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Warm greetings.

This is easier to say today because we are between storms.  If you want to be outdoors here today, you need grab only a light sweater, maybe a scarf and cap and you’re ready to roam.  Get it done quickly though as there’s another wet blow coming this way.

After the week I’ve had, I also feel like I’m in some kind of mental lull. This last week was my busy quarterly project where I spend 3 to 5 days of steady, but rushed hard focus on a technical writing project.  The importance and urgency of the project are both pretty high and the thing has to be correct so I have a small gang of reviewers standing by for the last lap of them scanning the doc looking for all my mistakes (humbling, but welcome because I’ll take embarrassed before them over embarrassed before all the customers around the globe who read and use and pore over the final project.

These customer are trying to decide on how much money they need to spend on protecting their deployments of our software from hackers.  My report helps them do this wisely and each decision may cost them a couple of million dollars.  All that to say, when everything is done and it’s time to hit [SEND] – I do so with a prayer and hope that everything is correct, and that I dont leaf any wrong words, garboleled grammer tenseations; or; spellling mistakes.

Photo by Andrey Grushnikov on

Yesterday, Friday, was my day after, but that was also a work day so it was spent scrambling to catch up with everything that had piled up from the days when I was full-focus on my project – but today – ah, today is mine to relax the neurology that was wound so tightly all week.

corn earwormsSo, what does your mind to if you leave it to itself to relax?  Mine plays with half-done stories or nonsense projects – like jingle vandalism.

earworm  Please tell me that you do this too, taking innocent, but ear-worm quality commercial songs and play with the words to create more fun lyrics to those tunes that get stuck in your head.

Just make sure I accidentally leave you with one, here’s a favorite from my grammar school days:

To the tune of the Amour Hotdog commercial;
The Dogs Kids Love to Bite, a Maskil of Gary.


Hot dogs, armored hot dogs,
What kind of kids eat armored hot dogs?
Strong kids, mighty kids, kids who chew on rocks.
Hungry kids, starving kids, even kids with chopping blocks love,
hot dogs, armored hot dogs.
The dogs that kids can’t bite.

There – I’m much more relaxed now and I think my work here is done.  Blessings all.

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7 thoughts on “Coffee Share 190119

  1. My mind when left to relax will occasionally drift to pieces of writing or other crafts that I might be working on. Some great ideas come out of those quiet mind moments. Great coffee post. Have a great week!

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  2. If the Armor hot dog jingle gets you that just right place, go for it! I vividly remember that jingle and now it is stuck in my head. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

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