Coffee Share 210102: Finally, A New Year

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I’m part of a small group of bloggers who stay in touch and chat about blogging, writing, or just about anything else that might be of interest.
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Good day.  I’m always pleased to have a few moments to sit down with you, pour out a fresh, hot coffee or tea and trade some thoughts, victories, challenges or simple updates.

Today, we are posting our first coffee share on the new year and, while many of us have done this multiple times now, this one feels different, more significant.

Did you note that Alli is gracefully retiring from hosting this virtual get-together.  I’m going to miss her and resist the urge to fall into ceaseless thank-you mode.  I want to be respectful and value what she’s done for us while honoring her dedication to building this community.

= = = = = = = = = = Update for 2021-01-03 = = = = = = = = =

Natalie @ Happy New Year 2021 – Natalie the Explorer ( has graciously offered to host going forward.  I recommend clicking on her link above, reading her plan, then finding and clicking on her [ Follow ] button.  Next week – I hope to find you connected to the new and ongoing coffee share with Natalie hosting. 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Next: We are officially past both Christmas and New Years days (and I do hope you had a wonderful time and remain healthy and loving life) but it’s time to return some attention to the idea of conducting our live coffee share via zoom web conference.  I’m still looking forward to working with Beaton to stand up a 60 some-odd minute web meeting where the only objective is to get to know each other a bit better.  Watch for the details and think about which coming weekends you would not be able to join us.

I’ve been cranking for the past few weeks trying to complete a commitment to sharing a rare expanded version of my fictional story, Ayem Notthymn and am pleased to announce that,

‘Ayem Notthymn: The Second Door’ is ready for it’s first readers.


You may recall me agonizing about producing something much longer than my norm.  I still worry that readers who have become accustom to spending about 10 minutes with one of my stories, even after spending 20 minutes with the original version might not be as anxious to spend 60 minutes with the expanded version.  Several of you convinced me to relax and let the story dictate the length.  Fine.  I’ve done that, but still felt that I should do the final step I’m accustomed to by making a final pass and shaving out any verbiage that was not progressing the story somehow.  So this pass took a 12.5 K word story down to 11.1 K and I’m pleased with the result.

BTW; I found that my readers of the short version were more than right.  These two had a lot more going on than I suspected and it took me some time to smooth things out and make it shareable. 

But my “pleasure” will be based much more on what my readers think.  I hope you’ll give Havilah and Ayem some of your time soon and let me know how this version does or does not fill your head with images, opinions, wonder and worry, interest and introspection.

I’ve been on vacation between Christmas and New Years days and come Monday am back to work. It was great having the time to spend messing with my new blog look and feel, and no – it’s not done, but is progressing. Okay.  I did buy a real plan from WordPress but now think that I should have negotiated harder. Maybe I could have gotten them to teach the block editor to understand what most of us mean by pressing the [tab] key on our keyboards. . . but then again maybe not. That’s it from my side for today.  Please give Ayem Notthymn: The Second Door a test read and I’ll be by your venue in just a bit.

Final toast? [ lifts his cup ] Here’s to a great and better new year of writing and sharing.


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21 thoughts on “Coffee Share 210102: Finally, A New Year

  1. I like the new look of you blog. I bought the plan too but haven’t made any significant changes.

    I never have figured out how to set up the linky thing so that probably keeps me from throwing in as a host…The Weekend Coffee Share is such a wonderful group, it would be crushing if it folded.

    Anyway, thanks for the virtual cup of coffee Gary. Happy New Year!

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  2. Sounds like you had a good holiday break. I also took the week between Christmas and New Year off – I am not ready to return! Hope your weekend is going well and that you have a wonderful 202!.

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  3. Happy Sabbath morning, Gary! Sooo glad that 2020 is over! Looking with hope and inspiration to 2021. The year is starting slow, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Doing some things that take more time…dedicated time… like hand piecing quilts. Using that as a bit of a metaphor for the coming year… what quilt will 2021 look like? Things like that. Enjoyed the service this morning at Hessel (Thanks for the link). Still feels strange to attend church thousands of miles away, but that’s cool. If the Word is good, who cares where it comes from, right. I’ll make some time this week, after Hubby goes back to work, to come back and follow your story link. Might be Wednesday before I get back, though, in all honesty. Have a great Week!

