Coffee Share 210521: Feelin’ Blaaa

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Good day. I’m glad you’re here but a not sure I can be much of a host today. Yesterday I suspect I eat something that disagreed and last night and this morning I just feel run over.  I recognize the symptoms of something I’ve dealt with before and the best I can do is rest with lots of fluids.  I don’t think its contagious as my family has never caught it so we can stretch out and relax.

If we were having coffee, I’d be right upfront about not feeling like writing much as one of the symptoms is a foggy brain. So I’ll share a couple of things but be short about it.

I finally got my new Bio-Card done and deployed.  You’ll see it at the bottom of almost all my WP pages.  That old photo was really getting dated because I started 2020 with a full beard but beard and masks just don’t get along well so I shaved most of it off leaving what you see in my newer photo in the card. It was much easier to use by mixing my entry page to my story collection link right over the card.

Then, about my stories.

I’m still very please with how my new short story came out, except that I was hoping it would be shorter. It’s about a 17 minute read and is a fun little Sci-Fi piece. I don’t want to say much about it other than I think you would enjoy a quiet 17 minutes alone with a good mug of either coffee or tea. It has a surprise twist but so far no one other than one friend who had something of a advance hint, saw it coming. If you’ve not checked it out yet, you can find it via the link below.

Click right here ===> In a Foreign Forest Found

green tree photo
Photo by Felix Mittermeier on

Next, It occurred to me that we have several new faces and voices on the coffee share. About 4 years ago I started blogging in earnest with the goal of designing and sharing a story blog site with collections of my somewhat rowdy, 1st person, very short (2000 words or less), autobiographical essays. There were lessons learned along the way and laughs to share but these have been pretty popular with those I met and came to call friends over the years.  That collection is nearly complete so I’d love to find new readers to laugh with.  These things actually happened but I promise no dull data dumps, just stories that might come up if we could find ourselves at a real coffee house, just sharing life and stories together.  The model for these essays are very tight regarding size, tone and being family friendly. They are all a 10 minute read or less and I’ve had friends read them to their kids and everyone had a good laugh.  If you need a quick laugh, I’ll give you a link to the first in the set which is one of my earliest memories of disrupting my mom’s day in a big way.  If you have kids or were one, this story should sound familiar and tickle you.

Click here to read ==> The Indoor Tsunami Adventure


Do you collect life hacks?  I have a few I like and thought you might have use for one or the other.  Here’s one for today that I doubt you’ve seen. My eyes are getting old and while I started life not needing glasses, somewhere around age 25, they went from being an optional thing to now, leaving me unable to focus on much of anything without one of the 3 lens balanced on my nose. My company has a nice insurance program for eye-care and both of my girls pretty much started life needing glasses so it’s been helpful.

I don’t play sports or work in construction (any more) or step on my glasses so each year when I get a new set, I’m always torn because while I may or may not need new lenses I rarely need new frames and for a while just told the gal to “just take this old frame which works fine and drop the new lens right in.” She was always willing to do just that but one day pointed out that, “You know, if something does go wrong with the old frame, the warranty is expired and you’d then have to pay for the new frame without insurance help. So this is how I’ve collected a drawer full of older glasses and frames.  I have a certain simple style I like so most of them look similar enough that I was rarely sure which was which.

Then I decided to make it worse by designating a couple of frames to hold just one type of lens (driving, computer or reading are what I call my use cases) and each well matches what I need to do each. But since they all look alike, I was doing this optical dance too often of picking up a pair so I could read only to struggle because I actually grabbed my computer set and so forth.

So I decided to solve this somehow.  I like the wire-rim frames but they don’t leave much room to add notes – which I couldn’t read anyway most of the time. So for a while I tried these tiny rubber bands my kids had left over from their days wearing braces, but those were still way too big and gave me a distinct nerd look I was not fond of.

The solution thus far has been tiny o-rings which I easily found inexpensive bags of on Amazon. They are all of 1mm inside diameter x 2mm outside diameter. They fairly easily stretched over the ear piece and are barely noticeable, almost too much so. But I can feel whether a frame has 1, 2 or 3 which tells me  what power the lens are without putting them on and looking around like a lost tourist.   Now these, I like. If noticed at all, I can tell folks that I’m going for a retro-Jetsons kind of look and even with no glasses on which means I can’t focus on anything, I can still tell which power of glasses I have in my hand. But, no one has noticed, so I had to burn that gag line here.  So, if you’re not switching to new colors and styles each year, this idea might be just your find for the day.  Here’s what they look like in use.

orings glasses

Okay. I’m going to go rest up since work is kind of slow today anyway.   I really would love hearing that you checked out a story or two from my collection. I found them really fun to create, but wildly fun to share.  Regardless, I’ll be around to check out your coffee share this weekend as it looks like we’re not going anywhere this round.  Thanks for stopping by.

Blessings all! 

GW bio card 4

25 thoughts on “Coffee Share 210521: Feelin’ Blaaa

  1. I like the solution you came up with for your glasses, Gary. I rarely wear glasses and never wear them for reading. My eyes have not changed much over the years, so I don’t have a lot of old frames. The ones I do have (think 80s-style big frames) are very dated. I would only wear them in an emergency. I am in between having (good) insurance from where I worked and Medicare, so I am trying to hold out until I have vision insurance before buying new frames.

