Coffee Share 210723: First Fruits

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Good day all and welcome back. We are all out of the “Adventure Coffee” of last week, so we can both relax with a normal good cuppa either coffee or tea.

Today will be a short visit as work is calling and cannot be ignored.

gw card shot 2 croppedBut I do have some good news to share. The much put-upon plum tree has shared a harvest of first fruits and they are wonderful. I’m no expert as this is the first time the tree has produced such a bounty and I was wise enough to wrap the tree in anti-bird netting.  As near as I can tell, we’ve lost no fruit to the birds this year and they must be annoyed because in two prior years where we might have gotten maybe 50 fruits, thanks to certain flying rats, we got more line 10.

This year the harvest looks to be more like 3-400ish and no bird loss – this is so cool.

Also, being less than an expert has left me a tad unprepared for knowing the best time to harvest any given fruit. I know that green = way too early and on the ground = too late, but often still tasty if you get to it in time. but in-between – somewhere is a perfect time for harvesting for immediate consumption and a second for keeping in a basket for the family to eat as the mood strikes.

This is harder.  But here’s the basket I took inside for a good wash up before chowing into one.

20210721_155952-croppedSo here’s what I did a few days ago. I noticed that there were a couple of very red fruit that might be ready so I reached up from beneath the netting to gently squeeze a few and they either were squishy enough that they might be ready to eat, so I harvested those. Others had just a bit of squeeze in them but still felt firm beneath the first 7/64ths of an inch of the skin, and no, I did not measure that depth but went with my best guess which also sounded like fun hyperbole – so it easily might have been 9/64ths.

Anyway, if you bite into a firm plum, it’s not going to be a tasty sweet gush of flavor, it will be more like an apple in texture and will taste more bitter than sweet.

So my wife and I each had one that was ready to go and they were wonderful!

I do know that, once parted from the tree, the fruit will slowly ripen and get sweeter. Much of this harvest is going to be of this later class. I’m hoping that some combination will work out so that all the fruit does not come to it’s perfect time for consumption all at the same time, because one can only eat so many perfect plums per day and that number does not begin to get close to 400.

So we really do need to either find some what for me to offer you a fresh plum with next week’s coffee and again the weeks that follow or wife and daughter will need to join me on a new plum-only diet for several days.  We could also give them away, but with everyone still working from home, church is about the only option to see and share with real, in-the-flesh people, so that might be part of the solution.

In other news, I’m close to finishing my latest longer story. At about 15,000 words and the average reader consuming around 300 / minute, that makes this story a 50 minute read.

I’m also trying a new genre just because the larger story around this one fictional scene has been gestating in the upper gray matter now for over a year and I decided to pull one scene out for a stand alone story. It’s a hard science fiction tale, so I’ve had to spend time getting the numbers right and making sure my story claims agree with the periodic table of elements (which was kinda fun actually) . I also wanted it to be set in the near future so that most of the needed technologies already exist and anything that does not, is highly likely to exist soon.

It’s going to be a David v Goliath tale with the tension of a battle scene and I wanted memorable characters so I; made my protagonist a woman engineer with no military experience, gave her an ore mining ship with one pilot and put her in a wheel chair. Goliath in my story is a large well funded aggressive nation with their first space warship but, of course, my gal in the wheel chair has to win, but how?

Anyway, I’m close and hope many of you will give it a chance if I promise not to gross you out with bloody details and instead focus on how the cleaver use of basic physics and good planning could make such a victory possible.  Maybe I’ll can get it done this coming week, but work is pressing in so we’ll see.

And, speaking of work. . . I need to get to it. I hope to find your coffee share later today or tomorrow. I hope you’re healthy and loving this strange life we’re all going through.

Thanks for stopping by.
I’ll be making my rounds to find your post soon.
Blessings all! 

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14 thoughts on “Coffee Share 210723: First Fruits

  1. Those plums looks so yummy! I kind of envy you that you have a big backyard and a perfect climate for growing almsot anything, but I am so happy for you and your harvest 🙂 If you have room in the freezer you can take the pit out and freeze plums in pieces for later enjoyment, if you find it hard to find uses for the big harvest.

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  2. Your plums look delicious! You could always bake with some or freeze them for recipe in winter when you want a taste of summer if all 400 do ripen to fast to eat them all.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve never made plum jam, but that is something I would try if you have too many plums! Your quick outline sounds intriguing. I hope you’ll be able to finish it soon. I too am so busy, a good busy but hard to fit in all the writing and sharing I’d like to do each week! Hope you have a great week ahead! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Pam.
      Those plums are beginning to ripen and are wonderful.
      About my new story, yes it will be of novelette size. I think I finally have the physics worked out and now need to get all the pieces to agree and unfold in an entertaining way. I also have two more characters to write into the story, because I’ve decided to let my readers meet the antagonists. For that, I have to study up a bit more on Chinese military leadership but the end product should be a great mental experience.
      I should talk with you about how to get it before readers.


  4. Goodness I’m just now getting around to reading some of last weeks posts. it has taken getting away for the weekend with some downtime. I love plums. A friend gave me some golden plums right before I left. I brought some with us and left the rest for my daughter to finish because they were really ripe. I was bummed because I found a recipe that sounded really good.

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