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Good morning and welcome. Here we are again, about an hour’s drive north of San Francisco on the first weekend of May.  It is a time when we are still passing from winter to spring.  After the really – really – really wet winter we had, everything is growing like mad and our daily weather can be crisp and cold or sharply bright with clear sunshine in the morning changing, or not, to a occasional barely damp misty  or ripping hot mid-day to late afternoon.  It has to confuse the critters and the grape vines that grow all around us in the vineyards that surround us.

But for now, it beats that long winter, and is cool enough that we can better enjoy our hot coffee or tea.  I’ve already got the Earl Gray out and the water is hot.  If you’re a coffee drinker – I have that handy too.

I have to say, I’m anxious to hear about your week because mine has me exhausted and I’d rather just put it behind me.  I also know that some of you are also Christians and would pray if asked and given just enough details so here’s the short list.

  • We had a death in our family, a cousin.
  • His parents are both elderly and barely able to process the death of their oldest son.
  • My nephew continues his battle against alcoholism, but successfully fought his way back to enough medical stability to get into a great recovery residential program leaving us cautiously hopeful.
  • Several friends are dealing with nasty chronic diseases for which there seems to be few answers, cures or treatments.  A lot of my day job involves connecting people to solutions to their technical problems.  People who do this job tend to be ill equipped to deal with things we can’t solve.
  • Work has be been chaotic, but did settle down enough for me and a partner to produce my quarterly software security patch analysis for our customers.  This work now goes out to about 350 of my company’s largest customers around the globe in 21 countries – so this report has to nearly perfect each time.
  • Almost immediately after the report went out, a new urgent vulnerability was found and we had to do an emergency extra alert, which rarely happens, but when it does, a lot of our customers struggle to understand it and lean on me to clarify and help them decide how to react, if they’re exposed and if they need to spend the huge amounts of money needed to do an extra round of patching.
  • Oddly enough – I’m not getting much creative writing done.

But as we sit, the world around me is quiet.  My work email has no new urgent matters.  My immediate family, my wife and our 3 young adult kids remain healthy and mostly untouched by some of the chaos around us, and I’m thankful for lots of neat situations around me that don’t require prayer.

aligator lizard 3I have been looking forward to giving you the lizard update.  It’s such a small thing, but these little guys give me joy.  I try to walk the yard several times a day and try to stand in a shaded area to watch them do their thing and count noses.  I mentioned previously that I discovered a threat to their survival in the form of at least one thug of a blue jay who clearly has them as menu preferences. I was pleased to note that the lizards have taken to using the new rocks I placed above their safe nesting area so they could more easily not be noticed by the blue jay and more quickly craw to safety if noticed in time.

scrub blue jaySo, the rocks worked.  However, at least one wandered over to a nearby rock wall where there are no good hiding places and I glanced out the window to see the jay swoop down from the rain gutter of our roof, give a couple seconds of chase and then fly off with his catch.  Sigh – the food chain can be so unforgiving.

On the other hand, our struggling plum tree has already produced it’s first small green fruit.  It has a long way to go before any of its fruit will be eatable, but this is a starting point I always look forward to each year.

Well, I was hoping to visit longer, but I have a family business commitment in an hour and must run off.  I hope you make the time to post a coffee share this weekend.  I’ll be around soon to repay your visit and enjoy your view of your world.

Thanks again, and again, and again Alli for hosting our get together.  These weekly visits always improve the world around me.

Blessings & Thanks

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8 thoughts on “Coffee Share 190504

  1. Prayers going up! And glad to hear about other areas in your life to be so thankful for.. Jays are beautiful but so darn mean! I have a group that engages in daily fights outside my dining room window. My cardinals used to visit but they’ve probably moved on to better parts of town. Glad to hear the lizard refuge is working, though one of them wasn’t so lucky.

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  2. Wow, that area is beautiful! I am sorry for all of the chaos. Times like that do tend to interfere a little with my regular writing, but then a line of dialogue will pop into my head and I type it into my work-on-progress which sometimes, will spur me on. Being an introvert most of my life, I often sit and think of what I should’ve said in such and such situation rather than being quiet. Writing it out is my revenge. Alas, my life is hectic lately with work and work goals that I am putting off serious writing for another month. I am glad to hear of your goings-on in the coffee share. Take care, Gary!

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  3. I think I can see why you aren’t getting much creative writing done. Sorry about the loss in your family. The work does seem a bit stressful – For the most part my data center friends deal with patches, though I do have to check for some things related to middleware. Emergency patches are never fun for anyone. Hope you have a better week coming up!

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  4. I am happy to hear your safety provisions for the lizards are making some difference. And the appearance of a fruit on the tree! Prayers and best wishes for you and your family as you go through the coming week.

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  5. Well I dont know about reptiles and lizards you can keep those far from me, I will just watch from a safe distance and if it bites your thumb off I will say thats about what I expected arent those things related to dinosaurs lol I have watched jurassic park!!!
    Sending prayers and good wishes


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