Coffee Share 210108: Getting Back to Work

This is a Weekly Coffee Share Essay.
I’m part of a small group of bloggers who stay in touch and chat about blogging, writing, or just about anything else that might be of interest.
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Good day.  I’m always pleased to have a few moments to sit down with you, pour out a fresh, hot coffee or tea and trade some thoughts, victories, challenges or simple updates.

Today, we are posting our first coffee share with the help of Natalie of the blog; ie @ Natalie the Explorer .  I recommend clicking on her link, reading her post, then finding and clicking on her [ Follow ] button.  Next week – I hope to find you connected to the new and ongoing coffee share with Natalie hosting. 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Next: We are officially past both Christmas and New Years days (and I do hope you had a wonderful time and remain healthy and loving life) but it’s time to return some attention to the idea of conducting our live coffee share via zoom web conference.  I’m still looking forward to working with Beaton to stand up a 60 some-odd minute web meeting where the only objective is to get to know each other a bit better.  

I have a big project the week of Jan. 19 so my attention to planning our Global Coffee Share Zoom meeting will be limited until after that, but I can offer this progress on the grand plan.

Possible dates? Let me off for consideration, Friday and Saturday of:

  • Jan. 29 & 30
  • Feb. 5 & 6
  • Feb 12 & 13

Global Coffee 3Here’s the timing chart again to remind you of what we’re thinking will be best.  By this measure, Singapore took the worse hit for the early morning jolt. Recall that I tried to find a time that kept no one from bed between their midnight and 6am.   and we may have to be extra lively to make sure we don’t sooth Zimbabwe or Sweden to a premature snore.

No one yet has objected to the day of the week proposed so I added it to the chart realizing that we need to pray or hope that a certain 1.5 year old little girl finds it suitable to sleep in on this Saturday morning.

Please take a look at the attendees.  I think I have it right, but please make sure you show up if you’re planning on joining us and correct me if I’ve mangled things somehow.  Did I get your time zone correct?

Then what will we talk about?  My sense is that those who have weighed in agree that having a simple list of questions for everyone to chose from  to answer as if you were being interviewed for about 5 minutes would be best.  Beaton and I will likely take turns introducing you simply by your name (if we know it) and your blog name. So, does the following look attractive to you?  Feel free to make suggestions.

  1. Your name and home country (town or city as desired)
  2. Quick status: Student, Parent, Spouse, Employed, etc.
  3. What is your artistic passion?
  4. Why do you blog?
  5. Do you have a favorite blog you follow?
  6. What makes someone else’s blog valuable to you?
  7. What one item from your blog would you like everyone to see or read?
  8. What about your blogging is a challenge that you would like to solve?
  9. What do you hope to accomplish in 2021?
  10. What questions should be added for consideration?

What about some time for Q&A?  Depending on the number of folks who join, we may not have time for both everyone to have 5 minutes of time to answer some questions and Q&A, but let’s play this by ear.  Maybe we could do a Q&A round by a single blog post that we all would share and interact with after the web conference?

For many of us, this past week was the first back to work after the Christmas & New Year break and we start off with a new year in our laps.  2021 can almost hot help but be better than 2020, but I’m hopeful that people not pandemics, make this choice.  I’m hopeful that many are tired of being agents of stress and are ready to work for peace.

I don’t hold out much hope for the US as I can’t recall a time when we were more divided, but I do have some and hope what I and others like me do have is sufficient to make a better year.

Again, I want to thank Natalie for stepping up to continue our tradition of spending some time together each weekend to write and share what’s going on.  This has been one of the best things about blogging for me.  I’ve learned lots and met some folks I’ll never forget.

With this virtual cup of coffee then, I offer this final toast? [ lifts his cup ] Here’s to a great and better new year of writing and sharing.

Blessings all!  I’ll be around to visit your share shortly.

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19 thoughts on “Coffee Share 210108: Getting Back to Work

  1. Thank you, Gary, for continuing with Weekend Coffee Share. I think the Coffee Share party is going well with some existing and some new participants. All the best with your Zoom meeting planning.

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  2. I’ll be there especially since I have the weekends off now (so no excuses) although I feel shy, meeting everyone on zoom. And I have never zoomed before so I’ll do my best. I have a computer science major living in my house so he can help me if I run into any troubles. I like all the questions, not that we need to answer them all. I’m sure it will all fall into place and run smoothly. Thanks for the coffee! 😀


  3. 6 am looks a bit tough for me, Gary. With so much timezones to take care of , I know how hard it is for you to fit everyone in to the Zoom meeting. 4pm or 5pm Singapore time suits me good. But I am not sure how it is possible to make it actually happen.

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    1. Yea, I know. My wife is not an early morning person. She prefers to stay up late and sleep well into the morning. It fits her teaching schedule which often involve night classes.
      To be sure, I checked the spreadsheet of truth and your 6pm = 5am for 6 of our members in east US and 2am for 3 of us on the west coast.
      The only option I see is if we lose our Australian folks it would allow us to shift and your time would be 10pm to my 6am. Diane and Shari might be early birds like me. But if Australia is in, that would be 1am for them – so ick! There is no perfect option as long as everyone wants a normal nights sleep. Let’s see how this unfolds but I would love to have you be a part of this.


  4. The Coffee Share Party seems to be going along very well. I can’t 100% guarantee I will be able to make it, but I will try on any of those weekends. I hope your weekend is going well and that you have a great week ahead.

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  5. A very looong and scary week, indeed. I never dreamed I’d ever see what happened actually happen on American shores. Much deep water prayers have been flowing. I’ll try to do the zoom thing. Email me the link, eh. If it’s email, I can pick it up with my phone… and hopefully be able to connect even if I can’t be at a public wifi place. Have a safe week, Gary.

