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This is a Weekly Coffee Share hosted by: Eclectic Alli.

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Greetings.  So glad you’re finally here.  This place is always warmer, friendlier, more thoughtful and encouraging every time you stop by.  Here, sit.  Sit and enjoy a dose of down-time while I get your drink for you.

First, I wanted to share a fun thing that happened to us.  We were out to a late dinner last night at a place where they make their own bread – wonderful stuff and a sourdough to die for.  Anyways, we got to talking with an old family friend and sat for longer than we expected and they began the process of shutting the place down for the night..  The assistant manager came around and asked us if we would be interested in any bread as the shelters who often come by to pick up the leftover loaves did not come by when expected and they have to throw all the leftovers away.

Seriously? I thought.  Their bread is amazing so I went up to verify that I just heard this right and the guy tells me, “yea – please take something for free.  I’ll even slice it for you”.

So we left with two loaves of my wife’s favorite multi-grain bread.  Can I talk you into trying a slice, toasted of course – maybe with a slice of cheese – if you please…

The past 2 weeks have been horrible at work.  One of my customer hit a crisis and my job is to help them get back to normal.  The whole team of us worked right through what was supposed to be a nice long weekend with Veteran’s day last Monday. It was really bad and I’ve been is high stress mode for almost 2 weeks.  When it finally passed, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep for several days- or at least until the payday with all this overtime I just clocked.

I swear – one of these days, I’m going to chuck it all and buy a donut joint.  How stressful can a donut store be.  A customer is upset over something, you give him a maple bar or her a chocolate donut and everyone goes away happy.  How wonderful that would be.

I had some good news medically in the middle of it all.  At 63, I think of myself as an old guy now and sort of expect my body to act 63 when I still feel 33 in my head.  There is still so much to learn. I was learning to expect my skin to produce these dark blotches like all my grandparents had when I was young and they were still around.  Keratosis The photo above is not of me because mine are all treated and dying.  There is one right below my right eye that was big enough that I was treating it with cortisone several times a week.  Since I had to see the doctor anyway, I decided to ask about them.  My doctor was unavailable that day so they let me talk to one I’d never met – a wonderful guy who just happened to have some special training in dermatology.  Anyway, this guy recognized it right away as Keratosis,  and asked if I’d like him to cure me?  “Now?”  I answered.  “You can do that?  Absolutely.”

“Sure.  Those things are harmless, but no one like the way they look.  The treatment is easy and only takes a few minutes”  And he was right.  All he did was spray each spot on my face and back with this super-freeze stuff – which killed it.  By the next morning, each spot looked more like a scab with some dark damaged skin around it.  Now, several days later, much of the scabbing has fallen off and the normal skin beneath is healing nicely.  Soon my smile won’t be overshadowed by these nasty patches of “ick”.

A couple of you noticed that I missed last week’s coffee share, and yes it was because of the crisis with my customer, so I missed you guys and hope to step back into the fray.


In all this madness with my customer, I got no writing done, but finally this morning finished cleaning up one essay that I’ve wanted to get to for several months now.  For a fun ride of a read, you should check out my (new and improved, The Eucalyptus Sprout Adventure.  This was one of my favorite wild and rowdy memories and essays, but I recorded it well before I knew much about driving this new blog thing, so this new version is much more pleasant to kick back and enjoy.  I have a couple of Facebook groups I share my stories with and overnight it doubled it’s readership from all previous months.

Okay, that’s enough from me for this week.  I want some time to cruise back and review your coffee shares.

Blessings all.

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Share 181118

  1. Hi Gary
    I think its always a pleasant surprise getting an unexpected giveaway and of course bless who ever invented sliced bread I used to cut the most atrocious bread slices squishing the loaf in the process and it would look like the work of a six year old, well I was six hahahaha

    A donut joint sounds like a low stress envrinomnment I mean what could possiblyy go wrong hahahahaha but you would be surprised I think any business that remotely requires engaging with customers has its on share of problems from someone complaining you looked at them funny or suing you for diabetes
    Have an awesome week

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like an awful run of it at work. i once had a boss that after stressful times would say she wanted a job mowing golf courses. What could be stressful about sitting on a riding mower all day far from anybody? Kind of like your dream doughnut shop… I’m glad it is done. Have good Thanksgiving week!


  3. I’m glad that the stressful situation had come to pass, finally it’s time for celebration & well deserved relaxation. Thanks for sharing the good news too. It is uplifting to read stories as such. I would definitely read your story! It sounds like a good and fun read.


  4. It sounds like a lOOOng week for you. I hope you get some well deserved time off for Thanksgiving. What a great surprise with the bread 🙂 That’s awesome! And yes, we missed you last week.

    Thank you for the coffee!


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