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Good day and welcome back to Tamara’s Teanco Bistro. I don’t know about you, but I really need a few hours of just enjoying the fire of Tamara’s back room and…

“Hi Guys” Tamara interrupts as she passes through the room with bags of coffee for the front counter. “Great to see you all again.”

Isn’t it nice when the bistro owner recognizes you and most likely by now, even knows your favorite drink?

Sorry for missing last week. I really was just starting this essay when the business phone rang and sure enough, it was one of my customers in trouble. It took me until Monday noon to get them going and by then I had missed our coffee share time, my weekend, a couple of meals and just want to sleep, but it was Monday and my employer rightly expected me to get back to earning my keep.

I also all but finished a new project and have it out for review. I’m hoping to distribute it out this coming week. It felt good to finish something that required some creative effort.

So what did I miss and let me see what I missed telling you last week?

Ah yes, my ongoing registry of events related to the “nature of nature”. I’m pretty sure the lizard family took some loses to the blue jays, but there are 3-5 left in the backyard brick planter and the foot long guy living in the ivy near our front porch is still there and doing fine. I swear some of them recognize me enough to not worry much when I walk by or stop to watch and visit for a few minutes. They just look me over (yea, it’s him again) and then go about hunting bugs or moving to stay right at the edge of shadow and bright sun-baked concrete patio. That edge makes them harder to see and photograph. The big foot-long guy near the front porch is still haunting the front walk. I don’t think he likes surprising folks, but when you’re a foot-long lizard and lay on the hot main access to the front door, in the sun – you freak some people out and your dashing back into the ivy really only makes it worse.

I know it’s supposed to be summer because the gophers are back and so that little war with nature is going to pick up right where it left off last fall. Despite being tethered to a stake, one trap has already disappeared down a hole and I may have to dig up much of the lawn to find it. Oh the joy!

Our weather has been bizarre. Here it is late May and we’re still getting bright sunny days (as is normal) along with crazy wind and rain and gray clouds. Today was supposed to be cloudy, but by lunch after church, yep, it was raining.

– – = = ( o ) = = – –

Writing has been very slow but I’ve had some great ideas for my science fiction tale and finally laid down the start of a plot & character plan because I’m starting to get worried that I going to lose some great plot and scene ideas if I don’t have a framework for writing them down.

You know what I’m not enjoying– character names. For whatever reason, names are incidental to me and I really dislike this necessary annoyance. Other writers make this seem so easy. Their names both feel authentic and lightly suggestive of their character’s character. Anyone want a character named after them? I still need:

  • a male protaganist who is attractive, smart moral but frustrated with some corruption he is dealing with and is being tempted with the desire to take law into his own hands.
  • 3 females who essentially grew up with my protagonist and would like to be his romantic interest, but because he thinks of them as almost sisters, he avoids intimacy with any of them. One’s a Japanese techy in AI. One’s a warm, loving caucasian gal-next-door type who just wants a family. The third is black or latino is also really smart and nice, but is getting tired of getting only the leftovers society throws her way. She’s going to have no issue pressing for what she wants from life.
  • There’s going to be a large mining space station who needs an owner, VP manager type, political advisor, security engineer, business operations VP and (horrors) an HR manager.

Anyway. I hope I’m not too late to review everyone’s coffee share essays. I’ll be around shortly.

From the storage room again, comes the sound of metal pans scrapping and Tamara’s voice, “Gary, you could name one of the girl friends after me. I have lots of experience with frustrating males reluctant about getting romantic.”

Tamara — it seems you also have some experience with setting rhetorical traps for innocent men who have no idea how to safely respond to some of the things you say, but if we can remain friends, I’ll sit quietly and listen to all your romantic woes while not offering any help, advise or assistance.

“You know I’m going to poison you someday — right?”

Just know that I’m always here for you girl.

– – = = ( o ) = = – –

Thanks again, and again, and to Alli for hosting our get together. These weekly visits always improve my day. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.

Blessings & Thanks for stopping by.

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6 thoughts on “Coffee Share 190526

  1. Names are hard. You and your characters have to live with the name forever. Like nami g your kids. Suggestions that popped in my head: male 1 Lance, I like Tamara, or how about Barbara ( who doesn’t know a Barbara?) Rose for the black/latino, I’m stumped for Japanese. You may need to go to a baby naming site. For the VP, Boris or Dean.
    Have a great week.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I always get stuck coming up with names is there a site with character profiles and names hahaha exactly quite unlike a baby naming site but a character naming site for the authors…. if there isnt one, one might have a cashcow on thier hands hahaha premium membership site that lets you even construct a 3d image of the character like you personalising a video game profile hahaha welcome to the future.. the next book will be born

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this little bistro.
    I am so glad we came here today.
    Good luck with the gophers – I had a friend that used to play WHACK a Gopher – he always lost and they tore up his yard!

    Good luck with the pieces you have out. I am glad we were able to have coffee again!

    View at

    Liked by 1 person

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