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So — what do you think of our new InLinkz tool?  It does seem to be easier to review the postings – the little numbered boxes that allow us to use a photo instead of a URL as our list item is nicer and does anyone miss the the built-in delay on any link you click as a way to make us stare at their ads?

So far, I’m good with the change. I do like to maintain a back-link to last weeks postings and doing this is only a bit more difficult as the link is no longer a simple short number, but a much longer string of hexadecimal characters. They are now using HTTPS rather than the less secure HTTP, so even that is an improvement.

So, what do I have for you today?

Well first, something to celebrate. Earlier this week, our family had a scare when one member became ill. I went over to help with a small part of the situation but while I was there – I became very concerned because he looked beyond ill. He looked too near death to stay home, so I asked some questions and between his answers and his overall appearance, I concluded it was past time for him to hustle off to the hospital. These are never short trips and I was there for almost 12 hours as they questioned, examined, took blood for testing and reviewed the results with us. They quicky concluded that he was in trouble. Some of the family suspected and they were right. He was circling the drain with alcohol abuse and a failing liver. I don’t know the whole story because we have not been close for several years, but he was cooperative and determined to regain his life and didn’t fight anything I or the doctors prescribed.

So, almost 5 days later, he’s doing much better and I got quite an education in a world I have little experience with. I’ve been with him some each day, and somehow got to be the medical details go-between because of some damaged relationships and the fact that I’m pretty good with technology in general and could represent him when he could hardy stand or think straight and explain what the doctors were telling us to the rest of the family.

I’m really behind at work because I had to take lots of time off, but my boss is a family-first kind of gal, so we should be good there – as long as I get some of this backlog taken care of today.

long road thu mountains

He’s a great guy and now he has a long path ahead of him. I knew recovery from any addiction is rough and alcohol addiction brings it’s own set of challenges but for now,  he is out of immediate danger and we have reasons to be hopeful and encouraged – so I’m also thankful.

Not a bad way to end a rough week – don’t you agree?

So what about writing? That was not much of a success this month. Work in general has been stressful, tax season always craters me for several days (but it’s done now) and the fact that I just wanted a break for a month all made for pretty low output for March. About the only thing I’ve written (other than technical pieces) are my weekend coffee shares. Again, I’m thankful to Alli for hosting us, because this has been a very welcome constant in my writing discipline.  It takes the place of a membership I used to have with a local group of writers who read and discussed each other’s work on a monthly basis. I miss them, but spending part of my weekend with you guys has been great!

alligator lizard 2

Our alligator lizards are fully awake from their long winter hibernation.  They still freeze or flee when I walk out the back door too quickly.  If I move slowly and don’t get too close, they tolerate a short visit while I note number of, color of and size of each one.  An older one even does the popular lizard push-up demonstration for me.  The others still pretty much don’t move until I move on.  The big foo- long guy in the front ivy has stayed out of sight.

Photo by Pixabay on

In other news, we had a rocking cool storm this week (on top of everything else).  March frequently brings weather surprises and this time is was pounding rain with amazing lightning and thunder.  We really don’t get much lightening – so when we do, it’s fun – well unless it hits you — then I imagine another hospital visit is indicated — if you’re lucky.


But, again for my friends who still have snow, spring has arrived to northern California and our hills are as green as you can imagine.  We’ll stop ooo-ing and ahh-ing it all shortly and will send it on it’s way to you.

T-swing 1If you need something short and fun to read while you wait your turn for some sunshine, I have a nice short story of the fun that my friends and I had as teenagers with a very special swing that undoubtedly is not allowed anywhere anymore because (while we couldn’t figure out how the designers meant it to be used) our method of using it was outstanding in the amount of fun we had with it.  If you have memories of such a device yourself — we should talk — and laugh about it.  Here’s the link, but you will be sorry you never got to try what I only know as “a T-Swing“.

I’m looking forward to reading your coffee share for the week if you post one.

If you’d like to know more about how to post stuff, either via a simple blog or to the coffee share link collection at the top of this article, please say so and I’ll find a way to help you out.

Thanks for stopping by. Blessings

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12 thoughts on “Coffee Share 190330

  1. I decided that I do not want a membership with InLinkz and will not be using it. I am canceling the email address that I used to try it out. If I do come back to it, I will create an email account that will not be used for anything else.

    Happy to learn that your relative is on the road to recovery. It is a worrisome problem and surprisingly common, alcohol and kidney problems. Hope all goes well!


    1. Hi Lizl. I understand. I paused and thought about this item as well. I was tempted to go the same route but I really do like these folks and hope I don’t later regret this path. I hope you stick around as I’ve directly benefited from your wisdom and grace. You will be missed by the group, but I hope not to. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have noticed that nearly all of the visits to my coffee share posts come via the WordPress Reader. I recently have not been able to use InLinkz to connect, because my (default) browser hangs up and doesn’t take me to any of the sites. So I have to copy and paste the links. (Also, my eyesight has gotten bad enough that I can’t really read Terms of Service anymore, and so I am cutting back on a lot of stuff.) I’ve always made a point to try to get to your coffee share post, and I expect that I will continue. Enjoy them!


  2. I’m so relieved that your relative got help in time. I have some close friends that are fighting the same battle. It’s hard to stand beside them. You’re doing the right thing.

    I have to say that I really like the design of your blog now. You have been working on it! I like that I can see recent posts easily in the sidebar. It’s been on my mind for a couple of weeks to give my blog a face lift. I have some ideas in my head about a new design, that I’m still working on.

    I hope you get some relaxation this weekend. It sounds like you need it. Thanks for the coffee!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stuff like this can never have too much prayer. Thank you Kathleen for those prayers and for reading my stories. I’ll try to never waste your time. Blessings.


  3. Glad you got to the family member in time and where there to help out. I’m sure it won’t be easy sailing, but hopefully the worst is over. Hope you have a good week ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

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