Coffee Share 201024: Global Coffee Sharing part 2

This is a Weekly Coffee Share Essay.
I’m part of a small group of bloggers who stay in touch and chat about blogging, writing, or just about anything else that might be of interest.
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Greetings all,

I’ve never done a 2 part coffee share before, but today it fits.  Last week a small handful of you (5 total) expressed an interest in the idea of doing a Zoom call to get a chance to hear the voice and see the face of some of those we’ve been meeting for coffee each weekend.

I was going to write that my essay from last week was not viewed as much as it normally is so I should share the idea again today to make sure it reaches those who missed last weekend, but I just pulled the view stats on it and several more did view it than I thought so now what to do?  I don’t normally post my coffee shares out to my full list of followers unless I think what I’ve written somehow has more universal appeal, so I didn’t share last week’s essay.  Did some of you read it and not “like” or leave a comment?

Given how much time many of us already spend on some form of web conferencing, I have no doubt there are those who just can’t bring themselves to sign up for another one.  I think there are also some who are happy with the fully virtual nature of the group and simply don’t want to draw closer.  This is certainly okay in my book.  Life only gives us so many cycles to do things and for some, this may just be lower priority than other more important things.  I too have parts of my life I just don’t want the world any closer to and I can be just as socially awkward and the most shy among us.

There are a couple of friends who are part of the group who I expected would love the idea and I doubt they saw the invitation from last week because they didn’t happen to post last week.  So I’ll extend the idea out one more time and move forward with those who want to give it a try. 

That said, here is what I shared last week if you missed it.

If we were sitting down to coffee I would mention (again) how I regret that it is only for some virtual coffee.  Please don’t misunderstand me.  I’ve come to greatly value these virtual meetings.  We have used them to do more than share our lives and hear about others.  Many of us have built relationships via these nonsynchronous expressions each week.  We’ve shared our writings, our stories and poems, our photos, our travels and our passions.  Some of us have even shared our problems, challenges and tragedies.

An Idea I hope Becomes an Invitation
Okay, all that to say, I have an idea that was inspired by one of our own and the general way that our little pandemic has us all doing much of our life.
What would you say to the idea of, just once, synchronizing a meeting where we would hear each other’s actual voices, just for building up the relationships we already have?
If we could identify a time where most of our core group would be both awake and available, would you be interested in joining a zoom meeting, where we could see and hear each other?  We could build a simple agenda where we share, some answers to general questions aimed at the same thing we do each weekend, which is to strengthen friendships.
As I see it, we have regular members from; the US, Canada,  Zimbabwe, Singapore, Australia and Sweden.  Did I miss any of our represented sovereignties?
With a bit of luck, we could find a day and time when all of us could be up late or early, find a razor, hair brush and collared shirt so we’d feel presentable enough to meet some good friends we’ve already known for so long.
Best of all, we could do this without masking up . . .

So — that’s it.  Do you like the idea or would this not be attractive?  Either response is okay because it’s just an idea.  I’d be willing to spend some time making it happen if my friends were interested in attending. I’d love to add the sound of your voice to all that I think I know about you because you have proved to be simply friendly these past few years.

Please drop your thoughts, reactions, possible questions, warnings in the comment section below and let’s see if the idea can grow some legs.

I’m off to visit each of your coffee shares so I’ll talk with you in a few.

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Share 201024: Global Coffee Sharing part 2

  1. I like the idea, Gary. It would be nice to put a real voice on your sharing, even for just one short time. Atlhough I admit, it is a big step from the full virtual nature of this sharing and understable others would want to keep it that way. On the other hand, it could be the start of good things, good memories, good conversations..:)

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