Coffee Share 200912: WordPress Woes

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Greetings all,

I’d really–really prefer that we be sharing our coffee face to face this morning.  Our air here is clearer, but not perfect, so that’s not the reason.  The real reason is that, other than a few shopping trips, I don’t think I’ve enjoyed being with people I care about for something like 6 months and I’m beginning to realize that I’m not  as much of a introvert as I suspected.  

Today, I’d like to grouse some about WordPress and this group would understand and maybe even sympathize.  I have two current gripes.

(1) I still don’t like the new block editor.  There.  That’s all I want to say about that, and …

(2) I had the chance to see one of my stories as WordPress presents them to my readers and ‘ick!’.

I suspect, but do not know for sure as I have so few data points that when I was new to blogging and had only a few “viewers” or “views” that WordPress inserted very few ads.  I’m still using the free plan so this was expected and I was okay with it but now that I’m  seeing views per month more in the hundreds per month, WordPress is taking advantage by increasing the number of ads they insert into the display of my stories.  It’s like the difference between watching a Netflix streamed movie versus watching network television.

I can’t bear watching network television and have not done so with any regularity since the mid 1970s.  Do the math. I’ve not seen many TV ads for close to 50 years because, whenever I do, the ads are unbearable.

As I read through my story recently as seen by any of my normal viewers, I was struck with how many ads there were and how badly they broke up the pacing and unfolding of my tale.

So, if we were having coffee together, I’d ask you, because many of you have read some of my stories, how bad was the experience given the interruptions of the WP ads?  They felt like speed bumps to me.  I’d just be getting to a spot where I thought the pacing was important, and ‘pop’ there’s a robo-ad causing the reader to pause and scroll past to continue the story. 

This really kills the enjoyment for me and now I’m thinking, “how can I expect anyone to enjoy my writing if it’s peppered with so many ads?”

So, I’m now on the edge.  I want to increase my readership, because this is why I write (mostly).  WordPress has two fairly reasonable options of,  approximately $50/yr. or $100/yr.  and both will kill the ads. Neither options include any kind of SEO assistance, which is what I’d really like to explore, but I’d have to  spend a lot more money for that feature.

wp upgrade

I don’t see my blog site ever making money, so is this a reasonable trade off or am I just being cheap?

What to you think?  Am I overly sensitive about these ads because many other social media apps are peppered with ads and you don’t notice them much?  Would this point ever enter your mind about reading more essays from a collection?

That’s it for me today.  I hope  you all are safe, comfortable and enjoying life.

Thanks for stopping by. Did you post your coffee share yet? I’ll be around to read it real soon.

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10 thoughts on “Coffee Share 200912: WordPress Woes

  1. As I have a WordPress blog I didn’t realise that WordPress added ads to free blogs. There certainly seems to be a lot more ads on blog posts these days but I just thought it was bloggers attempting to make money.

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  2. Hi Gary! The new editor takes a lot of getting used to, sometimes my patience is on a thin line. I mostly write on Word before I transfer to the editor so I don’t lose anything. I haven’t realized the extent the ads are doing havoc on our pages. It can be very distracting for readers to have interruptions, much like those news websites that fill half their page with ads before you get to the next half of the story. That said, I personally still won’t be upgrading anytime soon as I’m enjoying sharing every now and then. I think the personal upgrade option is fairly priced, if you’re set on upgrading. Have a great weekend.

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  3. Here is my personal take. 1. I don’t like the new block editing features, either. I’m keeping the classic version. 2. WP is making lots of money running those ads on your content. It’s not personal, it’s business. I am not making big bucks on my writing, but if I am writing out there in the blog-o-sphere, I really want an audience. I kind of need it for the sake of affirmation if nothing else. SO I pay for the premium plan. And while I don’t get those big deal supports, the nerdy workshops are pretty good to learn about the finer details of expansion. Putting them into practice is always on the writer no matter how much you pay. Yes, it’s mmoney, but, I do not indulge in much for myself. I get cheap haircut, defer manis and pedi, and my wardrobe is from Costco or Walmart. I can “splurge” on a premium plan.3. I don’t like commercials or ads as well.

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  4. When I look at a blog as another WP reader, it isn’t bad. A few small ads, maybe, but not bad. Recently I did the same as you and looked as a normal person. Yuck! Awful! I do think I need to go for a paid plan, but have to get a few things done first. I will most likely do a cheap one just to get rid of the ads. I do need to make sure about media (I did a one time $25 so I can use mp3s – it was supposed to be yearly, but I was never charged again).
    I don’t like the block editor, but the more I use it, the better it is. A few things I still scratch my head about, but most tasks aren’t bad, just different.
    Hope you have a good week.

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  5. The number of ads seems to vary a lot. Sometimes there is a lot sometimes not too bad. I have the premium plan as it let me upload tons of high resolution photos. It’s worth it to me. Thanks for the coffee!

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  6. I’ve used the block editor from day one when I switched from Blogger to WordPress and have had a positive experience with it. If your writing is important to you, go for a plan. The price for the WP paid plan seems reasonable. Have a good week!

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  7. Hi Gary your featured image is…. interesting hahahaha is WordPress the rhino????
    hmmmm let see adverts.. I sort of automatically just ignore them and continue scrolling without missing a bit
    …as for the WordPress plans I have used both of plans, I would say your needs sound simple enough (to remove adverts) go for the personal plan its not being el cheapo
    The differences between the Personal and The Premium Plan:
    •you get more or less the same functionality except for a bit more storage space (but if you are not doing video content then you dont need all that space)
    •It says access to premium themes but the premium arent even that nice especially considering that you still wont get the worthwhile advanced customisations such as adding plugins and other neat lil things which are only on the Business plan and the cost is ridiculous I think the monthly fee would be enough to pay for a year on the personal (or if you really really want going self-hosted is waaaay cheaper and you get all the perks…. I considered it and I run a couple of self hosted sites but I prefer my blog here)
    I removed my adverts then decided to put them back on… am trying to see if the personal plan can at least pay for itself hahahaha
    as for Gutenberg suck it in Gary its not going anywhere cant wait for you to eat humble pie again and start asking how we let you roll around in the classic editor wilderness

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    1. Great thoughts Beaton.
      The rhino is actually from an US ad that many thought was terrible. The woman is an animal & environment activist who thought that a parody of her efforts who somehow help. I don’t do TV so I never saw it but thought it was ill advised.
      I will likely follow your advice on the plan but may retain the right make sparky comments about the blockhead editor for just a while longer.

      Thanks for the great feedback.

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  8. I am not a fan of the new block editor either, but I am hopeful that I will adjust to it as time goes on. As for the ads and paying for a plan I am fighting the same battle – to pay or not to pay (yet) and if I pay which plan do I pick…. Sorry, I have absolutely no advise at this time…


    1. It looks like you, me and several others we could name are just going to put up with minimal expectations of the situation. We need to produce words, but are other features really needed? I really need some HTML control so I figured that out, but it looks very much like WP was bound and determined to add features I don’t need or care about, so we’ll be hacking our way along for a while.


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