Coffee Share 201212: A Holiday Update

This is a Weekly Coffee Share Essay.
I’m part of a small group of bloggers who stay in touch and chat about blogging, writing, or just about anything else that might be of interest.
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Good day and welcome.  We have a gray day here in Sonoma County.  It rained hard last night, but we’re unlikely to get much today.  Tomorrow, I hear will be a different story, more like last night but all day.  It’s alright though because we really need the water.

In the mean time, we get to stay in our coats and sweaters and scarves for most of the day – which I enjoy.  But let’s settle in and catch up.

One quick item. Our Global Coffee Share Zoom meeting is still alive, but I’ve decided to let Christmas pass as everyone I know is trying hard to make Christmas work despite covid-19 restrictions. I just don’t see us doing an extra Zoom call during the holidays without loosing folks to higher priority friends and family stuff. So participants; look for my ping in on this in early January.

My expansion of my fictional story, “Ayem Notthymn: Second Door”, is coming along, but the word count has crept up to close to 10K. I know – I know – don’t worry- but I do – almost by instinct. 

I’m not ready for the edit pass where I throw away all but the most germane lines and paragraphs so even with more to write, so I’m hoping to stay below 10K, because by my estimate, a story this length will take most readers (@ 200 words / minute) about 50 minutes to complete.  I would think twice about settling down to read a blog story that will take close to an hour.  Plus, having a story size limit helps me write tight and not ramble or fall into the habit of putting useless words into my sentences.  It’s passive. It’s wasteful and it’s boring. I should not publish such stuff to anyone. I want what I write to be interesting, entertaining and as high of quality that I can make it so that you never feel like reading one of my pieces was a waste of precious time.

Next, I wanted to put an invitation out there. I’m close enough to finishing that I’d like to know if you would be interested in being one of my alpha or beta readers?  I’m going to do both waves this round and would like to have some folks who do not know me well to be willing to give it a read and review.

Work has been strange and I’m trying to decide if it frustrating or what. It would not be proper to go into details, but there is some kind of static going on in the background that feels like needless tension of some kind.

I come back to this point often but our family remains healthy and frustrated by all things related to covid-19, but we’re healthy.  After that, I have a hard time getting upset about anything and instead am just thankful.  I know everyone can’t say the same, but I pray that you and yours are safe and healthy and happy.

One blogging thing I’m pleased about is that; even without publishing much in the way of new stories, my collection is seeing a small by steady stream of visitors.  It would seem that these old stories have some life left in them and I’m thrilled to be sharing them.

If you are among my followers, thank you for doing so and I hope you will look forward to hearing from me more often in 2021 with more compelling fiction.

If you are part of the weekend coffee share group, I’ll be by your venue shortly. Talk to you soon.

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24 thoughts on “Coffee Share 201212: A Holiday Update

    1. I’m glad you and family have been safe and same with my family. It’s nice that you contribute to the coffee share. Thanks for sharing what’s been happening in your neck of the woods! The rain is much needed, it didn’t rain here way down south but it was gloomy and cold all day today. The world in the coffee photo is really cool! Take care my friend!

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    1. Hi Regina, I always need, or at least appreciate, readers who are willing to call out my typos or other problems. My main project collection is almost done at 69 stories but when I wander back through them, I still find typos. Any way, I will certainly take you up on the offer. My newest piece is fiction, but is going to likely come in at between 10 & 11 K words, so that makes it close to an hour for most readers and a tad longer for alpha/beta who will be commenting back somehow. The first version of the story got good reviews but many readers were on me about making it too short. Wow, This is the first time I’ve heard this feedback and several called me out on it so here I am making it deeper and longer.

      I hope to have it out the door by the end of 2020 and then public by the end of Jan. 2021.
      I’ll be back to you soon. Many thanks for the offer. I hope you enjoy the ride I have in mind.


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  1. Gary, I as well hate needless tension, and I have had plenty at my job. I think I have made a decision that will reduce that. I need to focus on the ‘teaching’ part of my job. Those kids deserve it! Please keep me in the loop on the Zoom coffee share! Currently, my son has a cold and keeps saying it’s okay, no fever. I don’t know, he may cough because he sometimes smokes. My boyfriend tested COVID positive yesterday,, but I have not seen him in 2 weeks due to him having to visit his dad last weekend. Ironic. I pray and meditate. These are stressful times. Thank you for visiting me coffee chat and staying in touch! -Pamela


  2. I think putting the Global Coffee Share Zoom meeting after Christmas makes sense – this is the busiest time of year for most people, Covid or no. Winter is often the slowest (though maybe not – I can schedule 30 hours of work a day from now until 2040 and not catch up 😉 ). I always worry about posting long stories on the blog and am surprised by how many people actually read them. I have also done many serial stories, including 80K word novels that I wrote, on the fly, straight to the blog unedited and had more people read each of them than have read all of the published books combined….

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    1. Wow.
      Trent, I don’t know if this is amazing or frustrating or perhaps both. With FBk, Twitter and many others conditioning readers down to 25 words or less memes, I’m thankful when a 2K story is read by someone. I no longer post my full stories to any of the meme media partly because I don’t want my work slushing around the drain of a heavily ad ridden news feed which is quickly lost to me and others but stored god-knows-where for god-knows-what purpose. Blogs give us much better control and it’s easier to build out my work as a collection worth saving and sharing. But an 80K novel straight to a blog post. . . Wow.
      You do have (and deserve) a great following for a reason.

