Coffee Share 210312: Spring is Taking Root

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Greetings all.

It is here.  Spring is taking its normal path through our county. We’ve enjoyed some amazing sunny days, cool by Sonoma County terms, but very sunny.  There is also a requirement somewhere in the contract of our spring that we have have to have a few final assaults of both wind and rain that really knock us and our trees about.  They both happened in the past week and thus, may be history now.

Our trees took the whole thing in stride.  The redwoods look wonderful, except for our two struggling ones — but they’ve struggled for several years now and we actually lost one to whatever the affliction is in that corner of the backyard.  Our driveway sycamore trees were planted in a bad spot with terrible water and drainage, surrounded by water glutton ivy that likely starves them even more, but after a good pruning last summer, they’re looking better and I’m hopeful they’ll do better this year.

An then, there is our volunteer and transplanted ornamental cherry tree.  I shared some photos of this little guy last week and this week, things have improved tremendously.  Look at the first shot below, right at the fence shadow line.  Do you see it?  I almost didn’t because it’s so small, so I took the second shot and zoomed in some.  Look at the fold of my top finger and there you’ll see the first fruit of this new member to my small tree collection.  It’s really tiny and, after a partial search of the the rest of the tree, concluded that this, so far, is the only fruit on the tree.

Recall that this is an ornamental tree, so these fruit will not be gracing anyone’s bowl of ice cream ever, but the appearance of this one fruit is being taken by me as further evidence of the health of the tree.  Last week one of our peers who is more knowledgeable than me told me that transplanted trees don’t grow at all for the first ‘n’ years after being transplanted and ‘n’ = the number of inches wide the trunk is.  This tree has a double truck but both are less than an inch so I was not expecting ‘growth’ this year, but leaves and maybe blossoms. But now, this guy is showing off.  I’ve noted new leaves (lots) and blossoms (not as many) mentioned already but now also fruit (just one, but it counts) and growth.  I’ve examined the ends of many of its small branches and almost all of them have new growth spurting out the end.  The thing is filling out, if not getting taller.

Okay, I need to close the loop on a note from last week.  Recall that I had an ‘knee-full’ encounter with a new larger lizard in our backyard.  He’d wandered into a live rat trap I have out and stepped on the release plate which slammed the door and closed him inside.  He did it twice in fact.  Anyway, when I tried to release him, he was reluctant to leave the small cage. It was early.  He was cold and being in the trap perhaps from the previous afternoon, hadn’t had his coffee yet, poor soul. All that to say after leaving him for several minutes, with him barely moving, I sat the trap on my knees and gently prodded him out with a twig.  He moved, but stopped on my knee and just sat there for a few minutes.  It was long enough for me to pull out my phone and snap a photo, but at the time I did not recognize what he was but only that he was not one of the alligator lizards who live nearby.  One reader, who lives in the same county as we do reminded me that he is a blue belly lizard and if I’d caught him with my hand, I could have turned him over to reveal where his name comes from.

I’ve seen him a few more times but the herd of smaller alligator lizards is larger and pretty much own the back patio area. They are in charge of keeping the insect population under control.

That’s it for me this week.  Thanks for stopping by.

I’ll be around to visit your share shortly.

Blessings all! 

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22 thoughts on “Coffee Share 210312: Spring is Taking Root

    1. Hi Kirstin. Understood. They hibernate through our colder months but really need a hot summer. We do get a few salamanders around here but they’re pretty rare and stay hidden.


    1. Hi Moumita. I confess I had to look up “namaste”. I found out that if I were into yoga I most likely would have encountered it already. I don’t know enough about the Hindu faith except that those I know are among my favorite people. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me better informed. I may have to hunt down that lizard though. I haven’t seen him in a couple of days.


  1. It looks lovely where you are, Gary! Here it LOOKS equally lovely (spring hasn’t come so far though) with a lovely sunshine but it’s way, way too cold and this will be yet another day inside.
    That lizard with a blue belly is absolutely beautiful!

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  2. He’s a beautiful little fella, that’s for sure. We don’t have lizards to monitor the insects here. We have spiders… mostly Grand Daddy Long Legs. though we do have to watch for the dreaded Recluse spider..poisonous and will make you rather sick if you get bit. It’s not pleasant, trust me. But the Grand Daddy’s are nice. I catch them all the time and relocate them outside. Glad to hear your trees are doing so well. So great to see fruit starting so soon after a transplant. I dug up a small flower bed/sitting area out front where landscaping can’t seem to mow. And it was warm for a couple of days this week, so sat outside with Leah on my lap and read to her. She closed her eyes and conked out. It was a nice hour. See ya Sunday!

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    1. Hi Bear. We have very few recluse spiders here. We warned our scouts about them but I’ve never actually seen one. Sitting in the sun with a good book and a friendly sleeping kitten sounds wonderful.

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  3. A blue belly lizard! I thought he was cute last week, but now he’s even cuter. We have blue-tongue lizards here but not blue belly…although we do get red belly snakes – not that you really want to come across one of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jo.
      Ha, I think you’re in Australia and have most of the world beat for odd and wonderful animals but I’ll grant that our little blue bellies are cute. If you can get them in hand, are gentle and move slowly to avoid startling them they even tolerate being held. They like out warm bodies and are completely harmless. And I’ve only known a few snakes that had any use for me red belly or otherwise. Thanks for stopping by.

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  4. I am not a fan of lizards and I get laughed at by my husband. We have a small-ish one and a few offspring living somewhere outside and I can tolerate them but I do not do blue tongue lizards or goannas…yes I am an Aussie!! Denyse #weekendcoffeeshare

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  5. Glad the transplant cherry trees are doing well. Your spring is much more advanced than ours, but we often stay winter until, well, the official end of winter 😉 Hope your weekend is going well. have a great week!

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  6. The tree is beautiful, and the lizard too in his own way 🙂 I have this very intense memory of a lizard that I remember well, even though it happened about 37 years ago. My mom, my little sister and I, where in our summer house in Spain. We had just arrived, and mom was getting comfortable putting her favourite robe on. It had been hanging on a hanger behind the doors since our last visit a few months earlier. My sister and I are relaxing at the big kingsized bed, in the same room. Out of nowhere mom screams on the top of her lungs. I had never heard her scream like that EVER. My mom was a sophisticated lady. Its was a huge lizard running up from his hiding spot inside one of the pockets of the robe, onto her arm, and up a nearby wall. I guess it was the surprise that made her scream like that. Anyways, all the neighbours came running, and it caused a big scene. Thanks for reminding me of this episode. Have a wonderful new week my friend.

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    1. Wow Maria- that would scare most of life out someone. A surprise, fsat moving small dragon like that would really ignite the room. It sounds like you all can laugh about it now but I’ll bet your mom could never forget that moment.


    1. Ha.
      As fun as that would be to watch, they are harmless. I know that my close up makes them look scary but it’s a full bluff. Wait until you see my new photo of him this coming weekend which proves my point. I had yet another surprise from this little guy.
      Stay safe my friend. You are a key partner in creating and sharing things worth laughing at.


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