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  2. Hi Gary, I’ve missed you on Story Chat this month. Were you going to submit a story? I’m sorry you had blaaaa issues. It seems to hit every so often. Today was one of those days for us, not because of us being blaaa, but the wind has been blowing at a gale force of about 50 mph for two days. We just learned how to play pickle ball, and we can’t practice in that kind of wind. We just stay inside and I blog and he does real estate things on his computer. So kind of blaaaa. I’m also a glasses person since age 10. I got a check up when we went to visit in CA and I could visit my old optometrist. Yay! Last year for vision insurance provided by my old employer. I’m hoping I can get some again, but it doesn’t sound hopeful. So that’s my week and all my gripes. Sorry about that. I had a great week actually! 🙂

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    1. Hi Marsha, I had not forgotten about you or the offer to submit a story. I had two stories in the hospital and though one would meet the size limit but it turns out there was more of a story there than I expected. Foreign Forrest and the other which I know is too big sorta ducked all the air out of me. I still hope to find that perfect fit for your offer. Thanks for tracking me down to ask.

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  3. Hi Gary – great idea with the glasses (necessity is often the mother of invention) and good to see you updating your profile picture as changes happen. I update mine every couple of years (and my personal FB one every 18 months or so) it gets hard to find a decent pic these days (old age I guess!)

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    1. Hi Leanne. I used to joke that necessity is NOT the mother of invention but laziness IS. Now I wonder if age is a determinate here. Things I used to not think about doing are now a pain and I’m much more willing to pay someone to mow my lawn than I was 20 years ago. And if someone comes out with a good Romba for lawns, I might well be in line waiting for my turn to take one home.


  4. I stand on the other side of the situation. There is a scratch on my glasses and they need to be changed. I, however, am in love with the frame which I doubt will be available as a fresh piece in the shop. Hence, with no back up and unable to do read, write and watch TV without glasses, I dread to deposit them to the shop.

    Anyway, you take plenty of rest, Gary. Wishing you a speedy recovery 😊

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    1. Hello Moumita. Such is the price of falling in love with what is essentially a one-of-a-kind item. I’d be tempted to ask your eye doctor or glasses folks if they can track down a new version of your much-loved frame. If they can find one or one close enough to tolerate, you could then have them put in your lens prescriptions and wa-la, you at least have a spare pair which we all need sometime. Back in the old days when we could visit our customers, mine was 90 minutes away thus I had a nice sunny day to take the long drive to earn me keep. When I got there and tried to change out my sunglasses — horrors as I neglected to pick up my normal loved frame. I would have been the nearly blind guy for the day except for my spare pair which I kept in the glove box of my car. They never knew I was working with a weaker but functional pair.
      On the other hand, if you only have one pair, that’s only one to keep clean and choose from each day.
      I miss the eyes I had at age 15. . .


  5. Rest up.
    John also took his beard off for while as he found the mask hard to wear. We are in lockdown and masks are still mandatory.

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    1. Hi Jackie. We are counting our blessings here. The mask mandate is beginning to fall but not just yet in California. Already I’m seeing some restaurants open with some indoor seating.
      I’m keeping only a bit of my beard. My strategy was to shave it off when I got old because I’ve got one of those faces that looks 5 years younger without a beard. 😎


  6. I am not going to say much on the topic of glasses, it is a prickly topic for me still, my son came to me just the other day with his glasses in 2 separate pieces! Anyway, hope you are feeling better and get to enjoy your weekend. Thanks for the virtual coffee.

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  7. Hi Gary, I wrote a comment and lost it. Hope this late in the weekend you are feeling better, if not recovered. Glad that you are expanding your universe with new readers, one of the many pluses of coffee shares and link parties. But it is of course t he relationships and not just readers. I only wear one pair of glasses for everything. Waiting for the next cataract surgery for a new prescription. For now squinting at small print, find with driving. Blessings for the day, Michele

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  8. Gary! I am sorry you are feeling under the weather. I hope by the time you read this you are past it.
    I will check our your stories. I am drawn to the one about the forest for sure.
    Thank you as always for sharing!

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  9. I understand the feeling, Gary. I get out every Tuesday for Taco Tuesday and was famished as well as on edge last Tuesday. I ate so many chips as I drank ONE margarita before my pork tacos arrived. That night, I had trouble sleeping and sleep was full of strange dreams. The next day I was terribly fogged and had upset stomach. A tough lesson I am sure I already learned. You can’t eat to quiet the emotions. I know that’s likely not what happened to you, but I know the feeling, and it’s disconcerting.Take care! -Pam

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    1. Well. I gotta say, I hope you never have the kind of blaaas that I had. I am pretty sure it was something I ate but was not as simple as a certain thing. It’s like there is some combination of things that are fine for everyone else, but for me it turns into 1-3 days of really unpleasant stomach symptoms. I would not wish it on you. You have too many kids depending on you for their education and this almost derails me from doing much of anything useful. The good news is that this time it was only 24 hours spread across two days so by Sat noon, my symptoms were gone and I got in a good day of writing. Thanks for reaching out and putting the thought of Mexican food in my brain. I love (no, LOVE) it. But only late yesterday had any kind of appetite. But today. . . Bring it on! I’m feeling back to normal.

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  10. I wear glasses too. Every time I need to change lenses, I insist to the optician I prefer to use my current frames, leaving me dependent on my contacts from morning to before bed for a few days. Honestly, I’ve tried other frames for fun but nothing seems to “stick.” I prefer wire frames too.

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  11. So sorry you weren’t feeling well….hopefully by now you are back to feeling normal. That hack for the glasses is awesome. So far (i’m 52) I only need reading glasses. I didn’t start needing them til I was 45, so that was pretty good. My hubby has worn them most of his life.

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  12. Hi Gary, So sorry you weren’t feeling good. I hope you are much better! I enjoyed your coffee share and the little hacks. I only wear one pair of glasses but that idea is great!! Have a wonderful week ahead!! ❤️🐴

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    1. Hi Diana,
      I’m pleased to update that whatever it was it lasted only about 48 hrs spread black. 3 days. Yesterday I proclaimed myself recovered, but Friday really was blaaa. Thanks for stopping by.

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