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This is a Weekly Coffee Share Essay.
I’m part of a small group of bloggers who stay in touch and chat about blogging, writing, travel, photography, children, pets, work, life hacks or just about anything else that might be of interest.  Here’s mine for the week of .  The photo above is from the Harney & Sons Fine Teas website.
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Good day all,

No doubt like many of you, I was struck by Alli feeling the need to take a break from hosting our weekly get together.  I also hope she has a great break, gets her hand and head around everything she’s trying to do while getting some rest, but – but I also hope she comes back soon.  She created something special here.

I too have been re-evaluating, but just in my work life.  I’ve enjoyed my current job for almost a decade and a half now, but my company is changing the expectations of the role and I’d like to think that I’m not change-adverse, but I am not fond of the new expectations.  So, I’ve begun the process of looking for a different way to contribute and have had some positive feedback, but no solid matches yet.

So a few of you mentioned from my post last weekend that you might try that strange green tea flavored with lightly toasted rice.  It may be too early to ask, but did anyone order a sample?  I may have one small cup-worth left in my sample so am going to have to order a normal 4 oz tin.

This was a busy week, so my story creation was slow, some good ideas but no words captured.  I had a couple of neat ideas about restructuring my story blog site, got a little research done and was disappointed to find that out there in the monetized web site world, there is already a Teanco company, which I thought I was the first to use.  So I did take some time to see if I could identify a variation on the idea that would be unique, because I’d like to expand the use of a fictional tea and coffee bistro as the setting and framework for collecting some of my works of fiction.

Way back when I was in junior high school and reading everything from Arthur C. Clark I could get my hands on, I came across his title, “Tales From the White Hart“.  It was a fictional pub, with a eccentric old scientist who told stories that his listeners always struggled to believe.  So it was very much a bunch of short stories withing a story.   I very much enjoyed the format and have always wanted to experiment with it myself.

Since I wanted to reference a link to the story, if it was still available, I checked Amazon and there it was.  It is also available in Kindle format so I’m going to purchase it myself for a nostalgic re-read.

carved wood jarI was also waiting for the month of November to polish and reprise one of my most popular stories that stretched across nearly half a year of my life during my time right after high school when I was studying electronics engineering in San Francisco.  The story tells how my parents were in a terrible car accident and how, after their health situation was stabilized,  I was worried about having enough money to finish school so went looking for a part time job.  That job took me to a new friend and a challenge in buying her a Christmas gift.  (Added: the photo of the carved wooded jar is the gift and became a huge hit.)  I got creative and lucky and struck gold.  It remains a memory that I often rerun.  If you haven’t read my account titled, “Of Crashes and Christmas” I invite you to check it out.  I’ve come to think of it as one of my best pieces.

Well, it’s a busy morning here. I want to get this posted and swing  over to check out your coffee share venues, so thanks for stopping by for a quick sip and visit.

Cheers & Blessings

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Share 191117

  1. HAve a great week Gary. I am not sure of you mention the fancy jar. Is there a story with it?


    1. Hi Antoinette – yes, it is part of the story I mentioned – “Of Crashes and Christmas”. I hope you get a chance to give it a quick read. It has become one of my feel good pieces.


  2. Hi Gary, glad to see you’re doing well. Hope everything works out at work for you, and I have to say that I really like the idea of a fictional coffee shop/bar in which to set stories and/or tell them in.

    Best of luck!

    Liked by 1 person

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