Coffee Share 201031: Wedding Shots

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Greetings all,

It’s happy parents all around our family these days.  You might recall we just had a wedding.  Our first born married the first born of another family and I’ve been holding out on sharing some of the photos. 

We’ve not seen the full collection yet but have seen a sneak peek of what’s coming and I thought it about the right size to share.  So here goes.

Up first is the Bride and Groom, Connor & Jerilyn.

CJ Wedding 1

CJ Wedding 2

Next; I had the best seat in the place and got to lead them through the service.  First an opening prayer, a short version of their story: early lives, meeting while serving in different churches, both worrying that they were not “enough” for the other, their engagement — all in about 10 minutes.

CJ Wedding 4

CJ Wedding 6

They both agreed that having Connor reprise the song he wrote for her was a grand idea so there were tears everywhere

CJ Wedding 5

Then the rings they had chosen for each other followed by . . .

CJ Wedding 6 jpg

. . . a post-pronouncement run down the isle  through a shower of bubbles.

CJ Wedding 9

A quick few after shots were taken and yes, the dogs were honorary ring bearer and flower girl.

CJ Wedding 10

The weather was perfect, so yes, lets get a shot from in the meadow, another kiss and let’s spread out the dress.

CJ Wedding 7 jpg

The coast was very close by, so right afterwards, the new couple escaped for a few beach photos including one sunset with the ocean behind them.

CJ Wedding 12

With all the reasons to be depressed out there, I hope you  enjoyed a smile for the joy of these two young adults as they start life together.
Their families are so proud of them and consider ourselves so blessed to have our kids land so wonderfully in what feels like s storybook quality marriage.
Okay, I’m off to visit each of your coffee shares so I’ll talk with you in a few. Thanks for stopping by.

GW bio card 4

20 thoughts on “Coffee Share 201031: Wedding Shots

  1. Our wonderful congrats to the happy couple! Such beautiful pics too. I have happy news too… I’m going to be an aunt again in March! So excited to see new life coming. We both have &boys this week!

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  2. Such gorgeous pictures! The beach sunset pic is timeless. So happy for all of you. Wishing everyone abundant joy as two lives and two families become one. Great having coffee with Gary🌹

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello and thank you Astrid for your wonderful well-wishes. About 35 years ago I was afraid of having children. It was some combination of not being sure I would make a good father and not being sure I wanted to be one. But in college, I worked with kids a lot and did well. After marriage my wife and I also worked with kids and that is where I fell in love with them and finally, fearfully agreed to take the plunge. Ever since Connor arrived, along with his siblings, I’ve been amazed at the new depth of love that was buried inside me causing me to cherish my children like I never could have predicted and never saw it coming.
      Seeing him married now and starting his new life with Jerilyn has taken me to a new depth of pride in this man that almost leaves me without words to describe it. Until my kids came along I did not understand the love of my parents for me.

      Thanks again for sharing a bit of this joy with me.

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      1. I’m so glad having children has taught you so much. I can also relate to the fear of not being a good parent, though in my case it’s more of a knowing I won’t be suited for motherhood. I am so proud of you for taking such pride in your son and his new wife!

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  3. Looks like a great event. Cool that he sang his song to her. I like the dogs in the wedding 🙂 And the beach shots are gorgeous 🙂 Hope you are having a good weekend have have a wonderful week ahead.

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  4. wow these are beautiful… congratulations again o the bride and groom.
    The dogs made me laugh cutest things I have seen all month, well considering the month is only two days.. still still…
    You looked distinguished yourself do you also bury people in that suit hahaha just had to ask

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Beaton, and LOL – yes I have buried a few. Members of my family have asked me to and I did the services for my parents. It is a sad way, but it is A way to honor someone you love.

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