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This is a Weekly Coffee Share hosted by Eclectic Alli.
Alli manages a weekly list of posts from a small group of bloggers who want to just stay in touch, chat about blogging, writing, travel, photography, children, pets, work, life hacks or just about anything else that might be of interest.
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Good day all,

It took me a while but I was finally able to verify a few points and was able to complete a new story for my collection.

The lizards have their own news but it will keep because I’d rather share this short significant memory with you.  It’s the story of a short relationship I had with a friend of a friend back in 1975.  I call it, “Helping Her Reach Higher”.  Please check it out here.

– – = = ( o ) = = – –

Thanks again, and again, and to Alli for hosting our get together.

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