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Here’s mine for the week ending March 21, 2020.
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Greetings.  I’m so glad you stopped by.

Earlier this week, I shared a post about inviting new blog readers to the world of bloggers.  In it I tried to wave the banner of a few bloggers that I follow and enjoy.  I also tried to set some expectations for someone new to the thought on clicking on a link that will take them to (No–no.  Relax. Don’t hold your breath; you’re going to be fine) a real blog.

Because most of you either follow me or join me in our weekend blogger coffee time, you would not need my essay because it’s pretty basic, but when I was new to the virtual blogging studio, I didn’t know what to expect or where to start.

In my post, I tried to build a bridge for the person knowing only the word ‘blog’ and encourage them to go a page (maybe your page) and read something fun and fulfilling.  I shared that post via Facebook and got some takers, but I have no means of seeing if they followed through and clicked to any of the links I provided, but here’s hoping.

blog buttonSince we are still all hunkered down hiding from Covid-19, I’d like to take this one step further and encourage you (fellow blogger) to do the same.  Let’s help our friends and families get more out of this forced time to stay home to spend some of that time getting to know both the art and artists behind our blogs.  This means sharing an invitation with them.

You are welcome to use (forward?) mine.  I suggest you add some of your own “best-of” links because your friends are more likely to sample your work than mine. Regardless, invite them to give a few stories or blog sites a test read.  You would be doing everyone a huge favor.

Of course, you are welcome to recommend some of mine and I’d be so honored.

Here’s the link to the invitation I sent out to my Facebook friends.

Shelter In Place: Blog Binge Reading
An invitation and tutorial on how to begin reading blog posts

– – – = = ( o ) = = – – –

Yesterday I found and want to share, a great short story from a friend’s blog. It took me just under an hour to thoroughly consume and enjoy her work of historical fiction based on the research she’s been doing on her own family history.  This 5-partstory is very well written, culturally accurate and emotionally compelling. I think deserves a wide audience.

New or experienced blog readers: I invite you to click on and check out a new work by Ann Marie Bryant. If you like it, go ahead and share it with your blogger and non-blogger friends.

It is freely available on her blog; “Tales of a Family” and is titled: “When Stars Begin To Fall“. Ms. Bryant is a teacher. Her intellect and skill with words brings her characters to life right away.

Experienced bloggers will only need the first link but, because I hope this will be widely shared to non-bloggers, I want to give all the chapter links in one place to make it very easy for a newbie to find and enjoy.

I also want to make sure our newbies don’t struggle with a weird feature of her blog theme. It breaks her posts into 2 pages. Page 1 always has a teaser from the story, but page 2 gives you the full chapter.  I just went straight to page 2 each time to get straight to the full chapter.

When you click on any of her posts,  just below the header photo, you’ll get the following.  Mouse down the page 2 box.  This means that with the list below, you are all of 2 clicks from literary bliss.

Falling Stars ch-1

When Stars Begin to Fall by Ann Marie Bryant

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

I hope you enjoy this snapshot of Eastern Canada in the mid-1600’s as much as I did and maybe share it with more new blog readers.  Ann Marie’s work would be a great introduction to the world we’ve come to love.

Okay.  A polite host would, at this point, make sure your cup is hot and topped-off, there’s a pastry or fresh fruit bowl in front of you, let’s see, ah, a fork–here we go,  a napkin and I think you’re set.  I want to be that polite host so shall leave you to a great read.

Profiter de l’histoire.

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