Coffee Share 201219: A Way Forward

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Good day and welcome.  We have another weekend before us and this alone merits a degree of celebration – does it not? Here in the US, we’ve had a week of some pretty big weather storms, while here in California, our weather remains better than many, but our storms are more political and frankly, it depresses me to think much about. Speaking or writing about it only presents as a great way to provoke arguments that I don’t care to engage as we’re no longer allowed to explore the middle ground of ideas, history and opinions. Instead, we get the highest taxes for some of the worst schools and governance. I will grant that Covid is legitimately proving to be a hard nut to crack and beat down, but so many around me are just tired of it being used to heard us in ways that make no sense other than political. Its a sad place to be.

So, let’s not go there; not today. I deny that avoiding troubling issues equates to ignoring them. Sometimes it is just healthy to set them aside for a time of clearing our heads and making sure we are still living the life we choose — wherever possible, rather than the one that someone, some group would choose for us. Our Saturday coffee time should be a time of fellowship, reflection and refreshment. This is what I’m choosing for a mindset for the rest of the day.

Shall we catch up? For those of you who are part of the posting team of our weekend get together, I’ll be around shortly to check out your essay. From my side the news is easily more positive than otherwise.

Tonight, we meet and retrieve our3rd child from his outpost in San Diego and this means that we will soon have our complete and expanded family all with us in the same room soon. Our first born and his new bride are often with us once a week for dinner and bonding with our new daughter in-law. Our second born and only daughter, still lives with us as she both works in healthcare and continues her path of becoming a doctor. She did well on her medical exam for admittance to medical school to become a doctor and living at home is allowing her to manage her finances and more quickly knock down her student loan.

So, this means that we actually see 3 of our 4 young-in’s at least weekly but this coming week, we’ll have them all handy. Such a blessings for parents who love these kiddos.

I mentioned the whole problem of living in California and this next year, we, like so many other families an company’s are either preparing for or are actually leaving California in our rear view mirrors. We have some work to do on the house to get it ready to sell. We are finishing a refinance cycle that will help and we are starting to consider where we want to land.

It’s a big question, because we want to land near our kids, but for now, it’s not clear where they’re going to land. My wife and I may end up being nomads for a few years, outside of California until the offspring’s combined dust settles.

To come back to something more relevant to our coffee share group of bloggers, I finally did it. I entered my credit card to purchase a year worth of WordPress, ad-free blogging. I think I deserve a bit of congrats because I’m still not ready to let the block editor into my weekends or other blogging efforts. I’m giving myself until January to select a new and improved theme to clean up and freshen up the look of my blog. No one has mentioned to me that my current presentation looks bad, so it might just be me, but to me it does look dated, but better now without the ads.

On the other hand, it seems that one of the negative benefits of being a paying customer is that I’ve lost the one menu of the classic editor that made it so easy to use. I’d add a photo here to illustrate, but I don’t seem to have the option to add media any longer unless I start with a fully new (non-copied) page.

If I can no longer mess with media on existing pages/posts, I’m going to be in a pill of a mood towards our friends (?) at WordPress.

This new paid-for relationship with WordPress is not starting well. If, I now HAVE to use the block editor, I will not be a happy blogger. Options = good. Forced Behavior is not.

My expansion of my fictional story, “Ayem Notthymn: Second Door”, is coming along, but slower than I wanted. Work and life, oddly enough are still happening. But I like what I have and am now crafting the ending scenes.

I reprised a Christmas related story that, this year makes three that I’ve added to the effort to share something encouraging for the season. I was pleased to see it still has a healthy following, so it may be something of a tradition now. Have you read my, “Of Crashes and Christmas“? It’s a story that takes the path of a real family crisis (a terrible car accident that almost killed my parents) and unexpectedly led me to an unexpected life lesson around the power of simple gifts. The lesson surprised me in a very good way at the time just as the popularity of this story surprises me now. It’s been one I’ve been very proud to share.

By the way, I’m still looking for alpha or beta readers for Ayem: Second Door  Let me know if you’re interested.

Ah! I may have figured out a bizarre work-around that I hope I don’t need to use for long. I can add media by “copying it” from a new doc to this copy of an old one. Seems silly, but until I find how to restore that floating menu I may be stuck with this.

gw card photo 3

But that’s it from my side. I’m looking forward to a better year than 2020, pretty much like everyone, But there is still plenty to do; settle our kiddos better, fix up this old house, figure out that blasted block editor, select and populate a new blog theme, read more and better books and produce more and better stories to share.

Hmm. I think I need a new bio-block at the bottom of my essays. I don’t look like that heavily bearded guy any longer. Cool! Another item for the to-do list. Update for 210519. I’ve decided I like the photo enough to build my new Bio Card from it. You’ll see it below.

