Coffee Share 201114: Coffee Over Time

This is a Weekly Coffee Share Essay.
I’m part of a small group of bloggers who stay in touch and chat about blogging, writing, or just about anything else that might be of interest.
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Greetings all,

It took some juggling of the space/time continuum, but I think I have the best solution to us throwing a global, live and real-time, coffee share zoom meeting in the near future.

I’ve done my best to identify those interested, but if I missed you, please raise a virtual hand and let me know the name of a big city in your same timezone.  I may have missed your timezone , so please let me know if I misplaced you on the spreadsheet below.  Note; I did compress the US and Canada into just East and West to simplify the chart.

 The dark red indicate what I think are no-go-times. The lighter red as less than ideal for those who live in that timezone, but could work.  We also need to recall that, for any day/time in the US, it is likely to be the next day in Australia.  So we really do have to time this so most of the no-go times are somewhere in the wide pacific ocean. This means that we are likely limited to starting on either a Friday PM (US/Canada) = Saturday AM (Australia/Singapore) or Saturday/Sunday.

But guys, we can do this and honestly say that we are active bloggers in the international sense of the term.

Here are our start time options  in 4 hour increments.

Global Coffee

The first column of times is my recommendation as it puts the least stress on the fewest folks.
I highlighted any start time  later than 11pm or earlier than 6am as less than desirable. I also highlighted any start time later than 1am or earlier than 5am as no-go.  As you can see, by this metric, only one slot had zero no-go start times – which I really did not expect to find any of.   If I adjust the start time 1 hour either way, either Singapore or Zimbabwe/Sweden turn red and 1-2 of our friends are being asked to sacrifice sleep (most likely).
Next steps:
  1. If you see any errors, please call that out so I can make corrections.
  2. Let me know  your level of interest given the above.
  3. If you want to join us, I need an email address to send the zoom invitation to.
  4. I think the format should simply be: each of us  get a few minutes to speak and answer some basic questions like: Name, Where you call home, Why you blog/write. What you love about our Coffee Share.  So, please suggest some questions we can offer everyone. 
  5. I do think that everyone gets to decide for themselves if they want to answer any question, but everyone should answer some of the questions or tell us something that would help us know you a bit better.
  6. I like the idea of allowing some Q&A, but with such a large group, I worry about keeping everyone longer than 60 minutes.  Please comment with any suggestions.
  7. We might be able to save some time by having either Beaton or myself introduce the next speaker so basic info is shared quickly. Thoughts?
Okay, I’m going to cut my share for today short so you can consider your response.  Please use the comment section below so all feedback is captured in one place.
And with that, I’m off to visit each of your coffee share so I’ll talk with you in a few. Thanks for stopping by.


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26 thoughts on “Coffee Share 201114: Coffee Over Time

  1. Hi Gary
    Such a fun idea. I haven’t been in the group long but would like to join in if that’s ok. I’m in the US CST. Please keep me posted 😊


    1. Great idea, never zoomed before but can give it a try if this comes to fruition. If I’m off and home at the chosen times. Now I have weekends off, so that’s a plus. I can’t believe you could do something like this, I’m not much of a computer person and will ask my son for help if needed. Take care! Here’s my email.

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      1. Hello Morgan.

        I don’t know that we’ve met. Are you friends with Edinburgh Cook or have I managed to miss you in our weekend coffee share? Regardless, can you tell me what timezone you’re in and I’ll add you to the list.

        You will want to try zoom conferencing with someone before this call as we won’t have time to sort things out. There are two modes that are available; 1) Audio only which I’d rather avoid and 2) Video and audio so we can actually see who’s talking.

        We won’t be solving any major problems of the world but will just be a group of friends (some of us have been doing the weekend coffee share for several years now) and I just had the idea of using Zoom to help us get to know these folks we’ve been typing to all this time a bit better.

        I bet if you asked around some, someone nearby will know how to get you going. It can be as easy as someone sending you a zoom-link that you click on. It should open a window that allows you to share both your image from your laptop camera and your voice via the computer. The audio only mode normally involves just using a normal phone to dial a number then entering the conference ID number.

        Do you have a blog I can checkout?
        Mine is:
        I use my blog to collect and share short, fun stories. I also keep a full list of all the coffee shares I’ve created over the years, but the stories are much more fun.


  2. It sounds interesting and is a strong possibility, depending on day. Also, the more different people who might be able t make it, the more inclined I’d be to change my schedule to make it (5 is a very busy time of day, as it is part of that “just got out of work and have a million things to do” time 😉 ). But, yeah, put me down as interested.

