Coffee Share 200516: A Virus-free Post

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Hi’ya.  Glad you made it.  Come on in and let Susan take your coat and mask.  This is a highly sterile place where we are fully safe from a wide spectrum of pathogens.  I know getting out and about is a challenge these days, so Ive decided to conjure up a virtual restaurant for our quick visit.

And here, you can relax about the whole cross infection issue.  Susan has setup this super-sonic, anti-microbial, ultraviolet, trans-demensional, multi-phasic  and politically balanced AI driven air cleaner.  Seriously, she tells me that it’s harmless to mammals and fish, but deadly to every other living thing else including insects and potted plants.

Susan is my virtual hostess, pattered after a real Susan my (then new) wife and I met  in College. She’s a wonderful caring person who would not pass on any opportunity to server someone just because they would enjoy it.  My wife and I had not known her and her husband for more than 2 months before I told my wife after a visit that there was something amazing about Susan.  She has mastered a form of active listening that gently draws out all the things a person needs to say and have someone hear and value.  She was the first person I’d ever met who’s listening skills could qualify as therapy.

Anyway, she is our hostess today and has at her disposal is pretty much anything you would like to drink or nibble on along with anything that might add to your comfort.

Would you enjoy a warm blanket, like the one I have on my lap?  Susan has several stored in a special closet with circulation from a small heater that keeps them at a soothing cuddle-up-temperature.  If  they make you nod-ff, no worries, I know you need a break from stress and worry.  That’s what this place is for.

Woah! Well, excuse you little guy!

Sorry, I was just about to warn you about the puppies and kittens that Susan has in the next room for our petting pleasure, but someone must have left the door open long enough for this guy to sneak out.  We are likely to encounter several tiny critters anxious for a mutual affection session while we chat.  Ah–gotcha! Here.  I think this doglet is a baby beagle and I think he likes you.

So, we both know we’ve been shut-in for too long or working in weird and challenging circumstances.  Let’s talk about the things we used to love talking about.

I’m anxious to tell you about my backyard gardening.

cherry tree vol sproutFirst: I did transplant that ornamental cherry tree I told you about.  Recall that I was worried it was going to die because I know I cut a major root with my shovel when I dug it out. I even thought about discarding it rather than trying to move what had to be a very damaged root ball.

But it’s still alive and not showing any more signed of dying.  I did get a few leaves drying out at the ends of the highest branches, but that much is expected from moving a tree of this size anyway.  I gave it a good wide hole with lots of super enriched soil from the mulch pile, a lot of water and one watering with dissolved Epsom salts which I understand helps with root development.  The place I planted it gets less than 2 hours/day of direct sunlight but lots of indirect light the rest of the day.  I supported it with a 3-point tie-down because we get daily strong afternoon winds.

The leaves remain the more delicate type of a young, rather than a mature tree.

But look at that photo.  That tree sprout, a transplanted volunteer, is just over 8 feet tall and still looking happy after it’s first week in its new forever-home.  This may yet work.

Many of you will recall my agricultural adventure of last year’s accidental garden of spaghetti squash.  Apparently, even a novice like me can’t mess up this plant, so I’m giving it another, more deliberate go this year.  I selected one of the best spots in the back yard where there is lots of light, quite unlike the limited UV from last year’s spot near the mulch pile.  I dug a yard/meter wide crater about 18 inches deep (because I hit clay – lots of clay – so drainage may become a problem and filled it with good, worm-ridden, mulch and dropped in 7 sprouted spaghetti squash plants from last year’s crop.

Do they look happy or what?

spaghetti squash 2020-1

Finally, you know I love tea.  I’ve been casually looking for a pleasant herbal for those times when I just don’t need any caffeine and this week, I think I found a real hit.

HnS Orange Passion teaThis brew comes from Harney & Sons and normally sells for $8 for a 4oz. tin, but when I went to their website to harvest this photo, it was on sale for 20%.

This stuff is yummy!

It’s made with: rose hips, hibiscus, apple pieces, orange peel, safflower petals, passion fruit flavor, and orange flavor. The result is a bright colored drink that is tart and rich without being fruity sweet.  I had Susan make up a batch for you to try and, yea, okay, the virtual experience is not nearly as good as it is for real, but I’m really glad I found it .