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      1. Not today… We had to go out earlier to answer email from family. We feared bad news but it ended up to be mominlaw sharing political crapola. Grrr…. So, we visited a Baptist service up the road from us. Not much on their “walk” as we’ve been so burned by their doctrines…but the message was good. We attended a Baptist church when we first married and when I had the bad accident. What drive us away was that at that time, the minister encouraged my husband to walk away from our marriage ( which, to me, seems entirely unbiblical). Hubby said he felt like the minister should have been supportive. I was too close to death at the time to care… But I’ve had run-ins too… Especially as I have the greater share of responsibilities for the running of the household… Perfectly within Native traditions (the home is the woman’s domain& the running thereof.), but totally opposite of the Baptist mentality that treats women more as chattel than as equals. After a few years of that we decided not to return and went back to the church of our childhood…and, if it weren’t for the rampant racism in our particular area, we would be content there. Today, hubby took me to get cloth for Easter dress… I’ve been toying with simplicity for a few years and have decided to go back to it. I dearly miss my head cover the most… Especially on Sabbath. So, I’m going to make new… It’s just an outward thing-yes-but it goes much deeper…i despise the greed and the “fancy” mentality. I want my worship to be about God… Not the world. Ach, but it’s hard to explain…

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      2. Bear — there us do much here that begs for a conversation. . . That baptist mentality is still out there and still causes conflict. We are not Baptist but A of G but we still see this stewing around us. Then, this “accident”. I have no idea what that was nor do I need to know, but if it was big in your estimation, it must be huge. I hope you are whole again. I’d like to say that we don’t have much racism around here but ill bet it there because there are just too many people who seem to exist only to stir it up. I am fortunate in that I never got the memo that I wasn’t supposed to get along with people who look different than me and I did get MLK’s memo about judging by someone’s character. That pretty much works for me.
        I think I understood pretty well and I offer a heart amen to your points.


      3. That was the accident where I nearly died. Hit tree on way home from 3day shift in home health. Doc said not sure if stroke before or as a result of crash. I was coma 9 days… I died. Resuscitated. Why I have no doubts faith wise. Also probably why I get so nicked off about organized religion…not into the social game per se… I’m more interested in the Word and try to keep my focus there. I was raised in a multi cultural atmosphere. I never learned to see color or race, but I was taught to see the “snake within” and to avoid it. Sometimes it’s easier than others. That said, I finished the Torah class I’ve been doing for months. Now, to review a little NT survey I took decades ago.

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      4. Gracious! You my friend have quite a story and testimony it seems. My background was pretty much white bread through and through, but in Trade School for Electronics Engineering (San Francisco) I met more people of color than most of the rest of my life at the time and found them all to be great folks, fun, smart and willing to both help me out and playfully give me a hard time. Thus I missed the memo, most likely because my half black – half Flip lab mate had me laughing about something. It was also there I heard my first raw racist remark (out on the street) and found that guy disgusting as he insulted my friend. I never looked back. Real racism is pretty ugly. Today I finished my 6th read through the Bible and am going to breath for a few days before starting again. I’ve decided that starting each day with 3-4 chapters is just plain healthy. BTW I loved my NT Survey class in college. Go for it.

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      5. I audited NT survey at what was then Cedarville College while I was still in high school. My senior year out of 9 classes I had 7 study halls. I was offered early graduation, but the state said I didn’t have enough “seat” hours as I’d missed so much school for surgeries. So, rather than sit all day in study hall I went across the street to the college for half a day.. Took 101 courses that transferred for college. I only remember the bible class. It was enlightening. Loved it so much I took it again several years later after the accident. I read the Bible through cover to cover including the apocryphal books in college in bible as literature class…66books in 6 weeks…sheww, that was a fast read. Now, I read sections and what’s in lectionary.

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  6. Thank you, Gary for organizing the meetup. The weekend of February 5-6 would not work for me, the other dates look clear.

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  7. I’m a bit late to your coffee share this week. Work started and time for blogging has not been much.
    Juggling timezones is not fun. I need to do it for work and I often train my clients in the US and I go from 4pm to 11pm for 3 days running. I can get to 10pm quite well but that final hour of the class from 10-11 pm is the hardest. But I have fun doing it, so there’s that. I’ll try and attend the global zoom coffee share. I’m in the same timezone as Beaton, in Johannesburg. Have a great week!

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    1. So, you teach via internet globally? Very cool! I loved teaching live classes and have some experience teaching remotely. I’ve been thinking about going back to it. I should corner you and listen to what you’ve learned about doing this well. What kind of classes do you teach?

      Any no worries about late visits to the coffee share. It happens all the time and since it’s the friendship factor that makes this all valuable, it’s welcome any time you can get around to it. It does make it tough for folks to visit any post you create because the Inlinkz site closes after Mon.

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      1. I’ll be happy to chat about my experiences teaching virtually. Perhaps we could schedule a Zoom call.

        Before Covid I used to get on a plane to do the training. With working virtually the opportunities for teaching globally increased.

        I’m a certified Scrum trainer, Scrum being an Agile framework. Mainly Scrum Masters, Project Managers and members of software development teams, but increasingly to people in Human Resources, Learning & Development and Change Leadership.


  8. The Coffee Share meeting looks so appealing! I love the idea of having a guided meeting with other bloggers from around the world. The questions look perfect. Good luck planning the Zoom meeting. I think you are right – 2021 almost has to be better than 2020, right? My son told me he saw a projection of new COVID cases in the US. By the end of June of this year, It is down to almost zero! I hope the projection is correct.

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