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This is a Weekly Coffee Share hosted by: Eclectic Alli.

Alli manages a weekly list of posts from a small group of bloggers who want to just stay in touch, chat about blogging, writing, travel, photography, children, pets, work, life hacks or just about anything else that might be of interest.

Here’s the link for last week.

Here’s the link for this week.

Connor AlbumsHi y’all!  Welcome to the couch on my side of the coffee share. Today, we get to chat while my oldest son, Connor Wilson, experiments with new strum patterns on his really nice acoustic guitar.   I could listen to this all day and if you’d like to hear him too, just click on his CD covers above to sample his work.

If I’m casual about it, I might be able to get him to play the song he wrote for my dad and played at dad’s funeral so many years ago now.  Sweet, nostalgic and soothing sounds, magically drifting slowly out of those 6 strings – ummmm.  I’ve given him 3 weeks to stop it so I can concentrate. . .

I’m done with my dreaded week at work.  I survived and even managed to do a reasonable job of something that should have been, but proved to be anything but, easy.  My manager and the group were kind enough to recognize how hard it was, were thankful they were that the task landed on me and not them (not sure that makes me feel much better. . .) and all told me how they appreciated my efforts (okay, that does make me feel better).

Hey, did you notice my new section divider from last week?  Recall that I’m using a free WordPress plan and thus have limited control of my display fonts, spacing and such.  If you know your HTML versus CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), then I can tell you that I believe my display options allow most of HTML, but none of the CSS features which keeps my blog site looking a tad less spectacular than it could.

In the meantime, I accidentally discovered a simple trick to produce effects like the below gray-outlined box with text inside.  It makes a really nice topic spacer.

Let smart remarks begin here

Contact Gary or more information

Maybe you already know how to do such things, but I just learned it, so under the rules of being a decent friend, I’d like to make sure you know how to do this if you ever want to:

  1. Open your spreadsheet program.  I used Excel.
  2. Type your text into a cell.  I like to widen the cell.
  3. Hit Enter when done.  You’ll be able to change the test later as desired.
  4. Mouse over and click right on the cell containing your text.  Select “Copy”.
  5. Go back to your blog page and click where you want the text box to land.
  6. Do a: Ctrl-V (Control + the letter “v”) or right-click and Paste.  You should see the box appear.
  7. Display attribute options now include: left, center & right justification, bold, underline and/or italics, multi-lines, plus a few others and I even managed to drop in a photo and make that photo a live-link to another page.

Kinda neat -right?

I’ve settled another thing about my blog setup that seems to be the best I can get from my free theme. I improved the menu layout for the collection of Coffee Share essays.  My collection has topped 40 now and was overwhelming my old menu system so I pushed it up to the menu bar for it’s own separate menu.  I added an “About Coffee Shares”  page to explain what our coffee sharing is all about and my naming system.

DOT Coffee Shares menu

The menu design for this theme wastes too much space to last much longer, but that’s a bigger issue I’ll need to address later. The only thing I want to add now is some kind of topical indexing of the essays.   Well, that should be enough blog housekeeping for now.

questionHey, while you’re here, I have a question you might know the answer to.  I often post a notice to some Facebook groups when I post a new story to my blog.  Facebook, when I provide the link to a story, also shows the “featured” image and this works great unless I share out the main link to my blog.

When I share my main link, it uses the wrong photo and I can’t find where to correct the problem.   What I get is the photo for the story titled: “Jacquie’s Story”.  If I share the link directly to that story, I get the desired photo.

I’d like to blame Facebook because this is the only place where I see the problem, but how could Facebook be pulling the wrong photo when it works everywhere else?  I’m thinking I must have that photo tied somehow to the main link and the main link is special.

I’ve prowled around my WordPress admin settings and I can’t find a place where this has been selected.  Do you have any ideas?  You can see the correct featured photo when you go to:  If you happen to see one of my posts of the main link to Facebook, you’ll the photo shown below.  Anyway, if you are WordPress experts and happen to know the answer – I’d love to hear from you.  It’s not a big deal, but, for me, it’s like a white cat’s hairball on the front of a nice navy blue vest.  I constantly want to brush it off.

wrong main photo shown via facebook

Thanks again for stopping by.  Did you post your coffee share yet?  I’ll straighten up here some and be by your place for a visit in just a bit.


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8 thoughts on “Coffee Share 190309

  1. Always cool to get recognition at work for hard work. I may come back and listen to some of your son’e music later – I’m just taking a few minutes to brows now. Very cool he is writing his own material. Have a great week!


    1. Hi Lizl – this looks soo close to what I’m looking for, but where the video points me to the customizer & selection “Site Title, Tagline and Logo” I have only a selection titled “Site Identity” which allows me to setup only the Title, Tagline and “Icon” – but no Logo. I would suspect that this is due to my site being one of a free site, but somehow a photo got in there, because the description of the logo feature looks exactly like what I’m seeing. Back in the days when I was first setting up the site, perhaps my plan/theme allowed for a logo setting, but now doesn’t so perhaps I’m stuck with it for now. I’ll try sending them a note asking for someone to check – but for us freebies, this cycle can take months to get a reply.

      Thanks Lizl – you have gotten me much closer to an answer and I may yet get this fixed. I appreciate your help.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It *might* be a function of the theme; you might check your theme in the “appearance” or “themes” section to find out whether yours includes a logo option.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Good idea, I would not have thought to copy anything in from Excel.. I’ve had that issue with featured photos before too. Is there a certain photo you want to display when you share your main link?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kathleen. Yea, I would not have either. I keep a spreadsheet of all my stories for tracking readership. To save myself time, I also keep the URL for each story for easy copy & paste. I normally go up to the input window to select and copy, but once copied the URL from the cell where it was stored and voila – when I pasted, it brought with it the HTTP needed to draw that box.

      I need more accidents like this.

      But you too had the problem with a wrong photo associated with your main URL? My problem so far only manifests itself when I try to copy my main URL into a Facebook post. Another blogger suggested the problem is with the “Logo” feature which sounds good with I look at the definition, but changing this doesn’t show up in my admin / customization menu.

      I doubt that WordPress somehow did this to me, so I must have done it to myself somewhere along the lines of learning their blog tools.

      I have a couple of files I’d prefer because the photo that is currently pulled is for a specific story which is only 1 of 59 in the collection.

      Just another mystery to solve instead of writing. . . urg.


  3. Hi Gary
    Thanks for the tip… I just tried it in a draft post I was having problems with and it worked!!! Here’s to more happy accidents, like ths.
    I really should explore Excel more but I have bever really liked it though my mum swears by it, she even writes drafts her emails in excel says it keeps the addresses neatly spaced and I just think but you could just hit the tab button ha!

    As for your weird problem, sounds like your theme customizations in the logo display section and who knows how it latched onto that particular image.. unless if you changed themes and that somehow got replaced …
    When all else has failed and you have a moment save the image then remove it from your gallery and the post it comes from then see what it will use next when you share your main link it should either use what you set as logo or your gravatar image..
    When you have discovered a solution do let us, Iike to keep track of problems and solutions and my circles have a habit of thinking I work at WordPress


    Liked by 1 person

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