was surprised when it became the most popular story of the month. I guess “Scare” sells. I also think that few people have ever been to such a place and the very idea of this story proved to be spooky compelling. I bet you would be willing to give it a try if some adult wasn’t around to stop you…

kiss shelbey-miller-unsplash


And then there was my college infamous Bridge Toll Incident, with the kiss that left me answering way too many questions around campus – but it really was a great kiss. Such things simply were not done at my school I guess. . .

None of this work however relived any of the pressure from whatever the creative literacy organ is to produce something new. I wanted to at least trap some of the fiction story setting work I’ve done in my mind.

So, I’m going to cut this short to review your coffee shares, finish my tea and some study for a class I’m teaching at church, then see if I can catch those mental images in some printable fashion.

By the way, I hope you’ve learned like I have, that if you don’t circle back on Monday afternoon, you risk missing some late posts from others in the group. I have always found some gems that make me glad I did.

Blessings all.

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9 thoughts on “Coffee Share 181103

  1. If you figure out a magical way to get the brain to work, let me know. I’ve been plenty creative with my drawings for my Bullet Journal, but I’m struggling with my NaNoWriMo project already… and it’s just started! Yikes! See you around the Coffee Share!

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    1. Hi Elizabeth.
      I’ve heard that getting a high value trust fund removes lots of distractions which I’ll bet helps. The problem is I dont see any within reach. Yep, see you soon around our virtual table.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m like your wife, the overcast makes me wanna stay in bed. 🙂 I’m down here in Long Beach, though, so we don’t have too much of that. 🙂 Congrats on the revisions/touch-ups, that’s an artform in and of itself.


  3. Yes, “curl up with a good (or even mediocre) book, a pot of strong tea and the promise of a couple hours to consume them both in quiet” just sounds heavenly. Clicking over to your other stories – you had me at storm drain since we just watched IT last night! Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. scare stories sell!! Stephen king has several quips on how the part of our brain that responds to fear also does, something else… hmmm I cant remember how that goes or maybe it was Dean Koontz who said something to that effect maybe it will me hahahaha
    have an awesome week

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I like this idea a lot “My preferred way to unwind from a crazy week in to curl up with a good (or even mediocre) book, a pot of strong tea and the promise of a couple hours to consume them both in quiet.” I do it most nights. I’d much rather read a good book than watch TV. Have an awesome new week, I hope this one isn’t too hectic.

    Liked by 1 person

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