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Good day all,

I missed you all last week.  It proved to be a week that could not be over fast enough.  I was ill for most of it thanks to some bug my son brought back from an unmentioned southern California College.

My boss was very patient with this patient as I was able to work for the first few hours of each day before the coughing started and my sinuses began to pound causing me to seek the comfort of meds and bed.  By Friday, I was just beginning to feel better when I discovered a water leak that could not be fixed until Monday and until then house water had to be off so family showers could only happen as a scheduled blitz.  So I slept through much of the weekend to try and do better this last week.

– – = = ( o ) = = – –

BTW, do any of you know the generic name for a graphic used in writing to change topics or point of view?  I know I saw it once along with a bunch of free graphics we could download and use for free.  Some looked very stylish and attractive without being “ART”.

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MAD batmanI don’t know how many of our non-north American peers would know or care about this, but I stumbled across a news item today that an icon of American (low grade) humor is facing the end of a long run.  MAD magazine is actually only 2 years older (67) than me (so it’s not THAT old) and the article I read told me that it hit its peak of subscribers in 1973, the same year I graduated from high school, but apparently, has been dropping ever since.

I recall being a young teenager learning parody and satire between the pages of MAD and my reading friends and I developed an axiom that went something like; you can tell a good book by the number of people who read it and a really good book is one “they” make a movie out of.  But a book only tops out when MAD does a satire of it.  MAD was the comic periodical version of Blazing Saddles.  Irreverent, often rude, equal-opportunity abuser of anything or anyone in pop culture, business or government.

MAD clockworkThey mocked any authority figure with abuse aimed at the sensibilities of a typical 14 year-old, pimply-faced boy who relished the open attacks on just about anything or anyone.  I was in grammar school when Star Trek arrived and tortured my parents if they did anything to disrupt my ability to be in front of the TV for its scheduled broadcast, but when MAD published their parody – I had to work at not being offended by their rendition titled, Star Blecch.  By the time they turned on the movie version of Clockwork Orange, I had toughened up and even enjoyed seeing that over-rated movie get knocked down a few notches.

MAD star trek

MAD ETWe often would brag to each other if we read the book, saw the movie and laughed at the MAD version of a story.  However, I think my diet of both decent and really good books helped me outgrow MAD fairly quickly, but I’ve enjoyed the occasion dip back to adolescence when coming across a issue someone left laying around.

Anyone who has paid any attention to politics had only to pick up an issue where they were sure to either be offended by the treatment of their beloved leader or cheer at the abuse of one they hate as they were depicted in the worse possible sarcasm.  MAD helped over 3 generations grow tougher skin and, if you ‘got it’ a decent lesson in learning how to laugh at even yourself.

MAD spy v spy ObamaThe more mature among us simply claimed that we read MAD just for “Spy versus Spy”. I haven’t picked up a copy in years and in reviewing some snap shots for this essay, recall why.  I’d like to think that, as a culture, we’ve just outgrown our teenaged sense of humor.  But then I recall what I know of, “The Simpsons”, “Saturday Night Live” and the whole culture of “being offended”, I think I need to rethink if we’ve outgrown anything or have just begun to take MAD too seriously.  Regardless, I’m going back to my really good book now.

At  the risk of anyone getting the impression that I ever read the NY Times, here’s the news article I found about the demise of MAD.  I’ll stick with “The Onion” for my real news thank you very much.

Thanks again, and again, and to Alli for hosting our get together.

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