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This is a Weekly Coffee Share Essay.
I’m part of a small group of bloggers who stay in touch and chat about blogging, writing, travel, photography, children, pets, work, life hacks or just about anything else that might be of interest. Here’s mine for the week ending Jan. 4, 2020.
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And just like that, the presents are (mostly) opened and the mess cleaned up, the parties and fireworks are over and we have a new decade.  It’s 2020 and next week all of us should be back at work and the calendar is already getting complicated.

happy new year giftBut for now, it’s still the weekend and I’m glad to start the new year with a virtual cup of tea (for me) and (most likely) coffee for you.

Have you enjoyed something of a break this week?  I did.  I was able to press the button to publish 2 stories and am really pleased with one and am still trying to figure out if I succeeded with the other.

My main writing project is the creation and collection of autobiographical stories that I intend to be fun and vivid reads.  On January 1,  my first story of the year was, what it was like becoming a father for the first time.  I was looking for a bit of guy-scaled laughter and nostalgia all within my 2000 word limit and I like the result.  If you’ve not seen it, please check out my “Welcoming Our First Born“.  I’m hearing that moms in particular enjoy seeing this scenario through the eyes of a well-intended husband.

lots of short storiesWhen originally conceived, I estimated that this non-fiction part of the collection was likely good for about 75 stories.  With “Welcoming Our . . .”  I now have 65 and feel like I’m approaching the bottom of the pile of potential new items.  In 2020, I hope to all but finish this collection and transition my efforts to other, most likely, fictional projects.

To this end, I’ve been trying to bend the brain back to making stuff up in an entertaining or thought provoking way and, because I think I have a much better chance of being read if I keep my stories short, I’m keeping the 2000 word limit and trying to stay much shorter.

This week a story occurred to me that; A) was darker and more troubling than anything I recall attempting before and, B) took me much longer than expected to flesh out.  As it turns out, making a story make sense is harder when you have to create the full time line rather than have much of it in memory – duh, who knew?  It finally unfolded in my mind’s eye yesterday and I pushed the button on, “A Spinning Girl“.

swivelMy prompt was a simple swivel and I think this story works, but I’m still trying to decide if I like it.  I think it leaves the reader trying to decide how the problem might be solved – which I think is good, but there are edges about it that I want to tear out and throw away because I’m not sure they lend themselves to polishing. After less than 30 hours, I’ve had very little feedback, so, other than one relative who really caught the message and enjoyed it, I’m not sure if the story really works.   Your opinion would be greatly welcomed.

Finally, last week I sent out a post proposing the creation of a story sharing project based on my fictional, “Tamara’s Teancoff Cafe” format, where authors, other than just me, could step into a story themselves, just enough to be a public story teller, so it would always be a fictional story about story tellers telling a story.

old-man-w-glasses.jpgI thought it sounded like fun.  I got the idea from Arthur C. Clark’s “Tales From the White Hart” and offered one of my own pieces to demonstrate it.  Ref. “Grandpa’s Glasses” or my detailed invitation titled: “Do You Have a Story to Share?“.   I thought it sounded fun, but I got nearly no interest, so unless a few more folks raise a hand, I’ll let this one slide back to the virtual file cabinet of ideas for later.

I have a bit more work to do on what direction I want my story telling to go this year but so far it’s still plenty of fun.  I know you all are busy with your projects and I look forward to seeing the fruit of your labor.

Have a wonderful 2020 all!

To select another story, please visit the full index by clicking here.

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Share 200104

  1. Gary, is your fictional sharing project on your WordPress site somewhere? Please provide the link. I am intrigued. I may try to read ‘Spinning’ later. Have a great week! I am back to teaching tomorrow after Winter Break. I am healthier due to my efforts over Winter Break, but I will miss my naps! -Pamela

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  2. I think your idea of shorter, manageable pieces are great. Your writing is constantly progressing. I enjoy to read a story here and there even if I don’t always leave a comment. I hope you are having a great week!

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