Coffee Share 201018: Global Coffee Sharing

This is a Weekly Coffee Share Essay.
I’m part of a small group of bloggers who stay in touch and chat about blogging, writing, or just about anything else that might be of interest.
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Greetings all,

If we were sitting down to coffee I would mention (again) how I regret that it is only for some virtual coffee.  Please don’t misunderstand me.  I’ve come to greatly value these virtual meetings.  We have used them to do more than share our lives and hear about others.  Many of us have built relationships via these nonsynchronous expressions each week.  We’ve shared our writings, our stories and poems, our photos, our travels and our passions.

Have you noticed also what we’ve not shared?  We’ve not sown seeds of division.  No one ever told us to avoid topics of politics or religion and the big social issue commentaries have been left outside the meeting room, in our virtual cars so to speak except where they were part of something important to you and even then, they were presented as background, part of the intangible landscape of where we were.

Some might call us out for not diving into deeper waters of thought, I don’t. We get plenty of chances to hear other, highly charged opinions by virtually every other form of media we might use.  Twitter and Facebook, depending on you own views, are now accused of censoring opinions and news they happen to disagree with, but whatever. . .  I don’t go to them for such input anyway.  Social media, I find, works best if you use it to connect with people — real flesh and blood people and not agencies, advocates, politicians or lobbysts.  We are all, I suspect, intelligent readers and are fully able to discern when an article is from a person sharing a slice of life or is from an opinion agent with an agenda to warp us in some direction that fits their job description

As a group of bloggers, I’ve noted, as have you no doubt, that we know the difference between sharing something that might be of interest, teach others something or be an attribute of our art — an expression of one of our passions or is an attempt to change how we vote, think, act or protest.

I’ll grant that in that mix of unpleasant stuff, there are important questions that beg  for our careful thought, but not every relationship we have needs to overlap on such endless urgencies.

Isn’t just nice that we can sit down together (in a blogging sense) share some of what we’re about last week or next, some of the challenges or successes we have or some great photos we captured?  I love that we, almost accidentally, fell into a practice where we do this without ever having been given a set of ground rules.

My sense is, that as long as I try to post honest reflections, thoughts and even photos, that are grounded in beauty or friendship or other such values, that I’ll be welcome to stay, sit a while and enjoy your company and your readership.

If in our wake through life, we leave people somehow better off than we found them, we’ll likely always have company, friends and (because we are bloggers after all) readers.

An Idea I hope Becomes an Invitation
Okay, all that to say, I have an idea that was inspired by one of our own and the general way that our little pandemic has us all doing much of our life.
What would you say to the idea of just once, synchronizing a meeting where we would hear each other’s actual voices, just for building up the relationships we already have?
If we could identify a time where most of our core group would be both awake and available, would you be interested in joining a zoom meeting, where we could see and hear each other?  We could build a simple agenda where we share, say some answers to general questions aimed at the same thing we do each weekend, which is to strengthen friendships.
As I see it, we have regular members from; the US, Canada,  Zimbabwe, Singapore, Australia and Sweden.  Did I miss any of our represented sovereignties?
We could build a short list of questions that each of us could chose to share our answers to and just learn a bit more about friends we already know pretty well from visiting them over virtual coffee and a few hundred words each weekend.
With a bit of luck, we could find a day and time when all of us could be up late or early, find a razor, hair brush and collared shirt so we’d feel presentable enough to meet some good friends we’ve already known for so long.
As for me, I have just barely enough hair to brush and would do so if I could spend an hour visiting with you.
Best of all, we could do this without masking up. . .
Let’s wrap this up

So — that’s it.  Do you like the idea or would this not be attractive?  Either response is okay because it’s just an idea.  I’d be willing to spend some time making it happen if my friends were interested in attending. I’d love to add the sound of your voice to all that I think I know about you because you have proved to be simply friendly these past few years.

Please drop your thoughts, reactions, possible questions, warnings in the comment section below and let’s see if the idea can grow some legs.

It’s time to wrap this up.  I’m a tad late this weekend because I was determined to progress a story I’m working on.  But next, I’m off to visit each of your coffee shares so I’ll talk with you in a few.

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9 thoughts on “Coffee Share 201018: Global Coffee Sharing

  1. I saw this Facebook post recently. It was a cat that looked like it stick a paw in the light socket with its wild fur, spikey ears…and the caption was when you are working from home and a co-worker calls a zoom meeting. Hahah! That said, schedules can be tricky. Keep me posted on dates and times…

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