Coffee Share 210123: Locking a Date

This is a Weekly Coffee Share Essay.
I’m part of a small group of bloggers who stay in touch and chat about blogging, writing, or just about anything else that might be of interest.
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Update: Last week a stray user error kept me from posting this coffee share and I did not notice it until the InLinkz site was closed. So, this is what I meant to share last weekend, but it is still a good share with information some of you need about our Global Coffee Share coming up mid-February.

Good day.  I’m always pleased to have a few moments to sit down with you, pour out a fresh, hot coffee or tea and trade some thoughts, victories, challenges or simple updates.  Today, I have a fresh pot of cherry green tea.  I’m always worried that such flavored teas might overdo the flavoring, but this brand (Harney & Sons) is perfect.  The taste of the green tea is right on top where it should be but is followed by a very pleasant hint of cherry – like a quick dessert follow up to each sip – delicate and delicious. 

Today, I apologize for the annoying scent in the air.  We live on the edge of our small suburbia and the whole area is habitat to several families of racoons, possums and (ugh) skunks.  For the most part we all get along with little concern for each other, but if a nearby skunk gets upset, s/he pretty much taints everyone’s day.  It’s still pretty cold out, so doors and windows are buttoned up tight, so all we need now for for just a bit of a breeze to relocate our tainted air to the next neighborhood just to the east of us.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Next: We have an update to our live & global coffee share via zoom web conference.  I’m still looking forward to working with Beaton to stand up a 60 some-odd minute web meeting where the only objective is to get to know each other a bit better.  

Global Coffee 4I’ve had an idea that might improve the timing for several of us., Friday is work day for many and if we push back from Fri pm & Sat am to instead Sat pm & Sun am, this might easier on many of us.

  • Feb. Fri. 12pm & Sat. 13 am ~or~
  • Feb. Sat 13pm & Sun,. 14 am

Global Coffee 5Here’s the time zone chart again to remind you of what we’re contemplating. 

By this measure, Singapore would get a very early weekend wake up while Zimbabwe, Sweden and the Scotland are likely staying up later than they might prefer.

Recall that I tried to find a time that kept no one from bed between their midnight and 6am.   

No one yet has objected to the proposed Fri/Sat idea, but I can’t help but think Fri pm is often a big transition slot so I worry that in practice this would work against our desired participation.

I’m inclined to offer the Green Schedule to the right, but also think any version of this schedule is hardest on our 3 friends from Singapore, Zimbabwe and Sweden. I think their opinion on the yellow or green schedule should take priority.

Next; I’m sorry about this, but I may have lost, temporarily, the email addresses many of you sent.  My company migrated our email service to a different server, which scrambled many of our email stores.  It will most likely be sorted out but in the mean time I’m going to be scrounging looking for email addresses.  Can you renew your feedback and leave me a fresh note with your email address for the Zoom invitation.  I’ve made a place for this information and it will be destroyed after our meeting.  Here’s the navigation from my home page and direct link to the page where I’d like to collect your feedback.

Global Coffee Share Mtg

Global Coffee 6

Then what will we talk about?  My sense is that those who have weighed in agree that having a simple list of questions for everyone to chose from  to answer as if you were being interviewed for about 5 minutes would be best.  Beaton and I will likely take turns introducing you simply by your name (if we know it) and your blog name. Then the floor will be yours to answer your choice of the following questions  Feel free to make suggestions.

  1. Your name and home country (town or city as desired)
  2. Quick status: Student, Parent, Spouse, Employed, etc.
  3. What is your artistic passion?
  4. Why do you blog?
  5. Do you have a favorite blog you follow?
  6. What makes someone else’s blog valuable to you?
  7. What one item from your blog would you like everyone to see or read?
  8. What about your blogging is a challenge that you would like to solve?
  9. What do you hope to accomplish in 2021?
  10. What questions should be added for consideration?

What about some time for Q&A?  Depending on the number of folks who join, we may not have time for both everyone to have 5 minutes of time to answer some questions AND Q&A, but let’s play this by ear.  Maybe we could do a Q&A round by a single blog post that we all would share and interact with after the web conference?

Okay, I’ll be looking for your feedback at the page above and look forward to locking this down for early February.

Blessings all!  I’ll be around to visit your share shortly.

GW bio card 4

11 thoughts on “Coffee Share 210123: Locking a Date

  1. Thought I had missed an update about this….
    Great work in trying to keep an inclusive schedule although as you mention for some of us be it Friday night or Saturday night we will not copious amounts of midnight coffee…
    But I feel the green route would have a more weekend feel or maybe green is just a nicer colour.


  2. Its me, I am back again… so I followed the link to the Global Coffee Share Meeting to renew my email address but while the post does ask me to renew my contacts, it does not explain how to do this and it has no comment section… I had expected there to be a contact or feedback form?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fair point Beaton. I will correct this. All I was looking for is a repeat of email addresses I may have lost with our email shuffle.
      But, you are correct. Some guidance is in order.


  3. Hi Gary. Hope weekend is going well, despite the present smell of skunk outside. Either date is fine on my end, so, yeah, leave it up to Beaton, Maria, etc. Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I did miss you last weekend Gary πŸ™‚
    Either Friday or Saturday works for me. I’ll just have some extra coffee that afternoon, (and apologise in advance for my perhaps blurry late night mind.) I think your questions are great. If everyone pick a few of them to answer it will easily take five minutes. Maybe that is great fora first time? We could always do it again another weekend πŸ™‚ My email address is

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Got it Maria. Now that we’re past the year end holiday season and my big January project, I’m really looking forward to getting us all on a zoom call to hear all your voices.


      1. I may not be able to this time actually. I just got a last minute invite to a domestic violence zoom course for Battering Assessment training and it is Friday. Saturday’s are tough when my husband is at work and I have the boys to keep alive by myself, haha, but we shall see. Hope you have a great week.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi Gary, this event sounds really great. Do you do it often? I am so new to the group, I think I would want to get to know people by reading their blogs first, but I often think how nice it would be to talk to the bloggers i connect with beyond our chatty comments. And as others said, great job in organizing and setting options for a schedule. Blessings, Michele

    Liked by 1 person

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