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Oh – Hi.  You’re here already. Welcome.  And, oof! Tamara, hold still. Sorry, this is Tamara.  You might recall from last week that she’s the new owner of our venue, the Teanco Bistro.

“Hi.  You’ll have to excuse us. Gary was near by when I slipped a few moments ago back in the storeroom.  He’s carrying me to – wait!  Where are you taking me?

Just to a couch in the small meeting room.  I want to look at that ankle.  Hey, while I’m getting her settled, could you go ask Mavis for a double zip-locked bag of ice and a couple of towels?  I’m pretty sure Tamara gave her ankle a nasty twist.  I’m going to lay her down, lift that ankle above her head to reduce the swelling and get some ice on it. You’ll find Mavis helping customers in the big dining room.  She’s tall and wearing a red shirt today.

“She’s wearing a light gray sweater today.”

Okay – okay, just hurry please.  I need to put her down before I drop her. She looks small, but recall that I had that back surgery last year and still should not be carrying women around like this.

Today we are back in the virtual Coffee and Tea House I introduced last week.  Spring has arrived and did you notice the flower museum that the drive-thru lane has turned into?  The tulips in particular look amazing.

Photo by Pixabay on

Ah, thanks for the ice and towels.  I’m certain that she twisted that ankle.  Look, you can see the swelling and some bruising.  This will slow her down for a few days.

“You’re enjoying this too much Gary.  Can I have my sock back now?  Ugh, I can’t even get to my foot with it raised like this.  You took it off, you can put it back on – and don’t touch my toes again.  He was torturing me by counting my toes and tickling me.”

fireplaceHave you been here before?  I don’t recall who has and has not.  When Tamara remolded, she kept the open fireplace in the main dining room, but she added this new, smaller one here in the back meeting room.   It’s still cool enough outside to have a nice fire in the mornings but I suspect by noon, she’ll be letting it burn itself out.

The book shelves are still only partway filled.  She’s keeping those old Reader digest bound volumes in the front dinning area mostly because they look nice, but back here, she wants lightly used good books for her customers to sit and read.  I told her that she will reduce this place to a library with coffee service if she’s not careful.

“Ignore him.  Business floor space is cheap in this side of town and so both rooms are large enough to keep both walk-in and sit and read customers happy.  If I have a slow month occasionally, I don’t really care much.  I was blessed with a nice inheritance that paid for my home and for college for both kids, so if I can make 12% margin or more, I’m happy.  Four months in and already I’m seeing 23% — so I’ll be fine I think.”


Anyway, I brought her a couple of titles from my list of favorites.  I found used copies of “Don Quixote”, “Moby Dick” and “Crime and Punishment”, on Amazon and gifted them to the collection because I do like the classics and I love the idea of the Teanco Bistro having a great book collection.  Have any favorite’s you’d like Tamara to track down?

Tamara struggles to roll over and sit up a bit to ask, “Gary and I have been talking and I’d like your opinion on something.  He is against the idea of letting customers borrow  the books for free.  I love the idea of a lending library, but he worries that the books will all soon be lost – that people won’t bring them back.  What do you think?”

I wanted to tell you about an interesting writers website someone told me about.  Have you heard of the web site,


Maybe you’ve already heard of it, but I hadn’t and found it to be both an interesting idea and a compelling way to get decent reviews and critiques of your writing.

The idea is simple enough.  You sign up, you earn “karma” points for reviewing and critiquing others writing, then you spend those points to post your own work for review and collect critiques to improve your work.

I was suspect of the quality of critiques I would receive, but was pleasantly surprised by the actionable quality feedback. I think there is minimal reasons for unqualified persons to participate, so your reviewers tend to be more useful than random readers, there is a small incentive that everyone has to review and critique before posting so there is minimal delay between your post going live and you having great critiques in hand.

I’ve reviewed 5 or 6 items from others (~ 3500 words or less, one as short as 600 words) and posted two of my stories 4 critiques for the first and 5 for the second.  There is some  amount of messaging tools built in and some other features (a blog and contest section) that I’ve not yet explored.

I’ve finished updating one story; The Giant Inner Tube Adventure, and will be working on a second later today.

But overall, I like the miniature economy they’ve created around reviewing and writing.  I’ve met only one guy who wrote a downright bizarre story.  All the others were people I could see sitting around our virtual coffee table, chatting over writing stuff and encouraging each other to improve, improve and improve our writing.

Have you any experience with this or similar services?

Scribophile is free, but has a premium version they’d like us to upgrade to, but so far I’m getting great value for just my time reviewing and working through my feedback. with the free version.

Thanks for dropping by.  I’ll be over to visit with you soon if you post something, and if you like, feel free to setup your post here at our virtual bistro.  I’m sure Tamara won’t mind and if she does give you any grief, I need only threaten to tickle her toes and she’ll back down — I m sure if it.

Thanks again, and again, and again Alli for hosting our get together.


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7 thoughts on “Coffee Share 190413

  1. As always, I enjoy our coffee time!
    I do think it is a good idea to let people borrow the books. They will bring them back or new ones! One of the leading researchers in reading education says that if a library doesn’t lose 10% of their collection every year they are buying the wrong books!

    I have used Scribeophile. The free version only lasts so long. Even if you earn karma points you there is a point where you cannot get anything else critiqued unless you pay the fee – fair warning. I was impressed with the quality myself. I had been thinking of joining again and it slipped my mind so thanks for the reminder. Luckily, there were some other critique groups which I was involved in so I was getting feedback. I will likely wait til June since I do the challenge in May. I will be busy writing! So maybe I will see you in there!

    I do love the tulips. I think I will walk by them again before I go home…and check out the books too. I will remember to bring a couple next time to add to the shelves.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OO, I haven’t heard of scribeophile, that sounds very intersting! I’m going to check it out. I like your intro to today’s post. Very nice. Speaking of books, I went through all my books this week. I do that on a regular basis, since I admit, I buy a lot of books. I think I’m pretty good at not saving them all, but some special ones I feel like I need to save. Anyways, I parted with a HUGE box of books this week. it was easier than I thought. I had read all those books several times already, because they were special, but I realize that the likelihood of me reading them again was slim. I really like reading hard cover books. I know it would be better to just read them on a kindle, but it’s not the same thing for me. Maybe I’ll give it another chance…one day. I do make sure that I find someone who would love the books as much as I do, before just giving them away. This week I talked to another book lover, an older Mexican lady, so the choice of who to give them to was simple. I hope your weekend is fabulous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The way I figure it, with coffee, books and a fireplace the only way people would leave is if they ran out of toilet paper. And even then we might hear some scary creative ideas to resolve even that.


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