Coffee Share 200926: Just a quick Sip

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I have only a few moments today to visit and catch up.  I do enjoy reading your coffee shares so will spend most of my time visiting your shares. 

We are in the final week of wedding prep and there are plenty of things to plan and arrange and create to make sure this event goes well and honors both my son and his fiancee and her family.  Everyone is being wonderful to both of them.  Our church growth-group decided to throw our about-to-be daughter-in-law a shower.  They know our son well, but they don’t know his fiancee and everyone is so jazzed about meeting and blessing  and welcoming her to our family.

Our son attends and works part-time for the same church we go to.  His fiancee attends and works for a different church only about 20 minutes away.  We have a fairly traditional worship style, they have a bigger, more modern style especially in their music.  Our son is a musician and their service style appeals to him so he has been volunteering as part of their worship band.  It’s loud and fun.  His fiancee is one of the lead singers and gushes with enthusiasm in her worship.  Together they positively rock the place.

It is unlikely that I’ll be able to stop by next week as we’ll be traveling.  Our family is here near us about an hour north of San Francisco.  Her family is three states away.  The wedding will take place in a state between both; so we’ll be on the road traveling to the venue, doing the wedding and helping with details like dinners and getting to know our new family connections.
This is going to be such a hoot.  I’ll miss y’all, but I really will need next weekend away.
Thanks for stopping by. Did you post your coffee share yet? I’ll be around to check it out soon.
Then, I’ll be back to see you in two weeks.  Stay safe. Stay sane.  Stay productive with your writing.

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16 thoughts on “Coffee Share 200926: Just a quick Sip

  1. So very exciting to prepare for your son’s big day. I can feel the excitement in the air. I am sure you will tell us all about it when you get back. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and stay safe in your travels next week.

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    1. Thanks Maria. You are correct. Our first child is getting married and I still in shock while being thrilled. It was just the other day when I held him close to make this new child feel welcomed and safe.

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  2. HAppy weddings are so fun especially when Everyone gets their hands in. Celebrations are well in order these days. Enjoy the happy chaos.

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  3. Wow, Gary. How exciting! I’m also interested to hear about your on and daughter and law to be’s musical involvement at Church. My mum also played the organ or piano for church and I remember sitting up alongside her and helping with the organ stops, which was really special. She still plays for her Bible study group. Meanwhile, my husband plays bass for Church and I’m hoping to play for church someday either on piano or violin. However, it doesn’t seem to be my thing. They don’t use sheet music and use this whole different way of playing and it seems beyond me. Meanwhile, I am going well on the baking front and that’s more my calling. BTW you might’ve heard of our Church. It’s Hope UNlimited and singer Darlene Zschech and husband Mark are our lead pastors. Darlene was originally with Hillsong and has an amazing voice and heart for worshipping God. Meanwhile, our son is into doing sound and is being trained up.
    I look forward to hearing about the wedding. It’s going to be such an emotional time for you, and no doubt his entire life will flash before your eyes. It will be amazing.
    Love & God bless,

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    1. Hi Rowena. This morning things changed. Local fires caused our newest family member to be evacuated late last night so she came to our home and today the smoke is terrible. One week before their wedding and today we’re dealing with gray air with an creepy red tint. It will work out. It will be a wonderful ceremony, somehow and hopefully these new fires will be beaten down. 2020 will never be forgotten here.

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      1. Oh Garry. I’m so sorry. The fires and smoke are so oppressive and I really hope all goes well and a miracle comes to pass for the wedding and that the little one gets through the smoke okay. Yes, 2020 had definitely been a tough year. The strange this is that financially we’ve been much better off and having my husband working from home is a game changer as well.
        By the way, while I’ve been tapping away here, Rosie our border collie x kelpie has deposited not only a stick on my lap but also the rag toy. I know she’s think I’m absolutely daft. Can’t she see my toys when I’m put them right under her nose? Us humans are very difficult to train!
        Take care and you’re in our prayers!!
        Best wishes,

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  4. count down to the wedding woohoo
    by the way, I meant to ask how did you end up getting the front seat view to the wedding… I was wondering if I missed a certain memo, like, are you like a priest? lol obviously not a priest but … couldnt find the right words to ask.
    The excitement is absolutely contagious!!! well obviously in the next weekend you will be busy but the weekend after that we will be waiting for the details ha!!
    Havent been to a wedding since last year…
    all the best

    PS neat little thing with navigating your coffeeshares although everytime I navigate that drop down menu it kinda spns my brain round and round since by default our system conditioned us to navigate dates by dd/mm/yy lol had a somewhat comical experience when I missed a fall deadline for something because number one our seasons are somewhat reversed and we dont really have fall and number two the date conventions had me mixing up the day and month nd the year


    1. Hey Beaton. I thought, at one time, that I was going into the ministry as a protestant pastor. That did not work out as I expected and slowly backed away from that while keeping my credentials for a few years just in case. From that, my family occasionally asks me to either marry or bury — and I kind of enjoy both. Both tasks give me the chance to honor someone.
      Yea – my date coding has confused a few but I use it in a lot of places as it takes up only 6 characters and sorts perfectly for the first characters of files in a folder. With a bit of practice, it becomes quite natural, un-like WP’s new editor. . .

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