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Greetings all,

December is upon us, but I’m sure you’ve noticed.  I’m trying to get some traction on some writing projects, but the to-do list from work never seems to end.  It is nice to be wanted, but a few breaks in the demands would be very much welcome.  So here’s what I would share with you if we really could just sit back with a great coffee or tea, maybe some fruit or pastry treats – there must be a Christmas cookie around here somewhere.

burst pipe ornamentDespite the frantic week, I did get one story done and posted.  It came from a challenge from a new blogger friend who liked my other stories and asked for something appropriate for her blog’s annual feature – an Advent Calendar.  If you’ve not seen it, it is worth your time to do so.  If you click on the link, it should take you to the most recent date (today 12/8/18 features my story about a very unusual Christmas ornament) then down below you can click on “Previous” to see other authors who share stores, photos and music germane to the season.

PGCC 2I also had some fun with an older story in the past few days.  It was a story of when I was in high school and had a weird night fairway watering job at a near by golf course.  Like any job, it had it’s annoyances but one night, it seemed like all the wheels just fell off and it turned into a nerve-wrecking comedy for anyone involved with the story, except for me.  Prominent in the story was this giant bug-monster that attacked me (in a sense) and, well, I should be short here and just invite you to check it out because a few days ago, I found a place in some corner of Google-land that had some close-up photos of the beast.  Anyway, between that bug and several other surprises, this story still makes my skin crawl and tweaks my latent desire for revenge.  I would very much welcome your thoughts on this 10 minute retelling of a Scary Night Adventure, and you tell me how you might react to that bug surprising you as one did to me.

spoon theory imageFinally, I carved out some time this last week to spend with my slightly younger cousin.  Her life unfolded very different than mine, but despite all that she went through and the years that passed without our seeing one another, we now have a very strong relationship and she pointed me to an article that I had not read, but does an excellent job of describing the challenges of living with chronic pain.  I don’t have this challenge, but she does and she was trying to get me to understand what her days are like.  If you have such a friend, family member, peer at work or school, you might want to check this article out.  It’s a very short and easy read, but it really clarified for me what her days are like.  You can (and should) find the article here titled: The Spoon Theory.

So – how are you beating the press of time and getting some writing done?  Any exciting news to announce?  Any new tricks or techniques discovered?  Any challenges crushed?  Survival and just kicking back is also okay and likely a healthy alternative.

Christmas and domestic errands are calling, so you are welcome to sit and relax and enjoy the drinks and treats and maybe a pleasant read or two.  But I must ask your leave to take care of stuff.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope to walk the virtual coffee shop and find your share.  Regardless, I hope your Christmas is unfolding in the best possible way.

Blessings all.

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