Coffee Share 210514: In a Foreign Forest Found

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Good day. Come on in, kick off your shoes and be comfortable.

If we were having coffee, I’d be anxious to tell you about my new story that I just posted Friday night.

It’s about a 15 minute read and is a fun little SciFi piece. I don’t want to say much about it other than I think you would enjoy a quiet 15 minutes alone with a good mug of either coffee or tea, and my nice new ad-free story theme format.

So, I won’t take you time here other than to offer you the link and promise of a fun read on the other side of that link.

Click right here ===> In a Foreign Forest Found

green tree photo
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Blessings all! 

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15 thoughts on “Coffee Share 210514: In a Foreign Forest Found

  1. Was Rebecca and the ‘Doctor’ really from the two different planets? Or did they belong to the same planet, but only circumstances brought them together? But your piece was a nice way of reminding how little we care to understand the ‘Doctors’ spread throughout this planet. I have not read science fiction much. But yours glued me till the end 🙂

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    1. Hi Moumita. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I really wanted to use the science fiction format to put together two characters who could not possibly understand each other but were moved by either survival or compassion to figure it all out. So two planets with two fundamentally different personalities was the means. Thanks for giving it a read.

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  2. I admit I didn’t click through as topic not my thing but I love your ideas, words and stories, Gary. Thank you. Denyse #weekendcoffeeshare

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    1. Understood Denyse.
      Any SciFi for you might be like poetry for me for which I simply lack the needed gene to understand I guess.
      But if you get a spare 15 minutes, since you’re not a fan of the genre, I’d still love to know what you thought of the story as it’s not a normal SciFi kind of tale. I needed a bit of SciFi for the setup. The rest is a very unusual conversation. It’s more of how two very different personalities are thrust together and how they build a friendship.
      Regardless – thanks for your always kind words and feedback and visit.

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  3. Gary, that’s an amazing story! Very intriguing and I kept reading to understand who she was, what world she’s in, what would happen. Very interesting, and the end made me think of those trees in Lord of the rings!

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    1. Hi Susanne.
      You are so kind.
      If I could keep you intrigued with it then I’m a happy author.
      And I did think about those same trees in LOTR, but I did not want a face on my tree. I wanted Doctor and am glad you enjoyed the read.

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    2. Hi Susanne, I too thought of those LOTR trees when I wrote this story, but I knew I didn’t want mine to have faces or move as they did. I hope you found the story vivid and surprising. Thanks for giving my story some of your time and for the kind feedback.


  4. Hi Gary – a really interesting read. I’m more of a novel reader, but an occasional short story is always good because it shows how to encapsulate an idea without having to stretch it out too far. I was left wondering what Rebecca would do in her new world (she can’t sit and chat with a tree forever) so that’s a sign you engaged your reader.
    Thanks for popping over to my blog and for your thoughtful comment – blogging is such a fluctuating hobby atm and I’m always interested to hear what others think as they continue the journey.

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    1. Hi Leanne. Sorry for the dated response. I was out on a family errand for most of the day. I’m really pleased that you tried out my story and found it engaging. I’ve learned that for “engaging” story, there’s almost nothing as engaging as a good conversation laid out like the reader is standing there listening in.
      This one was fun because I did not want the tree to talk. That turns the story into fantasy which I don’t enjoy. I do like ending my short stories with leaving a chance for a second chapter because it makes what I have feel more real. Real lives almost always wake up to live anotherday. Anyway, I’m very pleased that you gave me some time and tried the story. That it engaged you made my day. Many thanks & blessings


    1. Hi Kirstan. I’d love to host your visit to the story. It’s only about 15 minutes so not a big deal. So far all the reactions have been good. See you soon I hope.


  5. Hi Gary, wow, I did read the story. Even with the huge hint of the picture of the large tree with roots, I did not see that coming. Although I do not read sci-fi, I enjoyed this story very much. weekends are challenging because of church so I end up trying to play catch up Sunday evenings or late afternoon. Glad that I had time to read this. Best and blessings, Michele

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    1. . . . just used a SciFi scene to setup my two characters and then wanted to play with how they became friends from a highly unlikely start. But I do confess that I also wanted that ending from the start and that’s rather SciFi too.
      I’m thrilled that you gave it a chance and that you enjoyed it. You made my day.
      Blessings indeed. . .

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