Coffee Share 201122: Thankful – Seriously?

This is a Weekly Coffee Share Essay.
I’m part of a small group of bloggers who stay in touch and chat about blogging, writing, or just about anything else that might be of interest.
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Greetings all,

Yes, I want to be thankful because I’ve learned that, as a general principal it’s just a better way to live.   So, yes, figure out what it is about this past year that you can be thankful for and focus on it rather than all the annoying things that are on your “What Makes Me Miserable” list.  We all have gobs of things there, but spending all your waking hours polishing that list will destroy all the legitimate joy you are entitled to.

So, I think that last paragraph meets the requirement of being a fact and we should just do it.  With that, I’m moving on to other stuff.

 – – = = ( o ) = = – –

This is my last call for you to let me know if you are interested in joining our global, live and real-time, coffee share zoom meeting in the near future.

The feedback on the timezone option chart was all very kind and agreed with me that the first column is the way to go, but we should make sure to be extra nice to both Maria (Sweden) and Beaton (Zimbabwe) for taking a late one one for the team.  Moumita (Singapore) is also willing, but she has a new baby and her 6am slot each day is hard to “plan”.  We’ll just plan to be extra – extra nice to her and hope that baby does the same.

Global Coffee


Next steps :: If you’ve not done so already . . .
  1. If you see any errors, please call that out so I can make corrections.
  2. Let me know  your level of interest given the above.
  3. If you want to join us, I need an email address to send the zoom invitation to.
  4. I think the format should simply be: each of us  get a few minutes to speak and answer some basic questions like: Name, Where you call home, Why you blog/write. What you love about our Coffee Share.  So, please suggest some questions we can offer everyone. 
  5. I do think that you should decide for yourself if you want to answer any specific question, but everyone should answer some  or tell us something that would help us know you a bit better.
  6. I like the idea of allowing some Q&A, but with such a large group, I worry about keeping everyone longer than 60 minutes.  Please comment with any suggestions.
  7. Beaton or myself will introduce all the speakers so basic info is shared quickly. This idea was well received so we’ll do it.
 – – = = ( o ) = = – –
I’m a happy guy today because my muse crawled out from the rock it was hiding under and I progressed my expanded version of Ayem Notthymn and created then posted one new story I’m inviting you all to check out.
I took something of a risk and touched on a topic I am reluctant to deal with.  In high school, like many high schoolers, I was trying to think through the whole sex thing and my way of solving hard to figure out questions was to either dive in and try to think my way out (absolutely not an option) or write about it (which I did).
Of course, how this effort unfolded turned into one of my adventures and I think you might enjoy a fully non-pornographic, look at how one 17 year old guy tried to write a non-pornographic piece of fiction about sex and how a very understanding and wonderful English teacher helped out.
I maintain that you just can’t make up stuff that is more fun than actual history.  So, please stop by, spend 10 minutes with me via my latest addition to my Dime of Time story collection. I think it will make you smile.
And with that, I’m off to visit each of your coffee share so I’ll talk with you in a few. Thanks for stopping by.


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2 thoughts on “Coffee Share 201122: Thankful – Seriously?

  1. Sorry for dropping by so late, things are crazy here too ay the least, and I am not talking about my move, that part is under control. There is a lot going on at work right now. Looking forward to the Christmas break and the holiday season. Thank you for the reminder of living a life with gratitude. It’s so important. I am interested in joining the zoom meeting, a little depending on the date, but I think its a great idea, something I’d like to support. It’s probably wise to do like you said, keep the time to 60 min or less. Maybe give everyone like three questions and five minutes of space? Why we like to blog, and something unique/interesting/personal about ourselves? Have a wonderful week Gary.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi, Gary! Thanks for stopping by my coffee share blog, this week. I am still interested in the Zoom meeting. email is my first name at my last name dot net, in case you’re emailing folks. Gonna read your story, now.

    Liked by 1 person

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