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    1. Hiya Bear. I was wondering if you were out there. I agree this remains weird. We’ve only been to a real service a couple of times in the past, what, 8-9 months, and we only live 15 minutes away from a nice and unused sanctuary. Except that our pastor was taking some time off, that was a better representation of what our normal services look and feel like and it is cool to share it with you guys. These are good people who take the Bible seriously. If you have the chat window available, Pastor Ken, who normally mans the church hosting duty, is a great guy to talk with. Easily has the best sense of humor of anyone I know. He and I are sushi buds.

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      1. I spoke to Pstr. Ken this morning. Giggles at your sushi comment… I think I might be the only bear around who doesn’t eat fish! hehe! I miss our church, who, for the most part has refused to acknowledge the situation even after several members have died from Covid. Can’t really say “politely” how deeply that bothers me. Hubby and I were talking about changes we’ve seen since our new minister was appointed… the emergence of more racial/ethnic and denominational hatred rearing their ugly little heads. Maybe the loudest word is that we haven’t heard/email/phone/letter anyone from church since we left in March2020… So, we’ll be looking for a new service come re-opening safely. Until then, I really did enjoy Hessel’s service and just might continue with y’all for a while. Would that we lived closer,eh.


      2. Yea – but virtual visits to our corner of California are cheap and the right kinds of fellowship works just fine over many types of connections. Too bad your local church is going sideways. I hate hearing when this happens. People need reasons to hope not more excuses to further divide us. sigh.

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      3. Agreed. We had hoped the new minister would make a difference, but it’s only gotten worse. By not attending my blood pressure has come down to the normal /low end of the scale…likewise for hubby. It’s good to worship without feeling like you need to watch your back.

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  4. Happy New Year, Gary! Thank you for the mention of my blog. I like your blog’s new look. The font and more white space make it easier to read. I look forward to hosting Weekend Coffee Share starting on January 8th. Have a great week!

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  5. I envy the way you’re on your writing spree. These days, I find I am pressed for time, even though I wake up early to finish blog posts. But when it comes down to my first love, storytelling, I am unable to give it some much deserved attention off late. Which I intend to do this week.

    Do you have any long term plans for your stories? To give them a broader audience? Like a self-published e-book? Or are you content with publishing them on the blog?

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    1. Ah but it’s back to work tomorrow for me so the spree is over. I would love a larger audience and part of publising sounds intriguing but I dont have much of a following and both traditional and self publishing looks like a hard job that pays worse than fastfood. The economics of creative writing is just terrible for writers so im pretty sure it will remain a hobbie. “Content” though is not the word i would chose about my blog. “Frustrated” would be better, but i do love each time someone gives some of their time and reads my work. So perhaps i should also say it’s “addicting”.


  6. First thing I noticed when I got to this site was that you have definitely been tinkering with themes and customisations looking good even if you still manage to serve some block editor slander haha! I am still waiting for the day you eat humble pie and crown the block editor best thing to happen to the internets hahaha
    So we are back on a lockdown again which basically means like it or not I have time to kill read that as super ready for that zoom shindig ha


    1. hahahah – I predict that until some very clever guy/gal at WordPress teaches the blockhead editor what the Tab key normally does, I may find time to slander it. I gave it a big piece of my vacation last week but, wow, I must have missed the memo on why this is so good. I spent a lot of time fixing things that were not broken before it and my new theme. Seriously, I do see the potential, but (do you do CSS – because even my new paid plan doesn’t allow it, but I’ve now seen too many CSS fixes for Guten-deficits ) and my review so far now includes many ease of use chances they completely missed. I may catch up with you and only pray that my shattered sensibilities are not so wounded, that I’ll be willing to forgive and forget past injuries to give you that admission.

      And about that down time. I can suggest a nice hour-long story to keep you amused and thinking for part of your new spare time. . . It’s what friends are for after all. Here, this should give you some mental material to chew on.

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  7. Hi.
    Thanks for the coffee chat. Looking forward to reading your story! We’re having a busy week trying to get my disabled brother moved from one facility to another…tough endeavor during Covid! So I hope to get to it maybe over a couple of days.
    Have a great week!😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Dinah. I’ve not been through what you’re describing but from what I’ve learned through my daughter who works with mentally disabled adults, this is a tough task to be taking on. Hope it goes smoother than expected and your brother lands both safe and happy. I appreciate any time you can make for my story and hope you enjoy it.

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