Coffee Share 200711: A Busy Saturday

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Hello.  I’m a tad frustrated today.  It’s Saturday and I like to start my weekend slow.  My family are not born early risers like me.  Each day, everyday, I’m awake and brewing my tea by 5:30 or earlier and looking forward to my morning reading time.  On Saturdays, I like to focus next on my coffee share essay and try to come up with something both interesting and entertaining to earn the right to your time.

This week however has not been normal and I have both personal stuff that requires me to be on the road by 7:45am instead of writing and work stuff is waiting for me when I return in the early afternoon.

As much as I’d love to whine about this, I’m actually thankful for the responsibilities and the work overall, but, as I said, a tad frustrated that I don’t get to do my normal Saturday which I really do love.

I don’t think I’ve shared my most recent addition to my Dime of Time story collection with you.  Some of you may have seen it via my blog posting but if not, it fits the pattern of being a short read of less than 10 minutes and describes a life lesson that I learned over the span of about 15 years.  It’s one of those that humbles me to look back on, but was also one of those times when I had to both eat my own words while being thankful for the insight and wisdom I gained.

Sound interesting?  I hope you’ll spend a short 10 minutes checking it out.  Here’s the link:

The Eddies of Work & The Taste of Words

Okay, it may take me until Sunday night to get there, but I still look forward to checking out your coffee share postings for the weekend.

I hope you are able to sit back and enjoy a more restful and thoughtful weekend than I likely will have.


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5 thoughts on “Coffee Share 200711: A Busy Saturday

  1. Hi Gary
    We are creatures of habit, going out of routine is such buzz kill. The title sounds intriguing so I will check out the taste of words and see how you eat them hahahaha that sounded funnier when I thought it but irregardless that’s a a word the dictionary says so now


    1. Ha.
      Some dictionaries of colloquial English may have yielded to degraded social pressure, but true lovers of “Common English” diction will not give in and will continue to reject “irregardless” as anything but a lacution of the vulgar and a long standing trigger word for high speakers to publically correct the uninformed.
      So irregardless of what these dictionaries say, I (sniff) shall reject using it . . .
      So there.
      Man – that was fun to write.


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