Coffee Share 200703: Now Playing in the Sunshine

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Hello.  I’m suppose to have today off of work, but I have this one customer. . .

Anyway, suffice to say that I’m taking a quick break from the action to share a quick few moments with you.  I don’t have time to put together a full essay as I normally enjoy doing, but I do have a few yard-shots to share that I (and hope you will) enjoy.

First up, in our front yard, in the same flora pod with our Austree and 25 year + old ivy is this old flower.  It is mostly long dusty reeds and a few small and weak flowers, but just a few days back after a good watering and then catching the sun just right, these flowers jumped to life and all but screamed at me to take their photos.  First, here’s what you see if you just walk by.  Full disclosure – I have no idea what this thing is named.  They don’t normally look this good.  Do you recognize it?


But, the camera isn’t showing them well with that shot.  But look closer, with the morning sun steaming in from behind my right shoulder, look what I found. . .


Magnificent. But wait–there’s more. Let’s zoom in a tad closer and, wow!  I’ve walked past this spectacle too many times without noticing the glory of these blossoms.  Do words even exist that are able to describe such beauty?


And all this just by playing with the image capture feature of the magnifier app on my Samsung smart-phone. Amazing!

On the other hand, nature sometimes looses its mind and acts like a stupid teenager.  Look what I found in the spaghetti squash crater yesterday; a couple of bees screwing around with a pollen rich blossom.


Then one flies off leaving her mate to struggle. Apparently, even bees can go into puppy mode and get too much of a good thing.  As I watched, this gal was so covered with pollen she couldn’t fly.  She looked for all the world like a yellow-dusted velveteen bee. I doubted my ability to help her so left her to her challenge, trusting that her innate cleverness would lead her to shake of enough pollen to wobble-fly back to her hive and complete this segment of her mission.


That’s it for today.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hope you USA’ers are having a safe and wonderful 4th of July.


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7 thoughts on “Coffee Share 200703: Now Playing in the Sunshine

  1. Pretty sure that the white, purple, and gold flowers are bearded irises. We used to have blue bearded irises along the west side of the house before we had the yard sloped to keep water from coming in the basement. Ground had settled. ::sigh:: Wonderful that you have bees in the squash plants. Love bees!

    Hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hahahaha the commentary on the frolicking bees really had me laughing out loud now I have to have a bees and flowers conversation, Thannk you very much Gary.
    Lovely photography after looking at really cool pics I cant help but wonder what sort of resolution is the human eye

    Liked by 1 person

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