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Hello. Come on in.  The coffee is hot, the tea water is too and the nearby supplements are sweet or creamy or very, very vanilla-y.

Wasn’t September a blast?  I was busy: at work, with my family and at writing and promotion of my story blog.

You don’t want to hear about my work but I’ll just say, because I’m thrilled about it, that the big quarterly project I’ve been doing for my customers was under threat of being cancelled for silly reasons and the one person who could save it – did.  So this month will unfold much like the previous dozen Octobers and I’ll be producing this analysis for a couple hundred of our biggest customers around the globe.  I’m very pleased that this project is still a part of my life.

In other news, my family took a hit late last month and last Monday, we laid an uncle to rest and it was about the biggest such affair I’d been to.  There were so many speakers who stood to honor my uncle and comfort my aunt and cousins.  I met and got closer to several family members.  Death is part of life and for this last portion, I want to see the dearly departed honored and their family comforted.

With one second cousin, twice obscured, I got into a discussion of how some people should not come to funerals.  They somehow feel that if all the terrible things the person did while alive are not reviewed – then we’ve been somehow dishonest.  I firmly disagree and find such an attitude childish and profoundly lacking in grace.  Even in life, I’d much rather hear about and even discuss all the wonderful things about you.  I have my own demons and failings and pray that when it’s my turn in the box, that you might be around and graceful enough to remind someone of the something good I did or said.  I’m willing to, after a person’s death, acknowledge that the person was not perfect (because that is only harmlessly stating what is universally obvious) and find a way to honor their memory and let them settle their scorecard of failings with God.

casket n flowers

My uncle had a long and wonderful life and it was gratifying to hear all the great things that so many people had to say about the good he did for them. Honored and well remembered – well done all.

Then there was my writing and blog.  We’ve all had our surprise months or stories or posts.  September of 2019 was an all time high month for me.

I know there are lots of opinions on this, but I write, hoping to be read.  I’ve read several writers on this topic and have been that guy who “wrote for himself”.  What it did for me was give me license to write sloppy.  I want to be a writer that people enjoy and want to read.  For that to happen, I need to figure out what both appeals and satisfies me, produce the words, edit them and figure out how to get them in front of readers and earn their attention.

For me, this challenge works.  It drives me to work harder at every step.  I’m that guy who will fearfully reread one of my old essays looking for ways to improve it.  I’m embarrassed every time I find (or someone calls out) a typo or mangled and confusing sentence, but am very pleased for the chance to fix it before anyone else sees it.

But – I really do hope someone reads my work and laughs or sees the story in their mind and enjoys the literary visit.

Last month I saw:

  • My biggest story as measured by number of viewers,
  • My biggest month for raw blog traffic,
  • My biggest month for readers of my coffee shares,
  • All of which contributed to passing a major numeric threshold for readers over the lifetime of my blog.

shadow monsterI even tried my hand at a simple scary story, which is not what I normally produce, but a friendly challenge is hard to dismiss so if you’d like a quick October treat, you can check it out HERE. I call it, October Lights.

I am sure that, compared with most of you, my numbers are still humble, but they far surpass what I expected from this effort almost 3 years ago now, and I’m learning by reading your work.

So, I try to notice when someone reads one of my stories and, if possible, thank them.  If you were one of those readers, know that I do not presume to deserve your time, but appreciate that you gave me some. As a result, I’m a better writer and I hope, pray actually, that I provided enough entertainment or other value that you might come back for more and share my work with others.

wp events 1

To cap off my month, I discovered and attended a “WordPress Wednesday Meetup” small group to do some WP blogging Q&A with experts.  I recommend you track down one near you.

Somehow, I’ve managed to miss this area for the full time I’ve been using WP, but if you use WordPress (it seems that most of us do) here’s the navigation for finding one near you.

My Site -> WP Admin -> Dashboard -> WordPress Events and News

wp events 2

Okay,  I bet you have other writers to visit and stories of your own to produce.  At least I hope so because I’ll be around to visit your coffee share very soon.

Blessings and thanks for visiting.

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Share 191005

  1. I enjoyed having this positive chat with you. Writing is a never ending process. I constantly question myself, there’s a fine line between writing for oneself, and writing for others to read. You sound so happy in this post (even when you spoke about the funeral) with several things coming together for you, that is wonderful! I hope your weekend, and the rest of October continues in this fashion my friend 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. In my fam, we seem to be borning in September, and entering heaven in November. Before I was the only left, back when I was younger, we’d have a family birthday party every September. The cake never seemed to have enough room for all the names. I buried my mother on Thanksgiving morning 2012, by myself… well, God was with me. The best I can say was that at least I didn’t have to hear hollow words from people who didn’t want to say the truth about her. I’ve already told my Husband not to even bother claiming my body when I go cause I’ll have a new one and the old one can fry for all I care. I plan to get back to read your “scary” story, as soon as my teeth stop chattering from the last scary story I read. 🙂 ❤ Have a great week, Gary.

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  3. Sounds like Septemeber was eventful congrats on the stats and sorry for the loss.
    In life we are always amidst death, I know no one is a saint but I think it best to cherish the good things and not dwell too much on the not so rosy, it may seem a tad pretentious but then again we cant hold the dead accountable anyway ha!
    I am actually signing up for a call to be a speaker at a wordpress wamp in a month whoop whoop !!!

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