I do hope you’ll continue to be part of my 2021. If you’re part of the weekend coffee share group, I’ll be by your venue shortly. Blessings.

GW bio card 4

11 thoughts on “Coffee Share 201219: A Way Forward

  1. I was very young when taught that you are never supposed to talk religion or politics in polite company. Now, what the term “polite company” means, I’ll leave that up to you 😉 I should pay for an ad-free blog as well. Perhaps in the next year I will. As to the block editor, there are a few things that are annoying about it, but for the most part, it’s not too bad. Hope you have a good weekend and week ahead. Merry Christmas!


  2. Oh you’re leaving the state I’ve ALWAYS wanted to move to. If you want to live by in The Midwest maybe we could trade houses🤪
    Wishful thinking. My husband wouldn’t be happy with that deal.
    Good luck with whatever the block editor is. I had to get a friend to help set my blog up. I really only possess survival level computer skills! I keep telling my husband we need to rent a teenager once a week to help me with technology issues. Ha!
    Enjoy your family time🌹🌲🌹🌲

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  3. I decided to end my paying fees to WordPress as of this month so going into next year I will just be on the “free” plan. So I wonder if ads will be added right away. Hopefully it won’t be horrible as I feel like they were charging me too much for what I was getting out of my blogging. I don’t see the ads – only when I go back and view my blog…. I am thinking it is what it is at this point!

    Anyways, I will see what happens in a few months and double back through my blog site to make sure it looks okay. I may have to pick a different format to use, because I can’t remember if I am using something that I was paying for, so I may be customizing my blog come January with the free editors and stuff.
    I just use WordPress and I don’t have to down load then upload typing, just all my photos which I think it does a good job coming from my phone downloads. The block editor I enjoy. I just type big blocks of paragraphs I’ll call them and I try not to have them be too long. I am not sure what the problem is with the block editor but then I am not writing a story but even then it doesn’t seem like even that would be too difficult. But what do I know? I am not sure what the issues are with it. I just adapt easily to changes as there are always changes at work. Now I can’t remember the difference between classic and the new one! Lol
    I am so happy you have your family together for the holidays!! Enjoy and have a fabulous Christmas! ❤

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  4. These are interesting times indeed. Maybe being a nomad for a while isn’t all that bad? I sure enjoyed it for the two years I was living the nomad life. The best thing I believe was how I was able to free up my mind and get rid of some old beliefs that was no longer serving any purpose in my life. I pray that your family will have a good experience. You are blessed to be able too see your children so much. Have a very Merry Christmas my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Maria. Good to hear from you. We are moving slowly toward this change. There are a lot of things that need to align to make it happen still, but a simpler nomadic life appeals. We’ll keep growing towards it and see what unfolds. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you and your kids are having a great end of 2020 together.


  5. I’m so happy you’ll soon have your entire family with you.

    As for the political storms, yes, they are horrible. I don’t live in the States, but opinionated folks both left and right dominate a lot of the public debate here too. Thankfully, the middle ground is still governing here.

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  6. I’ve been using the block editor for about 18 months now and no issue so far. I hope you take lots of family photos when you have all your children together. Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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  7. New look who dis? hahaha you definitely should update your bio image hahahaha

    stop fighting and come over to the block side… see I cant barely relate with the challenge you described because when you use the blocks there is a media block also note that if and when you decide to change the theme for your site note that the newer themes are more customised for using block editor and you may need to keep an eye out on compatibility issues.

    sounds like it will be full house awesome and compliments of the season

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  8. Hurray for no ads, but yes, the time one needs to flesh out and learn the new block editing tricks is a steep learn curve. I found YouTube videos helpful. HAng in there. Like so much of this techy stuff, it eventually becomes “Oh yeah, that is a good way to do it” Happy Christmas to you and yours. ENjoy all the family chaos. Let’s make 2021 AWESOME.

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  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Gary.
    We have had a weird year here. There have been some hard times and it was scary when the covid rates first started heading up and were paralleling developments in Italy. However, we pulled our heads in and dodged a bullet so far. Twice we’ve almost got back to normal and then there have been some outbreaks and we’ve had to pull back again but we’re managing well and as long as we’re not in lockdown, it’s okay. Indeed, I need to get out a bit more. We were working flat out on the house before Christmas and now we’ve flopped at home and I’m still doing some work on the house. After making such improvement, I want to keep it going. Besides, we have more rooms to empty yet and more floorboards to get down and now that we know what we’re in for, the pain is going to be worse. Ignorance is bliss.
    Anyway, I’d better get to bed.
    Best wishes,

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