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      1. Thanks, Gary. I look at my blog in a very different light than other social media (I have tried to like Twitter, even before it became so divisive, but have always hated it). I do use the blog as social media,but mostly it is a writing lab. I participate in a few challenges every week, which is great fun, and makes me stretch my imagination, to have to write two (or more!) stories every week, even if one is just 100 words. As to writing – I take the advice that no matter if you are a panster, creating the story as you write, or a planner, making outlines, character sketches, etc. before writing word one, once you start writing, the entire story needs to be written straight through, without pause. This is the rough draft that nobody should ever, ever see the rough draft (unless you are me and 99.99% of posts are rough drafts with maybe a little editing to get rid of the most obvious mistakes ;)). After a pause to totally clear your head, then you make your next draft (I call that the “first draft”). You can change everything in that draft, rewriting from scratch, or just make tweaks an changes. I did a complete rewrite for my current WIP. I know a handful fo people did read the books all of the way through, but it doesn’t bother me that 90% of my followers just skipped them (some “liking” even though I know they didn’t read). Anyway, have fun with it!

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      2. Great stuff Trent! I’m pretty comfortable with the creation of a story by writing it fully in one pass, but I lack the skills you have with doing that with longer pieces. Rewrites, rather than corrections and tweaks are rough, but I richly enjoy the effort and the results. Havilah (my protagonist) and I are dealing with Ayem at this very moment and frankly, I almost could not be happier.

        It’s always a pleasure chatting and kicking topics around with you.

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  3. I think waiting till January makes sense for the coffee meet. As for reading, I would love to but I am currently reading one of my friends’ manuscripts and I wouldn’t want bite off more then I can chew and do less then a great job for either of you. It is a fun honour to be one of the first readers of someone’s hard work… Have a great week and thanks for the virtual cup of coffee.

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    1. Hello Shari. Thanks for the response, I am looking forward to seeing if we can get this call going next month. It should prove to be fun and hearing each other’s voice and seeing each other’s face could be the one zoom event we can all look forward to and recall fondly as a pure friendship building event.


  4. Glad to hear your writing is going so well. That’s always a happy note in the day! 🙂 It’s been a rough weekend, Hubby was in hospital… and let em say that 1. We are truly BLESSED beyond measure. 2. IF at all possible, stay away from hospitals…it’s very scary there right now. Seriously scary as I’ve never seen it, not even during a natural disaster. If you want to know more, check out my page this week. I’m just basking in having my Hubby back home and by my side. Watching him like a hawk watches a mouse, and like a grizzly protects her young. I’m not one to be toyed with this week. My Bear nature is foremost. Haven’t had time to write let alone think clearly. Have a Blessed week, and tell the people you love that you love them…we are here on borrowed time after all.

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    1. Hi Bear, wow – what a ride you two have been on. I checked out your update because I’m so far behind in reading blogs, I just cut straight to yours to see what was happening and wow! I’m so glad the news is now good, but what a stress test that all had to be. And, yes, we are so blessed.
      I will take your advice and avoid hospitals. I’ve heard some similar stories to yours and we just need to get past this SOON!.
      About that new fish tank. We’ve been there, obsessed about it, ended up with a 300 gal tank and some mongo finned critters. We gave them all up when our kiddos started to arrive. They took enough time that I really wanted to spend with our new baby boy, the same one who just got married at age 28.
      But, if I ever go back to them, one of the first fish I would get is at least one plecostomus, also known as the suckermouth catfish. They are strange non-slimy and ancient fish who are also the most amazing tank glass cleaners and low maintenance themselves. In our 300 gal tank, we had a couple that grew to 7-8 inches and would tolerate being petted. Weird, I know.
      Finally, I’m glad you guys made your way to calzones . I’m convinced that they are about a good a general purpose medication as pizza, but the hard science of why is above my pay grade.
      Blessings to you and the husband for a better rest of the month.

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      1. I had a plechie years ago, along with a royal blue betta I won at the fair. It grew too large for the tank gave it to neighbor with a 10 gal tank… Grew too large for it… Sent to zoo where it lived out its life in a thousands gal tank. Now, I’m into the little cats. I did like my plechie who was rather friendly and would actually swim into and sit in my hand. My beta would play finger tag… It would swim to my finger rub its head over the tip (not aggressive like but gently). I would move finger and he’d play that was for several minutes. Had him a little over two years until the ice storm… No power for 23days and below zero temps…we did all we could, but the tank froze one night and shattered. Was rather fond of him and have wanted another for a very long time.

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  5. yeah with this time of the year would have seen us lose potential people in the global coffeeshare, especially in an inaugural meetup which pretty much has no background to work from, I suppose the subsequent ones will be way easier.
    Cheers with the holiday festivities

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    1. And many – many blessings to you and yours Beaton.
      What a year we’ve had, both challenging and amazing. I am ready for a fresh new one though with hopes for a better than 20 for 21.

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  6. Glad to hear you’re all healthy.. So far so good here. Glad to hear I didn’t miss the Zoom call! I wasn’t sure if a date/time had been decided on. Looking forward to it!


  7. Just stopping by to say hello! Thanks for the coffee. Hoping that the work tension dissipates quickly.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season💜

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