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  3. Sounds great, confusing, but great. I’ll have to have hubby put Zoom on this new machine. I live Kentucky, USA, EST… I’m open most days between say 930am to about 4-430pm Est. I have to use public wifi, so that is all dependent on whether the place I go is actually open. They’ve upgraded our Covid level to RED here, and new restrictions take place in the morning (Monday), and don’t know what that will be. I think it would be cool to Zoom.

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    1. Hi Bear! I’d love to have you with us but understand how things like that wifi may prevent it. Please send me an email and when I get enough feedback from folks, I’ll make sure to include you. You have been a joy to get to know. Your adventure with the spaghetti squash and your feedback about my and your mannequin adventures still make my laugh. You life has indeed been colorful and I’m glad you’ve shared some of it with me.

      You can email me at:

      It would make my day to hear from you. It always does.

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  4. I cannot see the spreadsheet, but I’d love to join in on the Zoom coffee meeting. I’m in UTC+1, Amsterdam being the nearest big city. Let me know when you decide on a date and time and I’ll try to make it.

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    1. Hello again Astrid. Of course you can’t see the spreadsheet. . . I should have thought of this and somehow did this differently. Okay, the important fact from spreadsheet for you is that the proposed start time may be difficult for you. It’s 11pm so our meeting, which I want to limit to 1 hour would end at your midnight.

      The spreadsheet showed the equivalent time for those I thought would join us from around the globe, which would be cool, but there is no option that i not undesirable or out right difficult for someone. Your UTC+1 puts you in the same timezone as Sweden which was on the spreadsheet, but is really late. Email me at with your email address so I can put you on the list. If nothing else, your facility wifi might be very quiet about that time of night.
      Maybe there is a way that you can join us. I hope so.

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      1. Hm, I’m not sure I can join at that time because my talking to my computer might disrupt the other clients, but I’ll E-mail you anyway. Thanks so very much!

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  5. I think this is a really fun idea Gary! I have to admit I cannot remember the last time I was up at 11pm, I’m usually out before 8.30, but I’ll try to work something out 🙂 I think the idea of having it organised like you suggested with a few question, that we all can think about ahead of time, and have someone introduce the next person is a wise choice. Awesome initiative. My email is (the same as my blog) Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  6. Thank you, Gary, for putting the chart together and highlight the best time option. I’m still shy about meeting on Zoom so I’ll continue getting to know the group via blogging. Have a great week ahead!

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    1. Understood Natalie
      No worries. It been a pleasure getting to know you so am glad to continue as described. Many have, through work or school done lots of zoom sessions so are used to them. Blogging remains a great way to get to know each other.


    1. Hello Moumita, Wonderful news for me. That chart (as I think you have surmised) really was a pain to produce, but I needed something like it to do a meaningful analysis of what it would mean to put such an event on the calendar. The idea of meeting long time virtual friends from around the globe was too intriguing to pass up so I wanted to get it right. There was no way to avoid crummy timing for someone, but how to mitigate. . . perhaps a spreadsheet that will allow me to pull out the few hairs I have left . . . Sure that sounds like a good idea. Ugh! But it is done and I have faith in the final recommendation. I hope it all comes together and we get this rare chance to meet.
      Warmest regards,

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  7. Hi, Gary! I can make it for the 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM EST slots on Fridays. I have a plethora of scheduling conflicts on Saturdays and Sundays as well as needing not to spend large blocks of time on any one day. Need to move often for health and comfort’s sake.

    Social and Social/Work Zoom meetings with creatives on Saturdays, Worship and after-meeting social Zoom on Sundays, and also my poetry critique group on Sunday evenings, every other week.

    My email address is my first name at bennefeld dot net

    Looking forward to it!


  8. How long did it take to do that chart?? I am in awe hahahaha kudos for putting in the work.
    well, looking at the chart hmmm looks like I am going to have to sacrifice sleep haha! but yeah as long as its kept to like an hour I will survive (and my internet works better at night)

    well to finish up all the hairs you have left we can figure out how many people will be in and then see how much time each one is allocated… I guess we can borrow from concept of elevator pitches and each one has time to introduce themselves (but not in any compulsory format) just showing up and saying your name + blog should be enough for starters but maybe can draft up a couple of questions to help those who struggle with making on the fly lightning introductions…
    •thoughts on coffeeshares
    •what you normally blog about (outside coffeeshares)
    •blogging plans
    •Tiime and where you are


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