Coffee Share 200606: A Flying Thug

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Don’t let the thumping bother you.  In fact, as we settle in, taken in the right light, that thumping is almost entertaining.  It coming from any of the windows in our home.  From where I’m sitting, I can see three windows into our back and side yards.  There is another behind me and I can see through the dining and living room to the back sliding glass door.  Any any moment of the day, this thug of a bird has decided that his rival, this challenger for the love of some lucky lady robin, needs to be soundly beaten silly.

If you think about it, what exactly can a robin do to harm us?  I bet being pecked by him would be scary and unpleasant but even if he did attack a person, even a child (which he has not), he weighs almost nothing, has no hands or claws or teeth.  He a beak, the leading edges of his wings and his feet which sort of look like claws but there is no real strength to them.

His only real weapon might actually be in accelerating as fast as physics allows and impacting his target beak first as a high velocity, feathered kinetic projectile.  This might both annoy and hurt a person but the projectile itself would be fully broken, oh, and dead.

fighting robin 1So, I think he is just an ill tempered flying punk thug who cares little about people but really, really, REALLY hates any nearby male robin and especially that one behind so many of our windows, aka, his reflection.

Additional evidence includes how he treats our cars.  We have two vans with top racks.  Parked side by side, he can perch on the the side rail of one and see his reflection in the window of the other, so he takes flight to attack the rival in the side window of the other van only to hit the window hard.  Beak and wings click and thump; and that frantic scratching sound might be what passes for his talons. But after less than 2 seconds of the assault,  he begins to loose altitude, so he flies up to the rail atop same van and, “Oh look, there is yet another rival in the window of the first van!  I must kill it!!”

At this point, the cycle repeats unless he needs to pause, yet again, to void his bowels. which reminds me that I need to wash both vans and my car today because of this feathered jerk.

I’ve stood back from a good vantage point to watch this bizarre cycle play out for long enough that, sorry bird, you just look stupid and, BTW, you are looking a bit mangled from all those failed attempts at spacial coexistence with a very hard, transparent barrier.  Have you learned nothing about this ‘rival’ and the shield behind which he lives? Dude, it’s a battle that you cannot and need not win.

Robin flying.This all interests and entertains me to some degree.  We’ve lived in this house for 20 years now and we’ve seen a few birds take on our windows, but nothing like the enduring passion this guy brings to the challenge.  If it’s daytime, he’s at it.  There is plenty of natural bird food about so it does not take him long for eat his fill.

My neighbor invited me to dispatch him with my BB gun.

Hmm, thinking. . .

– – = = ( o ) == – –

I think we should wrap up on a high note. I found some accidental nature art this week.  We have a hybrid tree (bred to be fast growing) which is lovely and about 35 feet tall.  It’s called a Gold Panner from the Austree folks in Colorado.  During the spring and summer, it’s leaves are a wonderful bright green but come fall, they turn golden and begin to drop.  Sometimes a few leaves are jettisoned in mid-spring and one became art as it sat there waiting for me to photograph it.

Here’s the parent tree, a photo for scale and then . . .

a close up, morning sun back-lit shot that I think brings this leaf back to a spectacular yet surreal life.


Have a great weekend all. Blessings.

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22 thoughts on “Coffee Share 200606: A Flying Thug

      1. I do like taking photos that play with the light and shadow of flowers, but particularly with leaves. Glad that you tried it. I do enjoy your photos, and it’s fun to try new things with the camera.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Maria, I agree. The politics is making me feel like I need constant showers. They are awful.
      But thanks for stopping my for my coffee share. Your visits are almost therapeutic sometimes. That leaf really was just lying under the tree and I thought it remarkable in symmetry and not-quite-random contrast.
      I’m so glad you liked it too.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. What a lovely tree and gorgeous leaves. I wonder if your robin was wronged in some way and now has taken on your space as his. So funny.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My parents had a robin that attacked their windows for about three or four years running. Never bothered people, but those windows… On the other hand, have you ever seen the movie The Birds? 😉 As long as it is just the robin, you are fine, but when the crows start lining up on the school yard fence, be careful… (How close are you to Bodega Bay CA?)


    1. LOL Trent.
      I was prepping to ask you if you had seen that same movie. I was born & raised in Petaluma which means that Bodega Bay was the closet beach to us, just over 30 minutes away. That movie was extra popular here because we could drive to the scene of the filming.
      As I type this, the Robin is knocking himself silly just behind me.
      Hmm, maybe a good day to visit that old beach.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The leaf is lit!!! no pun intended that’s the street language for saying something is awesome.
    It reminds me of what a gold veins in a lode…. oh that’s why it’s called the gold panner leaf, there was a summer I tried my hand at some gold panning, obviously I struck out, and its a very dodgy world of machete wielding artisanal miners, maybe not finding anything was a lucky thing too.

    What to do with the bird?…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lready I’ve caught myself wandering around the base of that tree looking for even better examples to photograph with solar back lighting.
      Re: actual gold; did you know where this stuff came from? Spoiler alert :: not from here. If interested, I put together a little story around where gold actually comes from and tried to let the reader learn it through the eyes of one very young boy. Somehow, it does not settle in my mind that this should result in veins of gold, but I’m only one mind with limited experience in both cosmology and geology. But I’m working on that.


    1. Thanks for the visit Colline. It would seem that that leaf is pretty popular. This pleases me because I thought it was amazing, and worthy of being called ‘art’ even if it was just a dying leaf. It was still beautiful.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love it.. We too, have a robin that we’ve co-existed with for the past few months, and she screams at us every time we approach the garden. We’ve named her Sara, after a character in a Netflix series we are watching. Sara is a new mother with much to complain about. Too funny. Love the leaf pattern!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kathleen
      Thanks for stopping by.
      I guess I should be glad then that our head-case robin is only pounding himself to brain damage rather than screaming at us.
      That really sounds unpleasant.


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