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This is a Weekly Coffee Share Essay.
I’m part of a small group of bloggers who stay in touch and chat about blogging, writing, travel, photography, children, pets, work, life hacks or just about anything else that might be of interest.  Here’s mine for the week of <YYMMDD>.
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butlerGood day Sir, Madam.  You are most welcome.

Please come in.  May I take your coat and hat?

Excellent.  Please,  make yourself comfortable in the sitting room to your left.  Mr. Wilson will be right with you.  The coffee is set up and ready.  Can I get you started with a cup?  Sweeteners,  cream, chocolate and a selection of fruited pastries are on the center tray for your pleasure.  Mr. Wilson asked that I provide a “high tea” style “array” of refreshments for your enjoyment.

Yes Madam, he said “array” of refreshments.  We’re working on him about phrases like that.  He also wanted me to recommend the Vermont maple syrup as a sweetener instead of sugar.  I have to agree that it adds a very nice New England autumn overtone.

– – = = ( O ) = = – –

Ah – there you all are.  Thank you Bennett for meeting my guests.  Hello all, and did Bennett . . .  oh, never mind.  I see he has offered you coffee already.

It has to be one of the best things about these virtual visits that we can have fun with speaking the details of the venue into existence for whatever fun we have in mind.

Lets sit down and begin our visit.  I’ve been looking forward to this all week because both work and life have been rather rough this week, and our visits are always so pleasant and interesting without politics or needless drama.

So you understand, my wife and I tried to go to a simple dinner last night and on the drive, my phone rang with a final insult for  week.  A job I was responsible for, a large server installation for a customer with many life-critical applications was in trouble for simply stupid reasons.  Despite my best efforts, it ruined our dinner and left me cranky and frustrated.

And this was after a week where, there was drama and even a heart breaking death among my extended family.  It was all well beyond my control, but they are my family and they can’t hurt without my joining in the pain so some degree.

But- I’ve done what I could, what is proper and graceful, and now don’t want to share any of my frustration or sour attitude with you.  My ruined week shall be relegated to last week and I want to enjoy some time with friends.  I want to visit your coffee shares as soon as we are done here and see what fun things you are up to.  If you are facing challenges, hearing about those would actually be refreshing after the week I’ve had.

On balance, I did want to mention that I’ve had a very good couple of weeks of writing.  I produced and shared three stories that have been well received and should prove to be fun members of my growing collection.

Some of you know that I’ve begun transitioning from my autobiographical essays to stepping carefully into the pool of short fiction.  I’m keeping the 2000 word limit for now and earlier this month, one of our peers, the madam of “Writing Is Communication“, Ms. Writing Sparkle herself, shared a photo prompt that I decided to tilt at.  The result was a story I call, “Not Forgotten“, and it proved to be my most popular piece of fiction yet; very gratifying.  Here’s the photo.Dilapidated Graveyard by Shari Marshall

Then, partially motivated by the desire to escape how the week was treating me, I produced two new items for the autobiographical collection.  Both were very well received and their reception literally made my week.

The first was inspired by the blogger/ photographer of “

Marta Becket

The second turned out to be a short series of parenting memories, that brought together how my wife and I home schooled our three kids, the idea of living in the mode of making all kinds of things “learning moments” for the kids, with the basic difference between men and women.  I know that this is clear hyperbole, but I made it fun with an old saying my wife and I have settled on using frequently.  It goes like this: “It’s the Dad’s job to make sure the kids don’t die of boredom.  It’s the Mom’s job to make sure they don’t die.”  This mentality made for some fun that I captured in, “Home Schooling Moms and Dads“.

dry ice 1 at 170pct

I still get most of my readers / views from Facebook, which I’d love to change but don’t have a clear vision of how to accomplish.  Facebook takes so little effort and is so well known that even those who see and always read my postings would resist following via my blog site.  For now, I’m thankful for any authentic reader and will explore ways to pull some of them from the dark side sometime later.  Your thoughts on this would be most welcome.

So, despite having a rather crummy week by other measures, friends and readers from the blogging world sure improved my mood and I’ll value the stories and memories long after the less enjoyable events are long forgotten.

Blessings and thank you for visiting.  I’ll be around to your venue shortly.

Excuse me a moment. Bennett!

Ah there you are.  Do we any more of those little cucumber sandwiches?

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6 thoughts on “Coffee Share 191019

  1. I enjoyed the “Staying Alive in Death Valley”, but haven’t gotten to the others, yet. Saturday is laundry day, here. About FB: I started out on the Internet proper (after the BBS system, 300baud) in newsgroups and dedicated newsgroup forums. Many of those communities migrated to blogs and then to FB. I miss the newsgroups as they were before the noise/signal ratio got too bad. For me, FB is my connection to family and groups where I used to be active and still know people; I think my mother and I got FB accounts in 2012, persuaded by one of my brothers. Before that we were on LiveJournal; I am still on Dreamwidth, where others of my acquaintances have gathered.

    I still find myself making contacts through people and communities I’m familiar with. I read a lot of other people’s blogs, but I find that I still write and do my photography/art for myself. I too like it when people stop to talk. Over the years, as the flow became more commercialized, I have not found true dialogue taking place. Too many places people have scattered themselves across. Too many get lost to other places and drop from my sight.

    For me, it’s maintaining contacts with people. What life is about, and there’s never enough communication.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the coffee Gary! I enjoyed both stories very much. I relate to them both 🙂 Which always makes it interesting, crazy how we humans work when it comes to that. I visited your state yesterday, and did some hiking it was a lot of fun! Enjoy the last little piece of your weekend 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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