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Good morning and welcome.  I hope you’re getting a good dose of spring if you’re in the northern hemisphere. If you’re in the southern side, I wish you a pleasant fall.

Today, I must be quick. There are simply too many things on this Saturday before Easter, waiting for my attention, but I so enjoy these visits that I want to get in a quick “Hi” and update and quickly pay a return visit.  First up, I decided to keep the tulips from last week for one more.  They are such a treat to just sit back and enjoy.

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Last week, I mentioned a writer’s critique site I was trying out.  I’ve submitted two of my stories now and am very pleased with the rewrite results.
Here’s the link to
if you’d like to check it out.

If you’ve not seen these two stories before or haven’t seen them for a long time, please check them out.  They read much better, smoother and (I think) are funnier. Here are the links for both.  They should take you back to a day when you could fall and bounce much better than is likely today.

The Giant Inner Tube Adventure

The Eucalyptus Sprouts Adventure

To earn the right to post these stories, I had to review and critique several myself, but I’m about even in terms of the number of stories I’ve read compared to the number of critiques I’ve received.  The thing that amazed me was that each critique was, thoughtful, helpful and actionable.  Many of the reviewers found and called out the same weaknesses (maybe I should fix those…) and each of them called out unique items that gave me pause to think through and reorder, restate, re-voice or flat out repair things that tripped up their enjoyment of my story.  In short, I’ve never had such great feedback.  If you are looking for decent feedback on your writing – I think this site merits your consideration.  The free version is what I used, but you can get more features by paying for it.  I more than got my time’s worth of value from my test drive.

Our backyard lizards are awake and hard at work munching down insects.  It’s gotten to be a fun break in my daily work (I too work from home) and I enjoy grabbing my tea mug or a snack and walking in the backyard.  I always stop and stand still to see if I can find the lizards and see what they’re up to and how big they’ve grown.

I’ve lost count of how many there are now, but I suspect somewhere between 8 – 12.  After being well fed each day, they love just lying in the sun – soaking up the heat.  They are getting used to my standing nearby to watch and the younger ones seem much more willing to carry on normal operations when I’m present.  The older larger ones are much more likely to simply sit still and watch me watch them.

Yesterday, one larger one could not resist moving when a very large fly settled on the ground only a few inches from where his (her?) face.  The lizard jumped faster than I could follow and swallowed the fly whole.  The fly was about half the size of the lizards head, so it must have been a great meal.  “Eat my flies will ya?  You are certainly welcome here small friend.”

However, the turkeys that are taking over our small town – they are now welcome.  Messy, noisy – no – they are best chased off.  They make me want to call my friend who once chased one down, captured it and took it home to transform it into a thanksgiving dinner.  A story that was hysterical to hear her retell.

This last week at work was the time for my big quarterly project.  This round I promised my sponsor that I would progress and all but finish training someone who could take over for me, should I no longer be able to produce the report.  My partner is a good friend who used to report to me back in the days when I lived and worked in Colorado.  She did an amazing job and I estimate is now 95% ready to take over should it ever be needed – and it will some day as I do hope to retire in the not too distant future.

This time, it went out to over 310 of our largest customers around the globe.  Somehow, a whole bunch of folks in Australia subscribed and about doubled the number of companies I now reach on the continent down-under.  There are also two discussions rolling about using the report for other types of customers.  Either one could easily double my current subscriber base – which would thrill my sponsor, because it would cost almost nothing to reach thousands of users as opposed to only hundreds.

But this project still leaves me backed up with other work and now I need to dig my way out of this hole again.

Writing has been slow and sparse this month, but I have finally decided on a topic to address with one more of my Dime of Time stories.  With any luck I’ll be posting it later today, but it is Easter weekend and it’s sunny out and my wife and I would love to get out and enjoy some of our much anticipated spring weather – so reality may push my new story off a few days.

Thanks again, and again, and again Alli for hosting our get together.


To select another story, please visit the full index by clicking here.

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7 thoughts on “Coffee Share 190420

  1. Backyard lizards? Yikes, not sure what to think about that. Haha.

    Writing has been slow and sparse this month for me too. I am sure that it will pick up for in the up coming days. Have a great week.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My daughter would of loved your backyard lizards. So would Gretchen…she loves chasing lizards. It’s awesome that you get useful critique for your writing. I don’t know where I would start to give critique to anyone’s work. Writing is so personal, an don top of that I know that I make grammatical errors all the times myself. I am still interested in the site. I think it could be very interesting and useful. I like the idea a lot. Thank you so much for the coffee Gary!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve never thought about joining a critique website. I’ll look into that. I also write short stories and am trying to write a YA novel, so that would be very useful.
    The tulips are lovely!
    (I changed my nom de plume for the blog.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping by.
      You’ll find all kinds of neat stuff with this group. I try to earn my keep by sharing fun & useful & interesting stuff along with my updates. I’ve had some fun blending in some fictional writing along the way just for fun.
      It was a day late but I did get a new short story posted today. For a nice fun laugh you can find it @
      Most of my stories are closer to 2000 words but this one was just shorter. It would be a nice quick way to sample the voice I use.

      Thanks for checking out my coffee share.

      Liked by 1 person

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