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Here’s mine for the week ending April 18, 2020.
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Greetings.  I missed you all last week.  I was not rebelling against my SIP confinement or dropping into an artist’s funk lacking inspiration.  I was working.  If I’m going to be completely honest – I was also reminding myself that despite not being able to do what I wanted to be doing (creating one of my weekly coffee share essays) that I was thankful for my job and still having an opportunity to SIP with a paycheck.

But my job still killed my chance to write last weekend.  I did resent that and missed even having the chance to spend some time catching up with you.  I am so far behind on reading the posts of those I follow that they have cause to believe that I really do follow them.  Sorry about that.  Today, I doubt work will find me and I’m going to dig myself partially out of the deep hole I seemed to have stepped into.

I try to make your visits entertaining because I really do value them and want you to want to come back but are you anywhere close to where I’m at with covid-19?  Set aside the scary impact on those infected – and no – I’m not trying to be insensitive, I’m just exhausted with it.

bra maskWe all know that this virus has had a wider impact than just on the toilet paper isle. It has reached crazy place like the likelihood of our women’s accidental-N95-quality bras losing their natural role in life and instead obeing cut in two and turned into face masks.

This thing has all but eclipsed all other topics of media.

I have a bit of structure in my daily life that I treat as sacred.  Lacking an emergency, I have a daily ritual I find fulfilling, energizing and mentally nurturing.  I read for a couple of hours early each morning.  I start with a couple of chapters from the Bible, pausing to look up things that I don’t understand as well as I want, then I do the same thing with some challenging non-fiction like political or scientific or historical commentary, again looking up stuff that reveals gaps in my knowledge along the way.  I even take a few notes along the way.

My magazine today was fully half-dedicated to articles about this virus.  Okay, there is plenty to learn here and there are plenty of real people impacted but I must just have an overly short attention span because I need a break from the whole topic.

I need something to laugh at, and no, that guy with the red bra cup mask doesn’t count.  In a different setting, it would be finny, but it’s just another reflection of what covid-19 has driven us to.

So I’m adding a funny story to my collection today and offering it as a covid-19 free laugh for your pure amusement.  This really happened and those of us who were there still smile about it.  Because I want it in my permanent collection it will have it’s own link and I invite you to sit back, click  and spend just a couple of minutes laughing with me.

Here’s the link to my: A Simple Drink with Friends

I ‘ll be around soon to check out your coffee share (if you posted one).  Thanks for stopping by.


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4 thoughts on “Coffee Share 200418

  1. We did miss you last week. Work keeps me busy here as well. WE should be very grateful for that pay check that keeps coming, especially in these times. I am very grateful. I’m trying to stay sane and focused in the midst of the craziness. Thank you for the nice coffee break.

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