Other than these items, work has been work but I’m thankful for it.  Writing time has been limited.

The backyard alligator lizards think they own the place and are looking very healthy.  Now, if I stand still, they will often run right up to me and try to stare me down.  Seriously, dude, you’re what maybe 6 inches in length, can’t bite or even stand still for long without breaking into a short round of push ups.  Am I supposed to be afraid of you and what is it with the push ups anyway?

Okay, that’s my wad of stuff for today.  I’m glad you stopped by to visit and will be around shortly to check your post out.

If you don’t have a post, you might enjoy the posts of others who share Alli’s weekend get-together.  The link is above, but here it is again.

Make sure you thank Susan on the way out and go ahead and take her up on her goodbye gift.  Where other places hand out toothpicks or mints, she’s handing out samples of a probiotic yogurt.  She won’t say so but I think she’s trying  to make sure her overly enthusiastic anti-pathogenic air cleaner hasn’t over performed on your digestive track.  Please humor her and give it a taste.

Have a great week,


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7 thoughts on “Coffee Share 200516: A Virus-free Post

  1. I also want one of these ones
    super-sonic, anti-microbial, ultraviolet, trans-demensional, multi-phasic and politically balanced AI driven air cleaner. in a warm and inviting cerulean blue. lol

    You just might be some sort of plant whisperer and those *scrolls up* wait I was sure spaghetti does not grow on plants hahahaha

    The herbsl fruit tea sounds like something I would love to try maybe I will ask Susan for a flask to go as a gift and then doubly thank her being such an awesome host


    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am an enthusiast when it comes to spaghetti squash, and I like to eat it with spaghetti sauce. Looking forward to the progress of the ornamental cherry tree. You have so much variety of plant life your yard. I enjoy the photos. More lizard photos, sometime? Are they becoming camera shy?

    I hope that this new week goes well! Best wishes for you and yours!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Susan, undoubtedly is a wonderful hostess , who not only gives a warm welcome to her guests, but also takes care of their gut health 🙂
    And your backyard is lovely. Where I live, having a backyard is a matter of great luxury.


    1. Hello Moumita and thanks for stopping by. Susan was an amazing person and I hope still is, but we lost track of them not too long after we both moved to opposing corners of the US at a time when there was no easy or inexpensive way to stay in touch. Where we live, backyards are not so much of a luxury, but one of this size is rare. My wife and I like to quip that when we moved here, we bought the yard and the house just came with it. I hope your visit proved to be a few moments of peace and relaxation with a tad bit of fun. If it were not, how else could I induce you to return? I hope you do.
      Blessings to you and your family.


  4. I might be needing an AI buddy soon. The kids return to school next week so I’ll need to be careful. I’m actually quite enjoying my times of solitude atm. Went for a glorious walk which overlooked a deep drop into the sea. Stunning views just a ten minutes drive away and yet I’m lucky to get there once a year. I’ve been trying to mix up my walks a bit lately in an attempt to convince myself it’s not exercise. Well, with me stopping all the time to take photos, the physio wouldn’t be pleased about my failure to raise my heartbeat. Anyway, I got some great photos which I’ll be posting soon and my heart rate seemed to increase on the way home so perhaps my physio will be smiling a little after all.
    Hope you and yours are safe and doing well.
    Best wishes,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How did I manage to miss this? Thanks for stopping by Rowena. Other than multiple annoying distractions, we’re good here and I hope all is well with you and yours.


      1. We’re living in a veritable oasis here. I don’t know if what I see on the news is representative of what’s going on out there, and I certainly expect it’s the most sensationalist at its best. However, we’re now easing lock down and now that dance has returned to the studio and church is in a building once again, it’s time for me to wake up sometime in the morning and reset. I’ve been going to bed at 3.00am and waking up around midday and sometimes in the afternoon ending up on “Rowie time” which wasn’t even suiting me. We are quite shocked by infection rates overseas and can’t understand how we missed it, but complaints.
        Take care and hope you and yours stay well.
        Best wishes,

        Liked by 1 person

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