Coffee Share 200822: Change

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So, writing today is not starting off well.  I knew it was coming but today WordPress forced all it’s users into using a new editor.  I don’t mind change as an option. But – I’m sick of new software being forced on me. 

I really both dislike and distrust software updates on my phone.  I dislike it because rarely do vendors add something that I want or need and I distrust it because I suspect that often the changes only benefit the vendor somehow, like better harvesting my personal data.

We were promised that we could easily switch back to the classic editor, so I immediately took that route, but their notion of switching back is only a mode within the new editor and the overall look and feel are still different, leaving me to spend time finding my way around anyway.

I promised myself I’d not turn into a curmudgeon over this and be that whiner who kills the party, so I just leave this at I’m not at all happy about this change.

Today is going to be busy and nerve wracking.  Our county is on fire again, just like last year.  If you’ve read my coffee shares for long, you might recall that our extended family have a cabin out in a redwooded part of the county near a small river.  This last week, that whole community was evacuated due to the proximity of the fire.  The surrounding terrain is steep and congested with years of uncleared branches partly because California has driven out almost all of our once thriving lumber industry.  The result is now thousands of acres of build up that is explosively at risk the the annual lightening and thunderstorms. 

We don’t live at the cabin but losing it would wipe out a gathering place that has been in my family for 5 generations, so we’re worried about it.

I’d rather spend a quiet and peaceful Saturday morning fidgeting with a new story but some family business items need attention today so I need to get moving. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Stay cool out there.  I’ll be around to your Coffee Share real soon.

If you have any rain clouds about that you want to get rid of, do send them our way.


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14 thoughts on “Coffee Share 200822: Change

  1. I just noticed the change myself, it is going to take some time getting used to. I tried it before when we could try it out, but opted to use the old one as long as I could. . not anymore I guess.
    The fires in CA are so scary. I’ve seen videos on Facebook, it is really scary. The major reason why I don’t see myself living there ever again. If it wasn’t for the Carr fire I would probably have tried harder to stay in CA. I hope that your family’s cabin stays unharmed. My thoughts are with you and everyone in the line of the fire.

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  2. Sending positive thoughts about your family cabin and the community. Have fires been bad your way overall this year? There is one out by my father-in-law right now and I had commented that compared to last year we have been doing okay on the fire front, but now I am starting to wonder…


    1. Hi Sherry

      Everyone who lives around our cabin has been evacuated so far the area has not burned. We are less than an hour’s drive away from it and our air quality yesterday and this morning is pretty bad.

      For so many reasons California is turning into a a very unpleasant place to live

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  3. Hi Gary we have a flimsy excuse of rain clouds which cant seem to make up their minds but once they decide will be sure to send them your way..
    Oh so its finally happening that WP is forcing everyone to use their “new’ editor, I have been using it for the past two years and I must say though I didn’t like it at first when I had to log into a site using the classic I found soooo lacking hahaha
    Come over to the fun editor
    Have a great week


  4. These fires are just awful to see on the news and most proably horrible to live through. Stay safe. And I went back to the classic wordpress editor. I just don’t have tome and patience to learn the “new and improved” Have a great week. Pace yourself.

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    1. Hi Antoinette – yes the fires are scary. This year there are already so many of them. So far, I’m sticking with the classic WP editor, but will begin to learn my way around the new one. The issue there is – I barely have any time to actually write and that I what I’d prefer to do. Learning new software take a lot of time to get to the point where you can just write without thinking how to do basic things. So, WP has not, in my hearing, made the case for why this new editor was needed.
      Thanks for stopping by. Your visit always improves any day.


  5. The new software is stressing a of of people. I switched over to it a few months ago and find it quite easy to use – I hope that you do too.
    I am crossing fingers that the fire doesn’t approach your cabin – it must be quite stressful for you and your family. Stay safe.

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    1. Thanks Colline. Beaton has been on me about this also. I’ll step up and do it, but I do hate forced change when there is no clear benefit for me to take the time to learn new software. But that you’re happy with it, tells me that it’s not likely to be a waste of time.


  6. I, too, am using the new editor and it’s taking a while to discover things around. I write my posts separately on the computer before copying it to the editor for fear of losing my draft with one wrong click, or worse, publish something that’s not ready to go out yet. On the other hand, I find it easier to insert and caption photos with it, that’s about it. Sending positive notes on your family cabin. It’s a sad thing when beloved properties get damaged or lost. I was in Australia in the middle of summer (Dec to Jan 2020) and saw first hand the aftermath of a friend’s family barn got damaged by the far, good thing their house was spared but they had to evacuate with fear in the middle of it all. Again, I do hope your family cabin gets spared. Thanks for the coffee.

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  7. Gary, my commiserations regarding the bush fire smoke, threat of fire on the cabin. I’m rushing out the door and clearly doing a great job of it sitting here typing when I’m supposed to be heading out the door, but I felt your post warranted an immediate response while I was still in the zone. Sorry, I can’t send you any rain clouds from here. It’s sunny and not a cloud in the sky and I’m about to head off for a walk along the beach with a friend. All I can say is “Hang in there, mate”. I’m thinking of you. Been in your shoes.
    Best wishes,


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