Coffee Share 210220: A List of Unforgettables

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Greetings all.

It’s almost embarrassing to say, given the weather much of North America is having, but we here in Sonoma County, California (about an hour north of San Francisco) are enjoying temperatures between 50 – 60 during the day with frequent sightings of the sun.

58 Chevy BiscayneIt’s also been a quiet week in our home.  Work goes on but I have nothing big to report.  So what do I have to share today with you over our virtual coffee?  Well, I started, many months ago now a simple fun nostalgic piece of things we never forget.  I recalled wanting to get back to it and finished it just this morning.  It’s very short, less than 5 minutes and should bring a smile to those of you who are beginning to look back more often than we used to.  Can I share that link with you for a very quick visit? I bet it will leave you smiling and you may even decide to share your list of unforgettables.

Here’s the link:  We Never Forget Our First . . .

That’s it for me this week.  Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be around to visit your share shortly.

Blessings all! 

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5 thoughts on “Coffee Share 210220: A List of Unforgettables

    1. I gave too many other memories of that area to often think about that movie (which I loved) Goat Rock and the beach we called driftglass Beach were a great place for memories and snorkeling with dad in Bodega Bay were always great adventures. Thsnks for stopping by Trent.

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  1. Nice job on the never forget. I find this subject comes up more often and each one makes for a good writing subject.


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